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Another 6.03 “What Kate Does” Review

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I loved “What Kate Does” so much, I reviewed it twice.  Here’s a new one at CraveOnline.

LOST went from mind-blowing premiere mode to story-of-the week with last night’s Kate centric episode “What Kate Does”.  A lot of fans found the transition to be a bit jarring, with many going as far as calling the episode “Filler.”  Blasphemy.  The fact is, “What Kate Does” was a tightly wound bundle of story clock-work that advanced a lot of major threads and event brought some to a close.  Let’s review…

For the whole review, Click Here

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  • I couldn’t agree more! The episode was great. It has a few weird character moments that I didn’t buy. The mechanic and Kate trusting him, Clair trusting Kate then ASKING her to come inside, stuff like that. Yes, you could argue that their destinies are “meant” to be intertwined. That doesn’t excuse irrational and out-of-nowhere character motivations. I just didn’t feel those moments.

    But the stuff between Kate and Sawyer? AMAZING. All the temple stuff? AMAZING. I don’t understand how the Temple has received so much criticism. Isn’t this what we kind of imagined ALL along, since Season 2? It would have been too much to reveal early on but I’ve ALWAYS wanted the story to drive into Temple of Doom territory (in terms of the culture and design, not plot).

    • Ahh, in my rush to type (I’m still at work) I misspelled Claire. My bad.

  • greg dharma

    this one reads just like your first one. unfortunately, it doesn’t make the episode any better.

    • brent

      Ha, funny because it’s true.

      The Temple stuff isn’t exactly working. There are rumblings of “bear cages” on the interwebs.

  • Paul Escobar

    I discovered LOST a few months ago, when I was sick in the hospital.
    Long story short, I got hooked & watched at least 3 episodes a day (sometimes more). By the middle of January, I’d watched 5 seasons in three months.

    Now I’m like the rest of you: I have to watch once-a-week.

    So, before, I didn’t get the whole “season 3 sucks” controversy.
    I thought people were just pissed at Shannons death or something.
    But now that I’ve seen this weeks episode, I get it.
    Slower paced stories don’t work when you watch them once-a-week.

    For whatever it’s worth, I hope some of you consider watching season 6 on DVD.
    It’s a much more fluid & happy experience than watching it this way.
    I know I’m considering it.

  • Shaun

    Sorry Doc… I love you, man, but it doesn’t matter how much water you carry for Darlton. “What Kate Does” was a turkey. Take away some fine acting by Josh, and take out “the sickness” and what it’s done to Sayid and Claire and you still have about 35+ minutes of pablum.

    We certainly didn’t need yet another Kate episode at this point, especially since all of her actions were pretty much like they always are, Claire apparently lost her brain in the “Safe Landing” timeline, and the Temple team of Dogen and Lennon (I still can’t believe they named him Lennon… How creative) seem just about as goofy as they were in the otherwise awesome “LA X” the week before.

    I’ll give Darlton a mulligan for last night’s filler episode, but things need to really start moving next week. There’s too little time left to be screwing around. At least we get Flocke/Smokey, Ben and Richard again next week. They were all sorely missed last night.