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American Version of the Cuatro “Chess” Promo – With Terry O’Quinn

By docarzt,

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Coolest. Promo. Ever.

  • Neat!

  • Casey

    Holy crap.

  • Funback Joe

    About time! That is excellent

  • This is amazing.

  • Major FX

    Good narration by Terry.

  • admiralawesome

    coolest. promo. ever? i com-fracking-pletely agree!

    “and so does God”…….AWESOME! and the hand slamming down the statue is the icing.

  • Dharma77

    Yep, in terms of an outwith abc promo: its the best. I still reckon that latest abc one with almost 100% new footage is my favourite, purely because it blew my mind.

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