DocArzt & Friends LOST Podcast

daflogo1In March of 2009 we launched the DocArzt & Friends LOST Podcast – debuting at a respectable #4 on the audio/TV & Film charts of iTunes.  Throughout season 5 and 6, we’ll be publishing mini-podcasts as breaking LOST news happens, and taking on each new episode of LOST after it airs.  Hosted by DocArzt and Koobie, the DocArzt & Friends LOST Podcast is open to anyone who wants to discuss LOST.  If you have a theory, a news item, a spoiler, or an observation that you’d like to make it into the next episode, leave us a voicemail on Skype at docarztandfriends, or call us at (619) 618-0262.  Remember, the recordings could be used on the air, as is.


To listen online, you can always find the most recent episodes in the DocArzt & Friends Podcast category.  If you would like to subscribe, here are all of the links you will need.

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