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ABC’s Official LOST Vodcast – The LOST Underground Art Initiative

By docarzt,

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Higher quality coming soon!  Here is some video shot at the LOST Underground Art Initiative.  Reveals tons of unreleased art, as well as some additional black velvet pieces.  Jeff Jensen and Darlton appear!

  • Great piece! I can’t believe (oh wait, yes I can) that folks camped out for this. I got there around 8pm.. Darlton didn’t say much longer but got to see a lot of other folks from the crew plus the EW guys. If you’re in LA and you haven’t checked this out yet, please do! It’s open until the 24th.

  • GeigerCounter

    vodcast… lol. It’s like some Lost vodka drink.

  • JacobsLather

    So apparently they only put the SUCKY artwork up for sale online. That makes more sense.

  • OK, so these Douche bags can peddle their crap, but I can’t sell a few LOST Boys PROJECT T-Shirts?
    That pisses me off.