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A Word About Shippers And Their Impact On This Site

By docarzt,

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In a word, shippers do not dictate the editorial goals of the site.  Period.  I have a lot of Jaters slinging daggers and hatred at this site, to which I say: have fun. is not a shipping site, we don’t have a corner in the fight, and whether a poster is a shipper or not really doesn’t impact what I want to do for the site in terms of content.  I happen to think, personally, that the examination of the show runs a bit deeper than the love triangle.  Anyone who would use terms like hate, alienate, mock, or anything like that because of which ‘ship’ a poster or another reader might root for, really doesn’t belong here.  So here is the final word:  if you object to the points of view in a post, please object and give your counterpoint.  Do it in a mature fashion, and don’t behave like a venomous teeny bopper who has just been told his/her idol doesn’t poop vanilla ice cream.  If you can’t handle that, please – don’t even bother to tell me about how you hate the site and won’t come here anymore, because I do. not. care.

As I tell each of you who write and complain, the viewpoint of Jaters, Skaters, Suliet, or what have you, are equally welcome here.  I will not shy away from the public ‘controversy’ that might come from having a pro-jate, pro-skate, or pro-whatever recap on my site.  So rather than be unconstructive  about it and whine in packs, why not pitch me a counterpoint?  I’ll publish it.  Seriously.  Now, back to the serious work…

  • i’m maybe shipper but after it i’m lost fan but Amen and ITA with you doc 🙂

    • oups not after lol before lol grr sorry ^^” bad typo

    • Paul

      maybe shipper? Yeah right 😀 You know I love you Lyly. Rabid shippers scare me. I am heavily invested in the skate relationship but there are plenty of other things that I care about on the show. I’ve never thought of this site as a shipper site it’s a bit ridiculous to claim that LOL

  • docarzt

    The funny thing is, I think it would be fabulous to have a jater/skater duel here every week after the episodes. It is definitely a passionate corner of the fandom.

    • crixius

      Will never happen. Shipper (and I’m one so I know how it works) dialogue quickly de-evolves into insults.

      Besides shipping isn’t based on logic or facts (like the mythology, scifi elements of the show) it’s based on a ‘gut reaction’ to a couple.

      • TRoss

        It’s like religion and politics. It’s based on a person’s beliefs and personal preferences. Neither side will ever agree, because they both see something different. And even if they did, they’d never admit to it – it might mean they were wrong. And I don’t mean just jaters. I’ve seen it on both sides (and I’m a Skater).

        • docarzt

          I tend to agree with you crixius, but I’m willing to give it a try.
          I tend to agree with you crixius, but I’m willing to give it a try.

          • Radactrice

            As long as you don’t take it personally, shipping wars can be quite entertaining.

          • alarose20

            Duel? Yes… please give them pistols…
            LOL.. kinda sad that it gets to that… why do I feel the problematic “shippers” also like Twilight???

  • Katy

    I was always a Kate/Jack’s face badger shipper. But, alas, it was not to be.

    • docarzt

      Well it is far from over.

  • sabrina

    Hell to the yes. The whole jater, skater thing is absurd to begin with unless you’re in jr high.

  • Radactrice

    Good for you, Doc. If people don’t like a review, then don’t read it. Period. I must admit your line about an idol pooping vanilla ice cream made me literally laugh out loud. Love your site, love what you do and loved your book!

  • Calebspeaks

    Wow, I didn’t even know this was an issue. Honestly, in this all inclusive society, where are all the Sack and Kuliet supporters. I mean really a plane with 385 people on it, and not one of them is gay? Come on people.

  • docarzt

    It’s not really an issue, they just think it is. I was literally told that by hosting pro skate articles I was alienating half of the fandom. That assumes that 100% of the fandom is one one side or the other, AND that they are divided in equal numbers. Logic. Right.

    • Radactrice

      That’s just ridiculous. I have nothing to back up my supposition, but if 10% of the audience cares passionately one way or the other about Jack/Kate/Sawyer’s love life, I’d be surprised.

    • I think they don’t like me doc lol i mean jaters who annoyed you but it’s not a new for me, that’s not smart to think it ’cause i’m not shipper at firstbut hardcore sawyer and locke fan and island too (i love to eat with smokey every days^^) this season ROCK with scifi i’m passionnated by it *_* and the island story wow !!! AMAZING 🙂

  • Rock on, Doc! As far as I’m concerned, the ‘shippers (by which I mean people who seem to care about love-polygons to the exclusion of the incredible mythology the show has created, not just people pulling for one pairing or another…we all pick favorites, after all!) are the lowest form of Lost fandom, useful mainly for padding out the viewership numbers which kept a show with quantum weirdness, time travel, smoke monsters, and dead/imaginary people wandering about on the air against competition like Grey’s fucking Anatomy and American fucking Idol.

    Not that I’m biased or anything. 😛

    • Gusteaux

      Amen, SonyaLynn! I’d love to have a ‘ship with YOU!

    • DT

      “Lowest form of Fandom”– I could care less about this issue but I will say this comment is a good example of the problem.

  • Hexonxonx

    Wait wait, slow down. It’s been a bad week already, and now you’re telling me that Doc doesn’t poop vanilla ice cream? I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

  • Samfishercell

    Rawk Doc!

    The only thing good I can say about shippers is that they’ve helped bouy the ratings to the point where we’ll thankfully be getting an entire 6-season arc.

    It always cracks me up when people claim they’re Lost fans, tell me they’re for sawyer/jack, and then say something like “so where do you think the polar bears came from?” I think it’s hilarious watching Damon and Carlton allude to this (leaving Sawyer’s shirt off to distract certain audience members as the time-travel kicked into gear).

  • Devin

    I’m not sure which is worse, intense shippers or the people that insist on finding anagrams in EVERYTHING (for example, Dan Norton’s Lostpedia page says ‘An anagram for “Agostini and Norton” is “Aaron isn’t, don’t go in.”‘. That’s just ridiculous! Some anagrams are intended, such as Hoffs Drawlar, and I believe the Canton Rainier one is legitimate, but people get really carried away.

  • Lost

    Uhm.. OK. But one thing.. What the heck is a shipper? I have watched every single episode and never geard of this reference

    • Devin

      “Shipper” is short for “relationshipper”, meaning anyone who’s really into the romantic relationships on the show. There’s no definitive rule for how into them you have to be to be a shipper, but generally anyone who’s always (or ever) talking about “Jate” or “Skate” is a shipper.

      They can be annoying because on a show that offers so much, romance is relatively unimportant. Basically, if that’s what you’re here for, this is not the show for you.

      • Ed Holden

        Thanks, Devin. This whole conversation was very confusing to me, too.

        I’m probably a Jater, but I care a hell of a lot more about how Desmond fits into Widmore’s scheming and what “the Incident” at the Swan was.

  • Hipster Doofus

    Frankly I think that Kate sucks with both of them.

  • docarzt

    She’s going to end up with Nathan Fillion. You heard it hear first. 😉

    • Hipster Doofus

      The show would be so much cooler if they didn’t waste Nathan Fillion on such a lame role and actually managed to make him a semi-regular. And no, I don’t think that just because he was on Desperate Housewives, that somehow diminishes his coolness from Dr. Horrible and Firefly.

      • Hipster Doofus

        And I’m not saying that the show isn’t plenty cool now, just that Nathan Fillion naturally makes things even cooler.

  • docarzt

    And yes, that is a joke.

  • Desi’s Brother

    hahahah. This is hilarious. I guess you got some hate mail?

    I’m a Chesmond fan personally.

  • Annie

    To be fair the shipper wars are powered by Damon and Carlton, two guys whose love of the triangle seems to known no bounds. Sadly shippers have gotten a bad name but as a shipper, who never heard the word shipper before Lost, I have to say I was a fan of the show long before I became a fan of Kate and Sawyer. The idea that shippers are some sub species of fan rubs me the wrong way. I enjoy all the elements of Lost from the mysterious origins of the island to the time travel element to the themes taken from literature, mythology, religion, psychology, and physics as well as storytelling devices like the Joseph Campbell model of the Hero’s Journey. Shippers help sustain Lost’s ratings and deserve the same respect given to the geeks and fan boys who find the science more compelling than the romantic relationships.

    • docarzt

      I don’t think they are a sub-species. What I do think, though, is that any splinter group of the general fandom that thinks they are anchoring the show has totally lost it. The online fandom is not nearly a fraction the size of LOST’s viewing public. I know that is hard to accept, but it is true. The lions share of the audience isn’t as obsessive as we are.

      Of course, this is all moot anyways – because you have to be a nielsen family to impact ratings. Raise your hand if you’re in a nielsen family. the notion that shippers contribute to the ratings is another baseless assumption. You assume that a notable majority of nielsen families that watch LOST are shippers. Sorry, but I don’t buy it outright – I’d need to see the data.

      Just don’t miss the point. The point isn’t that shippers are dumb and shouldn’t be listened to, clearly I don’t feel that way because I give exposure to shippers right here – heck, I’ve even done a little shipping myself. Some of my best friends in the online LOST community are shippers, and a couple of my contributors are shippers. I have no problem with shippers.

      I DO have a problem with shippers who want to bring their rivalry here and cause trouble. Those shippers need a slap in the face and a thermos of coffee dumped in their enema bag. It’s just not normal to actually ‘hate’ other people over what happens in this TV show, or what you hope happens, or what characters you like or dislike. THAT is wrong.

      • Landry B.

        I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU DOC!!! Your posts are always well executed and thought out and even when you have to lay down the law, you do so in a way that no one feel alienated… seriously spend my entire lunch break on this site…you make LOST so much more for me! Thanks for what you and all contributors to this site have offered the “online fandom”….from “not-a-shipper”….

    • docarzt

      Just an after thought, and as pointed out above, sometimes the geeks and deep-thinkers are the most frustrating people in this game. The point isn’t who is frustrating though, it’s what behavior is bad regardless of your affiliation.

  • badger

    What’s a shipper?

  • grabbypaws

    Go, Doc!

    Maintaining neutrality as a site and information source in a fandom where things are so heated up as in Lost fandom is quite an admirable effort. But you definitely are a great example of being a “Switzerland” here, to speak nothing of the careful way you dish out spoilers (hey, thanks very much for that, btw).

    I can’t agree with posters who say that one fanbase is better then the other simply because they have different preferences. There are rabid shippers, fanboys and whatnot out there, whose posts make people cringe/laugh/have nightmares etc. And then again, there are Jaters, Skaters, Slashers, Locke worshippers and so on, whose wit and creative streak is a very fine addition to any fandom site.

    I’m very happy to know, still, that all of those mentioned above can have a place here.

  • I get where you are coming from Doc, even though I am often guilty of being an over-obsessive shipper myself. I also happen to be a sci fi nut, who is currently enjoying the time travel craziness at the moment. Predestination paradox stories are awesome IMO.

    I think the bottom line is, this kind of site should be applauded for allowing a diversity of viewpoint without censure or stifling bias. As long as things are conducted in a mature manner where strawman arguments and ad hominem attacks are not the order of the day, why shouldn’t there be a healty debate of all aspects of Lost?

    You must be getting some interesting mail to have posted this up, Doc. And I can guess from which camp in particular (for the most part).

    Let’s all remember that the reason we’re all so passionate about the show is because the Lost is so darn good and addictive on many levels and appeals to a broad range of fans. This kind of site is perfect in offering a springboard of open discussion about the many facets of Lost.

  • Kermet

    When “Shincent/Shayid” ended in Season 2 I lost all interest in shipping. In fact, I barely track orders on these days.

  • rick

    umm .. what the heck is a shipper? .. i love my ignorance .. it helps keep the balance in life

  • Darrel

    Honestly. What is a shipper?

    • I am not exactly sure what a “shipper” is either. I can guess based on the context but I’m not sure exactly what the word means or where it came from.

      • iamme

        A ‘shipper’ is someone that is invested in one or more of the romantic relationships in a work of fiction (TV, Books, Movies). It simply means the person roots for, and would like to see that pair make it.

        There are hardcore shippers, i.e, ones who try to do everything humanly possible to affect the outcome of the show in favour of their couple, including organizing mass mailing campaigns to TPTB.

        Then there are shippers (I fall into this category) who basically only ship while the show is on, and enjoy talking about the relationship developments of their favourite couples.

        Then there are the somewhat obsessed shippers, that would perhaps go as far as telling Doc what to, and what not to post on his own site.

      • KeepingAwake

        A ‘shipper’ is someone who is very highly interested in a particular romantic pairing. “Shipper” comes from ‘relationship’. In the Lost fandom, shippers often identify as Jaters (Jack + Kate), Skaters (Sawyer + Kate), etc.

        As many have mentioned, it is possible to favor a romantic pairing and be still be a rational human being and fan. 😉 However, ‘shipper wars’ can produce a lot of nasty comments and emails.

        I think all that Doc is trying to do is to remind everyone that no matter what drives your intense interest in LOST, you are welcome here ( as is evidenced by the wide range of items covered and by the contributors’ various viewpoints) as long as you can discuss things politely.

        • I understood what the word meant, I was looking to understand its etymology. I couldn’t figure out where it came from. The answer I was looking for was the part about relationSHIPs. Thanks!

  • rick

    oops read too slow ..anyway .. not everyone is going home happy .. i call it right now one of the 3(jack,sawyer, or desmond) bites the big one trying tosave their love interest so at least one group will be upset by the end .. but not me .. ive invested way to much time into this show to let a girly thing like relationships ruin it =]

  • The Magician

    In all honesty, I think the relationships are handled incredibly well on LOST; I’m definitely not a ”shipper” (first time I’ve ever heard this term), but I do think the writers make a good job of it, and it doesn’t detract at all in my enjoyment of the show.

    That said, I simply cannot fathom how people claim to only enjoy the relationships and not the mythology; LOST is a one-of-a-kind show with a rich mythology and fantasy never seen before. There are countless soap operas that deal with relationships and how anyone can find that aspect of the show more interesting and exciting than the concepts of time travel and the island’s deeply mysterious history is just totally beyond me.

  • MoniquE

    I very much enjoy the romance and character aspect of Lost but I could never watch it just for those things alone. I am guessing there was some flashback on Doc because of the Fishbiscuit recaps. That’s too bad. I love those recaps because they’re so much FUN and they don’t strike me as super shippy. Obviously there’s a preference but it never overshadows the treatment of the show as a coherent whole. I think some people, both ship-types and geek-types, take this whole thing entirely too serious. Lighten up and enjoy it. It’s supposed to be entertainment.

  • Bezmina

    I hope a purdy lady dog lands back on the island so Vincent get some good lovin.

    Come on Darlton – Give the dog a bone.

    I was chilled to the marrow when I saw his little empty dog collar!

  • graham

    My favorite ship has always been Locko (Locke and Eko). Too bad it ended and how it ended.

    Now, I don’t know what ship do I want to root for: Bencke (Ben and Locke) or Widmen (Widmore and Ben). But, I’m quite sure both of them will end dramatically, unfortunately. 😉

  • Dom Cruise

    Vinceloise 4 life

  • triangulatedsignal

    i can’t believe people would take this so seriously that they would complain of being alienated? haha
    although the whole triangle thing or i guess now we could call it a rectangle lol, is important to some its hardly what lost is all about now is it????

  • Maryann

    I gotta say this: I am a shipper, but that is actually SECONDARY to what I feel about Lost, I am into the mythology of the Island and I am actually happy if an episode isn’t overly loaded with the romance part of the show. I want answers!! I want to know what the HECK is going on lol. That is my priority of watching the show and I want to know what happens with my fave characters as well. The romance part is for me just a part of the show that I find easier to talk about than the theorizing of the show, I try to create my own theories and I get dizzy lol. Firstly I’m WRONG every single time hehe…and I get easily confused but I can’t help it when I start talking about Lost with other ppl in person I start to do just that, theorize..not in the analytic sense but just trying to make sense of it all.

    This entire shipping stuff was new to me until I got into Lost, I never even HEARD of shipping before other than the normal sense of the in shipping stuff to somewhere else etc. But shipping in the context of being a fan of a certain couple some TV show was never something I did or got into. Also am pretty sure that Lost is the first and last show I’ll be a shipper lol.

    I DO agree with what Doc write though, and I didn’t think this site was supporting one or the other of the Lost fandom but in fact it supports the show ITSELF. That means all aspects of it, being it the sci-fi aspect, mythology, mystery, action, drama, easter eggs, the romance stuff and everything else.

  • What I do to get rid of the crazy commenters is mock them in my posts. If I know that they have a hot button issue I’ll single them out and make fun of them. It’s probably not the best thing for traffic, but I’m on WordPress so I’m not making any money anyways.

  • clueless1der

    Forget the shippers being entertaining…. I think this comment thread has now taken over as the most entertaining thing ever. It has it all… the hopes! The dreams! The Drama!!!