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Questions Vs. Answers THE LIGHTHOUSE

By nomaD,

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This weeks tally comes in at… ::Drum Roll::

Answers: 10 Total with 3 Juicy ones…….

Questions: 16 Total with 4 Juicy ones….

Interestingly enough the smaller amount of answers doesn’t matter at all, This was a great episode and the literary perspective of it was amazing- I am loving the Liddel references in our ALT timeline- it is THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS-

And a nice easter egg i found was that Jack actually lifts up a white rabbit to find a key to the answer of the question he was looking for.


Thoughts to ponder:



Hurley:: “I could eat”   HAHA!!

JACK SAYING “WHATEVER I DID IM SORRY” gave me chills ( he was leaving a message to his son but the screen had shifted from that, it was like a voice-over that was tanatmount to the character development that Jacks character is going through, he is completely redeeming himself.

Ive said it before but Jack is still the HERO of our story, just because we are seeing the deeply flawed side of what makes his journey makes him no less. All the best Hero’s were flawed we just never got to see HOW flawed. Around season 2-3 I started to hate Jack, he is again, redeeming himself admirably.

YOU WERE SO INTO IT, and the failure is too much to deal with- This is why David never told Jack about the Piano… This is so paramount to what has led Jack down the negative spiral we have witnessed.



  • Why does Jack have no memories of having appendix taken out as a child?
  • Was Jack’s appendix removed as a child IN ORDER to supply the memory of the scar that wasn’t initially there (MORE COURSE CORRECTION)?
  • Is there allegorical significance to the name DAVID as Jack’s son?
  • Where did Miles go when he was following Hurley into the temple to get food, right before he encounters Jacob?
  • Who is coming to the Island that Jacob needs Hurley to help?
  • Who is David’s mother?
  • Is the apparition of Christian by Claire the same thing possessing the body of Locke now? ( I think so)
  • Who are ADAM and EVE???
  • Why can you only find the lighthouse when your looking for it?, kind of like why could Sayid could only die from the poison if he took it willingly…
  • What isn’t Claire remembering correctly about her encounter with the others?
  • Why was David too scared to show Jack he could wanted to play piano?
  • Is Jack’s running in with the SAMAURAI in the ALT universe akin to the meeting he had with Desmond in the arena, are strings being pulled just in different ways this time around?
  • (It would seems that Jacob is trying to predict the actions of our characters) So Jacob WANTED Jack to break the mirror, DOES HE MAYBE NOT Want someone to come to the island? maybe the person he wanted to make sure got to the island was the Jack who broke the mirror
  • Why is Jacob against helping the others at the Temple?
  • What will Jin’s Lie to Claire manifest into?
  • What is Claire’s role in all this?


  • Jack Is A Father in our ALT Timeline, this is another solidification that the changes start at 77 not at the point where the plane did/didn’t crash
  • Claire has been living in the jungle like Rousseau for years
  • Jack declines a drink from his mother, his mental state is much more resilient than the original Jack.
  • Claire doesnt know Christian Shepherd and Smocke are the same smokie… hey neither do we really…
  • Shannon’s Asthma inhaler was right friggin there!
  • It was the possessor inside Christian Shepherd that led Jack to find the caves, the game started all that time ago, they were meant to survive on the island and find Adam and eve and etc etc etc…
  • The Lighthouse is how Jacob watched, and manipulated the lives of our losties…
    Jack is important, but he has to solve the puzzle himself, the influence of Jacob has its limits
  • Someone BAD is coming to the temple!
  • Claire has been seduced by Smocke the whole time, Its likely that she was told by him that the others stole her baby

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  • Greg

    Remember how Sayid died and was brought back to life, but is “infected”. I believe that the same thing happened to Christian, and his body is not possessed like John Locke’s is. This would also back up the fact that Christians coffin is empty, whereas Lockes body is still there falling out of his coffin on the beach. Supposedly when they get “infected”, they become allies with Locke/Smokey, so this would explain why a ressurected/infected Christian was so important in leading Locke ot his death so Smokey could take over his body. BAM

    • I like it but what do you make of Christian’s limited involvement with the physical world? As in, the only thing we’ve ever seen him touch or interact with in the “real” world was Aaron in the episode when Claire disappeared. John asked Christian to help him reach the frozen donkey wheel and Christian told him he couldn’t do that. Why’s that? Because he just refused to do it on the basis that John had to do it himself OR because he simply COULD NOT physically interact with John for whatever reason. I bring this up because Sayid seems to be able to interact with the physical world without any apparent limitations.

      • Gah it didn’t post the last paragraph:

        It would be really interesting to see if Sayid’s “darkness” will lead him on a path to help Locke and become an ally like you suggest. The only thing that bothers me is, again, the limited interactions with the physical world. Maybe in the state that Christian is in being between Flocke and Claire gives you some sort of apparitional powers but restricts your involvement with the land of the corporeal. I don’t even know if I buy into any of these suggestions but it’s an interesting topic, the “Christian Problem” that is.

        • EkoEko

          i think this has more to do with ‘the rules’ than any physical limitation. remember that we saw christian inside what we thought was jacobs cabin, but was actually MIB’s. this not only included the time christian told locke he had to move the island, but also the time that hurley peeped inside the cabin and saw christian AND someone else (a blue eye that peered back at him)–note that the eye was blue, as was the color of the MIB’s eyes. maybe the MIB was telling christian ‘the rules.’

          i think that christian was in fact infected and was not possessed/recreated by smokey. smokey leaves the bodies where they are–yemi’s body was never removed from the plane. but just like claire “miraculously” survived the rocket attack, and sayid “miraculously” survives being shot, christian was somehow resurrected and recruited to the MIB’s army…

          • karalou

            Except that the producers have already confirmed Christian is indeed dead back in 2007.

          • Inquisitor


            There are so many stupid things forgotten in this post. The poison only working if Sayid took it willingly? WTF? The questions about if Christian and Smocke are the same and who Adam and Eve are are NOT at all new. Claire has been tricked, not “seduced.” And she confirmed that the whole reason she thinks the Others stole Aaron was that Christian and Smokey told her. Did you even see the whole episode?

          • “Dead is Dead,” remember? Richard and Ben both agreed resurrections were not a function of the Island. John’s body is a body, a dead one, while UnLocke (MIB?) is some Smokey-manifestation.

            Christian is dead. May be a ghost, like Jacob, but dead.

          • MichaelFC

            Remember Yemi? That was Smokey. Fine.

            Before Yemi appeared alive and talking, his body was in the plane.

            Yemi’s body disappeared when Eko returned cos smokey took his form. (305. The Cost of Living)

            That’s why Christian’s body was never in the coffin – Smokey had taken his form.

            I bet Christian’s body will be found under the Temple, where Smokey tried to drag the French guy. Yemi’s body should be there too.


          • jon

            Except Locke’s body doesn’t disappear. They bury it after he walks off into the forest.

        • shea

          what if christian is being a dad he is neither good nor bad but believes jack is not up to being the candidate. gets him of the island only to send loche to get him back to blow up the island to create an alt universe where jack seems to have a nice well rounded life. father looking out for his son.

          claire said her father told her the temple have her son but claires sanity is under question at the moment.

      • Multiple

        I believe that as long as the “body” of someone is absent – missing, gone rogue, whatever – and NOT accounted for/buried, Smokie can assume it’s physical appearence AND its’ memories by virtue of “reading” some one that is still alive and present. For example: Yemmie. Eko was confornted by the Smoke Monster and stared it down, was not judged and destryed in his forst encounter (with Charlie). Upon Eko’s rescue from the Polar Bear and subsequant journey back to the “?” [ack!! with Nikkie and Paulo] he looked for his brothers body in the wreakage and discovered that it was MISSING!! The show never made it clear that Alwex was buried, Yemmie and Christian are missing,sooo…
        Smokie can impersonate them. Locke’s body is now accounted for AND Buried so Smokie is limited to whom he can impersonate, as everyone is on to him!

        • MichaelFC

          Yep. That’s the one.

  • When Hurley said they didn’t find the lighthouse because they weren’t looking for it, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean you have to look for the lighthouse to find it. Seems like you took that too literally.

    I agree, though, that there has to be something keeping the lighthouse away from prying eyes (imagine if they’d found it in season 1). It’s just that Hurley wouldn’t know about that 🙂

    • i didn’t really take it literally but thought its literal interpretation was plausible since jamming the poisoned pill down Sayid’s throat would not have worked because he didn’t take it willingly…

      • Inquisitor

        Where do you get that idea from?

        • Dogen told Jack that he had to give Sayid the pill because Sayid trusted him and he had to take it willingly.

          • Inquisitor

            Why don’t you link me to some proof instead of your website? I’ve seen each S6 episode multiple times and never remembered that. Maybe you took it too literally when he just said he wanted Jack to give it to him because Sayid trusted him, but there was nothing about the poison only working if Sayid took it willingly. That’s a ridiculous conclusion.

          • then why is Sayid walking around? why would they have not shoved it down his throat

          • watch season 5 episode 3 again, it will only work if taken willingly and only aken willingly of goven by Jack, it is far from a RIDICULOUS conclusion, i suggest you check your a-hole at the door.’

          • Ament

            JACK: Why don’t you give it to him?

            LENNON: Because it won’t work unless he takes it willingly, and he won’t take it willingly from us.

            JACK: Well, then maybe you should’ve asked him to take it before you tortured him.


          • domcruise

            my god that inquisitor is being a bit of a prick. i only watched that episode once but i remember Dogen saying that as clear as day.

          • Inquisitor

            Thanks for finally giving some proof at least. Okay then. I’m thinking that was more related to the sickness, than the poison itself. Otherwise they could have just killed him, rather than trying to get him to poison himself.

          • Ryan

            For the same reason flocke can not kill Jacob himself. Someone else has to do it. Remember the rules.

          • Inquisitor

            I don’t think that fits…

    • Cutter XXIII

      My thought on that (besides the fact that Jack was asking the question 70% of the fans were asking at that moment), is that the Lighthouse really wasn’t there before the Incident.

      Just another of the many, many ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes that started small (changing picture frames on a wall behind Miles), got bigger (is Dharmaville the same? It seems the same, but it’s also exactly as it was when Dharma evacuated), and now even bigger. Buildings appearing out of “nowhere.”

      Far-fetched, but a possibility. Maybe we’re headed toward quantum critical mass, and the two timelines will converge into each other, preserving some elements of each.

    • karalou

      Seems like the lighthouse is like Jacob’s cabin. You can’t find it unless you’re meant to. I remember a particular scene where we saw the cabin in one place, and then Hurley runs from it and wham! There the cabin is in yet another place.

      • HandsomeSmitty

        Exactly. Plus Hurley had specific directions. EveryWHeRE onthe Island may not be in the same time reality due the power of the zero energy source.

      • Multiple

        What if the sighting of the cabin – at least by Hurley, as that is how we, the audience found out stuff and junk – represents Multiple timelines AND actions our Losties have take and been there before!? Like when Jack wakes up [S1.pilot] runs to the beach, and seems almost assured that he needs to turn RIGHT to get to the action. It seems like a loop – there is only one end, everything else is change!

        • naultz

          or it could have been the screaming people and the huge plane on fire that made jack turn to the right

          • Nick Stevens

            Don’t be silly. 🙂

  • Mike

    In response to a thing we learned:
    “changes start at 77 not at the point where the plane did/didn’t crash”

    The changes may have started earlier. If the Sideways Universe is actually the next iteration of the loop, it could have started much earlier. Influences could have been made on secondary characters as well. If Locke’s dad is not a jerk, that could have preceded 1977. We do not know the start pont in the loop.

    Think Groundhog Day with the secondary characters. They do not know they are repeating the same single day, but Bill Murray does. We know that several people are aware of the loop (i.e. (1) Faraday’s mom – Mrs Hawkings, (2) Whitmore seems to have knowledge of coming events and is using them to get very wealthy). But Hawking was not aware of any loop when she killed her son, yet it is seemingly a repeating event (because she seems to be preparing Daniel for the event later). This will hopefully be explained.

    • Inquisitor

      Your example with Faraday doesn’t prove anything. She knew she would kill him not because of the loop, but because Jack told him afterward he was her son, so she knew he would travel back in time. So far we have seen no proof of events being changed earlier than 77, so the theory makes no sense. Locke could have been friends with his dad while the dad still was a con man earlier. Sawyer was on the flight, meaning he still went to Australia looking for the real Sawyer. His parents died before Jughead, as Sawyer explained in The Incident. Anthony Cooper maybe reunited with Locke to make amends for past misdeeds. Locke could have gotten disabled some other way. But it proves nothing.

      • Wanda

        Several of the characters would have drowned when the island sunk or died in the explosion in 1977, but instead appear to have lived off island (Ben, Ethan). All we know is that Dharma was there and built the swingset, now submerged, and left a shark.

        Ellie has Daniel’s notebook with her handwriting so in the Ajira timeline, she is definitely aware of time looping; but she hasn’t appeared yet in LA X, so we don’t know whether any of that has changed.

        If the branch began before 77 (not the bomb, but potentially related to Jacob’s existence and interference), then Daniel could be alive as could Sawyer’s parents.

        • Inquisitor

          But the Faraday example has nothing to do with the theory. We haven’t seen him or his mom in the new timeline, so we don’t know if any of that works in the new timeline. Every change we’ve seen so far could fit with the changes starting in 77, and if the island was submerged then something else happened to it besides a nuke going off. If something else happened to the island in 77, then people could have gotten off, like Ethan and his parents and Ben. And the fact that in this universe Ethan’s name is Goodspeed suggests his parents lived and raised him (somewhere). I agree that the fact that Ben and Ethan got off despite the island submerged could suggest a change before 77, but that’s it. Faraday has nothing to do with the theory, and at this point nothing to do with the alternate universe or the “loop” as a whole, except for the basic loop of him going back to 77 and getting killed. That’s a closed circle.

          • Maciel

            Actually, if they never crashed on the island, Faraday never went back to 1954 and they never buried the bomb, so the changes could have started way before 1977, because the bomb could have exploded.

          • Inquisitor

            If it exploded in the 50’s then DHARMA never arrived to build Dharmaville. And the statue still remains. DHARMA was on the island, no matter when the changes took place.

          • Nick Stevens

            He said the bomb wasn’t buried in ’54, not that it exploded in the 50s.

          • Inquisitor

            He said it wasn’t buried in ’54, meaning it could have exploded before ’77, meaning it exploded BEFORE Dharma. If it was after Dharma, but maybe like a couple years before, then what’s the point of that? Why not just say it exploded in ’77 and be done with it?

          • Maciel

            Because it would explain some little things like how ben is off the island.

          • Inquisitor

            Except that it would also fuck everything else up. We saw the barracks, the broken statue, and the DHARMA shark, we can’t pretend we didn’t.

          • Maciel

            But Ben didn’t get to the island the same time that Dharma did. The bomb could have exploded after the installation of the DI but before Ben’s arrival.

          • Inquisitor

            What about Ethan? He was born on the island when Ben was twelve. And don’t say he was born off-island, because his parents only got married after his mom’s first husband was murdered by Hostiles when the Losties ended up in ’74. She then got together w/ Horace. How do you explain Ethan going off island, when we was born in ’77? If the bomb went off earlier, we wouldn’t have seen him.

          • Maciel

            Really good point. Maybe Horace and Ethan’s mom (don’t remember her name) met off island, but ok, things may be completely different.

            I just think that assuring the changes began on 77 is not right since the “future” people traveled back to earlier times.

        • Since the new universe was initially created by a big old paradox (if the Losties didn’t crash, how can they prevent the crash?). So, it instantly had to restructure itself.
          Also, I like the idea that Widmore capitalized on the work his son Daniel did in Ann Arbor in the 70’s as part of his growth as an wealthy industrialist.

  • The Magician

    I agree, Adam. It was just a figure of speech.

  • greg dharma

    when jack smashed the glass i thought of that song from Tommy: “do you see or hear or do i smash the mirror?”

    the mirror IS a looking glass–curiouser and curiouser.

    why is infected Sayid allowed to lounge around?

    also i dont think jacob wanted the glass to be broken, he just accepts fate for what it is.

    • Cutter XXIII

      Me too!

      And then when I went to play the song in my iTunes, I couldn’t help noticing the tracks “Happy Jack” and “Substitute” a little higher up the list…

      The Townshend/Daltrey connection!

      • meems

        You GUYS! I think the precursor to Quadrophenia (the one that Behind Blue Eyes was written for was… da-da… called The Lighthouse. I think this also included the tune “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (meet the new boss, same as the old boss)…

        It eventually died and got turned into Who’s Next and then Quadrophenia.

  • Dharma77

    I don’t think the whole David being scared of telling Jack he wanted to play piano is even a question. David didn’t want to fail in front of Jack, and Jack then tells him he can do no wrong in his eyes (second fave scene of S6).

  • Per

    I got tired from reading this article. Horrible structure, sloppy spelling mistakes, some stupid and unnecessary questions like the “Why didn’t David tell Jack about the piano lessons” one. Why was this even published?

    • People have been complaining about how many answers they claim we arent getting promised answers- i decided to count them and also to show its the questions continuing to be asked that makes the show great, notice only SOME questions are bold and considered Juicy

      Im counting questions not only good ones- sorry you didn’t enjoy the article, the reception has been more positive than your individualized comment…

      come visit


  • The Mantis

    The “samaurai”‘s name Is Dogen…… C’mon man?

  • Tobias

    I had this tought while I was sleeping (sad ahah) This new Alt Time is not only related with Juliet activating the bomb. I think it is more related to Jacob not playing mind games on them (5 losties ) I mean Jacob not manipulating them all their lifes in order to go to the island had a deep impact on their choices growing up.

  • jessea

    The English teacher in me requests that you please spell-check and edit for grammar before posting.
    (Other than that, you have some good ideas!)

  • MiN

    On the other hand it seems like Jack knew his father wasn’t in the coffin.

  • Tobias

    me no habla ingles… sorry too much work today, a little tired to start thinking “in english” Next time I´ll try my best teacher (I owe you an apple)

    • Inquisitor

      They were referring to the article, not your one individual comment. Also, what caused the alt timeline to change Jacob from intervening in their lives? The theory may sound good and convenient to just be different, but holds no real weight.

  • Fox

    “Who are Adam and Eve?”

    I don’t understand that question. When was something like that mentioned in the ep.?

    • I think we can pretty much accept the fact the skeletons are Rose and hubby. I think Jack figured that out. For some reason they didn’t flash-forward with the O6 to ’04. IF we don’t see them alive in this Lost-reality, then questioned should be considered answered.

      • Cody

        how can you jump to all these conclusions? when did jack figure this out?

      • Nikita

        I don’t agree….I’m beginning to think they are Jacob and Smokie. With the scales balanced, the white and black rock….why wouldn’t it all start with these two men?

    • skate

      Did you watch the episode? They weren’t mentioned in the ep?????

  • Glad someone went to all this trouble.

    However, some questions are over-reaching and some answers actually create more questions.s

    • Im doing this for every ep- look at last weeks also at You will notice that MOST answers ask new questions

      • Inquisitor

        A few of your questions, however, aren’t new. Adam and Eve has been a question since season 1, man.

        • Was it or was it not a question asked this episode?
          It may be a question previously asked but it was raised this episode and for a reason, that’s to remind us of the question before they give us an answer

        • Im becoming a bit aggravated with the negativity you spread all across this room- this is supposed to be fun, please hold back on all the dissent…

          • Yes, he/she does some to have a thorn up his ass….

          • Inquisitor

            I just see a lot of problems in your posts. The idea’s good, but there are some things that are just annoying. I don’t think an old question should be counted in this episode just because it could be asked again afterward. It’s not like you do the same thing with the answers.

            What I take away from this post is just a rushed effort mainly to try and get traffic to your own website. Actually try next time.

          • The most annoying thing on this post is your negative comments…

          • Inquisitor

            Take an English class and I’ll have no complaints. Seriously.

  • Jackisjack

    108 is 801 backwards if we drop the 0 we get 81 then use a 5 because of the numbers left are 8,15,16,23,42 then we get 815. 815 is the flight they were on, now 815 is also August 15th which happens to be just over a month away before the plane crashed on 9/22/04. 92204 or 9-22-04 is Smith-Bababooey-Locke which brings Locke back into the picture making the cycle making the mystery of 108 solved…Locke is coming back! Easy.

    • Cody

      it was right there under our noses the whole time, Thanks Jack

    • Anti-Evil Locke

      “Don’t give upon Locke.” Jack, when taking the core of the bomb out from the Hydro bomb.

  • Dr Violence

    Inquisitor- haha how do you feel? you got totally owned. don’t run your mouth off before knowing the facts. loser

    • Inquisitor

      Oh, yeah, I so got owned. Since I was wrong on one point, absolutely everything I say is now invalid. Thanks for pointing that out, you really made an important contribution to the discussion.

  • Costanza

    I guess the person who wrote this missed the earlier article on “The Dangers of Over Analysis”. Author – you are taking parts of the dialog WAY too seriously.

    • Im working on an article titled, the dangers of under-analysis

  • Dr Violence

    im not, in every message inquisitor is rude to everyone and is an all round nasty little shit. hate pricks like that.

    • Inquisitor

      I’m just giving differing theories and opinions. You, on the other hand, just feel like attacking me because I make responses and then some other guy responds back. I wonder what would have happened if I had made the last response, would you have said the other guy was owned? Or is this specific to me? Why don’t you go outside and bark at the mailman, no one needs a watchdog here.

  • bps

    I don’t post a lot, but I just gotta say, everyone needs to chill out. We’re all fans of the same show. So why does this forum feel like the “one up” or “cut down” forum today. Kinda feels like I’ve been transported back in time… the 5th grade. Let’s all lighten up a bit.

    • Inquisitor

      I’m just presenting a different view to further the discussion. As you can see above, I was proven wrong on a point and I just accepted it and posited a new theory based on that information.

      The only time I was really rude was when I was criticizing the poor writing of the article. I’m sorry, but it’s kind of too much not to mention, the guy needs to use spellcheck.

      • I’m crossing your name out Inquistor. Burn!

      • Charlies Addiction

        My first time to this site and because of you Inquisitor, I may not be back.
        Could never understand why some people have to be such assholes. Either your 12 years old or some 30 year old bitter world of warcraft nerd living in your moms basement.
        grow up dude.

        • Inquisitor

          Sorry to disappoint, but neither. I just wanted a site where I could engage in LOST discussion but I guess everyone here is an uptight pussy who takes any disagreement as a personal insult, even when I’m not disagreeing with them specifically.

  • Benmanben

    In the 4th LOST Slap Down, did anyone else notice the LAX in the branches?

  • joetuppy

    Hmmmm….Gives a whole new meaning to ‘ENTER 77’.

  • The next time I read a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I do know it was my option to read, however I actually thought youd have something fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you might repair should you werent too busy searching for attention.