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LOST Untangled Episode One – From the Beginning

By docarzt,

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ABC is going out of their way to make newbies feel comfortable with LOST’s otherwise ultra-complexe storyline.  Those staccato ‘Lost in 108 seconds’ style videos seemed to be ineffective, as did the clip shows.  Now, we have “LOST Untangled,” a humorous and catch-up for viewers who may be feeling a little, well, LOST.

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  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I was entertained.

  • chris

    That was GREAT! I mean I really don’t need untangling, but I watch the show with some non diehards and this would really help plus for me those voices were hilarious. Great job ABC! Doc, do you know who the narrator is? Is it Damon?

    • rysjules

      Damon dosen’t have time to read garbage like this. He’s too busy you know, really working on the show, not feeding baby food to people.

      • Mandeville

        You, rysjules are America’s Next Top Tool.

  • Samfishercell

    LOL @ Rysjules.

    That was drivel. I didn’t even make it through half of it. People would be better off seeing a 4:21-long still of a link to a place where they can go buy the DVD sets.

    And HOW is this supposed to help newbies? All it did was recap (poorly) the last few episodes (including the episode we all saw only moments earlier)! It had an embarassing amount of back-story for something that’s supposedly purposed to help “newbies.”

    That was seriously trash.

    • imfromthepast

      I got to the 1:43 mark before shutting that crap off.


      • numstead

        I got to 1:55, I’ve been gifted with patience

        can’t believe they actually sanctioned that little mockery

  • ForwardSlash

    ooops, so why the heck did they add a bit that clearly wasn’t in this episode, i mean Sun actually confronting Ben, that i guess is next time. grrrrrr

    want to flag as spoiler???

    • nick

      Are….you serious?

  • LostTvFan

    I thought the green pop ups were as low as ABC could go promoting Lost. Once again I underestimated the network promotion monkeys. Is this how you attract intelligent viewers to a once Emmy winning drama? That dribble would turn me off if I wasn’t already a Lost fan. What other show do they treat with this level of mockery? Damon and Carlton must have seriously peed in someone’s cornflakes to deserve this!

  • JullietsToungedepressorboxes

    That was such unfunny crap. I can’t believe anyone who likes lost (ok other then shippers), would find that entertaining.

    • The Mantis

      Oh my Lord, I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t believe anyone spent time putting this stupid, dumbed-down crap together. I also don’t see how anyone as big a LOST fan as someone who spends time on this site must be, could enjoy that idiotic waste of time. I’m seriously angry that something I take so seriously was reduced to that. A fan made Youtube video or a cartoon on a fansite is one thing, but that was actually designed to make people not so familiar with the show excited to keep watching!? Jesus.

    • LostTvFan

      I’m a shipper and I find this comment typical of the bias against shippers. Shipping doesn’t make us stupid and many of us loved Lost long before we ever heard of shipping. I can assure you most of the people I know (who are all Kate and Sawyer shippers) are intelligent enough to find that crap just a dumb as any other Lost fan. Give the ladies, at least some of them, a little credit and stop labeling fellow fans!

      • Chang

        First off, this term “shippers” is retarded.

        Secondly, Why on earth would anyone who cares at all about Sawyer WANT him to be with Kate? Kate is so useless, so pointless and annoying, I hope for Sawyer’s sake he doesn’t end up with her. He’s too good for her.

    • Dorian

      In your statement, “(okay other then shippers)” your grammar is a bit off. the word “then” is used in reference to time, (i.e. “We were friends back THEN.”). You should have used the word “than”.

  • Mrs. Alpert

    zzzzzzzzzzz… I had to watch it while waiting for the commercial break to finish (I watch episodes online) and I was bored… cool turning them into a comic book, but bland for passing 30 seconds while waiting to see the rest of the episode!

  • Rouss

    Funny yes, but I think that ABC can do it better… Original? I don’t think so, look at something like the cide or similar
    vote 4.0

  • davet

    Funny but a waste of time.
    People who aren’t watching lost, decide not to because they don’t watch programs that challenge them to think, they want to watch mind numbing drivel. Most of the time they will struggle to tell you what happened in the episode they just watched.

    The reason Lost performs so badly is because the majority of people haven’t the patience or the attention span to get the most out of each episode. They will watch lost Untangled but will not watch the main show.
    Some do like lost, and like to be challenged, but don’t have the patience, so they will wait till all the episodes are on dvd and buy them all to watch with instant satisfaction. I can’t wait to see what the Boxset sales will be like for Lost when this is all over!! ABC need to make sure that they do a complete boxset series and Heavily market it to make sure everyone knows they can watch lost from beginning to end!! I think ABC know this and is why they have promised not to cut the funding for the last two seasons, even though the (IMHO) totally flawed and useless but recognised and widely used Nielsen ratings system says that Lost doesn’t demand a good audience.

    I have friends in both the above examples and I’m sure you guys do too!!!