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Big LOST Announcement Coming Today!

By docarzt,

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@Carltoncuse has dropped a major bombshell. The title for the finale will be released TODAY.

And… Here It Is!

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  • just…don’t let imfromthepast do a cartoon about it.

  • I’ve been thinking it could be “The Circle.” But they could come up with a cooler one. “It Only Ends Once” would be sweet.

    • OtherJacob

      Wasn’t “The Circle” the code name for Lost when it was originally under pre-production?

      • Hmmm

        I think it was what they were going to name the show before they called it LOST. I must say, LOST is much better.

        • Yea. Glad they changed it.

    • RandomZombie

      I was hoping for “It Only Ends Once.” I’m sure that the title has a deeper meaning other than its literal interpretation, but instead of the “oooooohhh!” reaction that I was hoping for, it was more of an “oh, okay.”

    • sharktaco

      On the season 1 or 2 dvd extras disk, bryan burke(i think) said they were originally planning on calling it “the circle” but they switched to LOST because they thought “the circle” would have given too much away.

  • Hmmm

    Am I the only person wondering why it will be on instead of the official LOST podcast?

    • I was confused about that too. I’m thinking the podcast will be on iTunes as usually and there will be an article on EW with the finale title.

  • wheresmyluggage

    It is up!

    • Disappointing. But it fits I guess.

  • I’m a little disappointed – my money was on it being “Progress”. Of course, it doesn’t matter what the episode is called, just as long as it’s awesome!

  • Hmmm

    As I think about it more, the title is a smart choice.

    Anything else would get scrutinized and dissected. This is simple, concise, and not up for debate. Brilliant in it’s simplicity.

  • WN

    In regards to last nights episode, there is something bothering me that I have yet seen anyone mention or discussed on the numerous LOST forums.

    How did the Black Rock, sailing from the Canary Islands, with slaves destined for the New World, end up some where off the coast of an island in the South Pacific?

    These were not criminal being transported to Australia, there was no reason for this ship to sail in any direction except west.

    Yet it ended up at The Island. How?

    • GeigerCounter

      Doesn’t it move all the time?

      • WN

        No… not that we have been lead to believe. It’s apparent from six years of “clues,” that we know it exist a bit out of phase with time around it, we know that it can be forced to move in time if someone turns the “donkey wheel” and we know that you cannot cross the apparent invisible “vortex” to actually access the Island unless you know certain coordinates.

        Also, we know that you can leave the Island an wind up in a different place, in the cases we have seen 3 times, Tunisia.

        But none of the “facts” we know about the Island from the canon of the show, explains how the Black Rock could have left the Canary islands and ended up off the shore of the Island in the South Pacific?

        Any ideas.

        • Adam

          This is what LostPedia said. “According to an auctioneer selling the ship’s first mate’s journal, the Black Rock set sail from Portsmouth, England on March 22, 1845, purportedly on a trading mission to the Kingdom of Siam (now known as Thailand).” Thailand is between the Pacific and Indian oceans so that makes sense why it ended up on the island.

          • Adam

            Watch “The Constant”. Its in that episode.

          • WN

            Ah… that information is from the ARG “The Lost Experience” and is not canon.

            If you remember last night, the date on the screen was the Canary Islands 1867, no where near 1845.

          • gusteaux

            What makes you think that the Black Rock only made one voyage? It could have sailed from England in 1845 destined for Siam and sailed AGAIN in 1867 from the Canary Islands destined for Siam.

        • Adam

          Actually go back and watch “The Constant” Season 4 Ep. 5. At Minute 29:39 it the auctioneer says exactly what I just said. That is canon cus its on the show. Obviously there was a continuity error because the dates are wrong. But it did sail from Portsmouth, England to The Kingdom of Siam (Thailand).

          • Dorf

            Yep–it’s canon. It’s from the TV show, not the ARG. Check it out:

          • Adam

            Also Dynamite wasn’t invented until 1866 which is probably why they changed the date on this episode. Since there was dynamite on the Black Rock. They probably didn’t take that into account when they wrote “The Constant”

          • Adam

            I don’t know why they said that they were sailing to the New World. Maybe they were taking the long way and sailing to Thailand first to get other goods (spices, gold, wood, etc.) to take to America via the west coast.

          • Aldo lover

            This may well be a continuity error but is it possible the black rock sailed to Thailand on a different expedition before it crashed onto the island?

    • From Lostpedia – episode 316 confirmed that the island moved. This was the purpose of the Lamp Post Station.

      Eloise explains that the Lamp Post was created years ago over a pocket of electromagnetic energy, which is connected to similar pockets around the world. The people who built it knew the Island existed but not where it was. The Island is “always moving”, which is why the survivors of Flight 815 were never rescued, Eloise claims. She explains that one of the men built the pendulum in order to predict where the Island would appear in the future. Using those calculations she has determined the position of a “window” to the Island which will close in thirty-six hours. As she is explaining this, Jack examines calculations on a chalkboard and a large photograph of the Island marked “9/23/54 – U.S. Army – OP 264- Top Secret – Eyes Only.”

  • I really like the new site background.

  • adam118

    “Election”, “The Candidate”, “Progress”, “Pop The Cork”

  • adam118


  • adam118

    err I meant “Pop Bottles”

  • Mark

    The Candidate is already a title for one of the episodes leading up to the finale.

    • Full of Win


      j/k. i mean yeah it is technically but this is an indictment towards those who treat such minor spoilers as if they were the plague.

  • Brian

    what they died for.

  • Paul

    I like it. It’s a title that’s both obvious and resonant, and it also has really delightful symmetry with the opening episode.

  • minnie swirl

    I think it’s funny that some people are disappointed by a title. I don’t care what the title is as long as the episode is good.

  • Wes

    To clear up the question about how the Black Rock made it to the Island…Jacob brought it there as he has brought so many others to the Island. Remember how 815 was 1000 miles off course? It doesn’t matter where the Black Rock sailed from, Jacob still caused it to sail to the Island no matter what it’s actual destination was.


      exactly! jacob said to the man in black (the first time we saw them on the beach talking) that he brought the ship to the island and he said the same thing to richard too in the last episode. “WE GOTTA GO BACK!”

  • Dorf

    Why are you people getting worked up about the title? It’s just that–a title. It doesn’t even show up on the screen, for crying out loud. They could call it “Two Smittys for the Price of One,” and it wouldn’t matter. All that matters is what’s in the actual episode. Besides, the pilot was called “Pilot,” so it’s fitting that the end would be called “The End.” People here get so crazy.

  • cap10tripps

    You just know Darlton got a great kick out of announcing “a major bombshell” to the LOST community, then revealing that the final episode of the series is called “The End.” LOL! Cheers Darlton…

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