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A Very LOST Christmas

By docarzt,

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Those Podcasting virtuosos at “After-LOST” have whipped up a Christmas special no LOST fan should miss!  Not only does the podcast feature just about every LOST podcaster to ever preach the gospel of Dharma, it features them in a bit of a pod-theater take on “A Christmas Carol” introduced by Kris White, and narrated by Francois Chau himself! Listen for a familiar voice portraying the Ghost of Podcasts Present!  Does this mean Koobie and I should dust off our mics?  The whole ‘present’ thing seems for not if we don’t.  Maybe…. just maybe.  Let’s just say, I’m a method actor – and I believe what the ghost of Podcasts Present believes – that the conversation of LOST is far from over!  Enjoy!

Listen to the podcast right here on

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  • joe

    After all these months this is all you got, what a let down.

    • DocMinion

      Seems like you wouldn’t appreciate much of anything, dick.

  • John

    What have YOU contributed to this site “all these months”, joe? Typical stupid fanboy sense of entitlement…

  • joe

    That’s right! And proud of it!

    • DocMinion

      To be clear, you’re proud of being a dick – which pretty much MEANS dick to the rest of society. Enjoy your deluded self -assurance.

  • buster

    deal with it

  • buster

    Its sad that this site has gone from Lost stuff to this stuff!
    Take back control of the site, Doc.

  • dreamingof8a

    Is there actually any webpage/forum that still talks about LOST? I’d really like to read some more … it’s been too long that anything related to the actual show was posted here …
    Any hints are greatly appreciated.

    • mystery

      darkufo !

      • joe

        Dark got it going on!

  • buster

    This site is more popular than I am.
    Oh wait!

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    I see your blog!
    It’s my site:

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