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Hey folks, check out my commentary for “The Substitute” at   Here’s a little background info on the whole process: has had, and will have, various internal LOST folk and presumably more folks from the fan side of things providing a written commentary for episodes.  So far, they’ve had Daniel Roebuck do LA X (Both Hours), and prop master Rob Kyker for What Kate Does.  Obviously, I’m totally outclassed by these guys but I suppose the plan was to show how a LOST obsessive watches.  The comments had to be tweetish sized, 160 characters, and what I went for mostly was on the fly impressions with a few researched factoids here and there.  It’s not a hardcore microscopic analysis, so if you are looking for that you’ll be disappointed.

Hope you enjoy it!  Click here to check it out.

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  • congrats doc !!
    and no, you’re not outclassed if ABC chose you, it was deserved 🙂

  • dust

    too bad anyone outside the USA can’t see it…

    • GeigerCounter

      yeah, exactly
      can you maybe post all your notes, Mr. Doc? so us continental folks can read em instead of weep?

  • richie k

    I’ve been watching these, but i did’nt know who it was! Are these in the episode that airs before the new one? nice one doc, i guess i’ll be reading it tomorrow night 🙂

  • kaptan36

    Oh man, I love the show, but you could write a whole book about all the continuity errors and errors from dropped plotlines and such. Someone should put up a post of the top 20 mistakes/errors in Lost continuity history. The whole Michael off island stuff and Ethan’s timeline would def have to be at the top of the list.

    • GeigerCounter

      I’d love to read that as I’m not aware of any plot holes. Care to elaborate?

      • kaptan36

        Where to begin…. 1.) Jack’s beard timeline in season 4-5: Minor, I know, but when Locke visits Jack off island in the hospital, Jack has roughly 2 weeks worth of facial hair. Locke is killed roughly a few days after this, and then his funeral must be within a few days after that. When Jack goes to the funeral parlor he has 6 months worth of beard if not more, not to mention that the week in between he some how manages to take quite a few flights hoping to crash, becomes addicted to pills and booze, loses his job, tries suicide, saves a crash victim, gets visited by his ex wife, etc., etc….. There is just way too much of a problem with this timeline for me to explain here, but if you go back and watch this, you will agree major timeline screw up.

        2.) ETHAN’s timeline. They reveal in season 5 Ethan eas born in 1977. Flight 815 crashes in 2004. You mean to tell me that when he infiltrates the camp, that Ethan is only 27??? Really? C’mon man! And where did he get all of this medical experience if no one is allowed to leave the island? And in a deleted scene, Ethan even tells Jack that he had a wife who died during childbirth; while this could’ve been a lie, I don’t think that was the intent, what with him working to cure the fertility problem and all. the only reasonable explanation for this would be some kind of off island accidental time travel when returned sorta thing, and that’s a stretch.

        3.) Michael & Walt’s off island adventures: The timeline between when they leave and when Michael returns is absolutely absurd, not to mention all the stuff that happens in between. So if you do the Math, only a 2 weeks, maybe 3, pass between when Michael & Walt leave and when Naomi parachutes onto the island from the freighter, which Michael is on. Now keep in mind that it prob would have taken a week for the freighter to even get to the vicinity of the island from California where I am guessing they must have left from, not to mention the day of flying Michael would’ve had to do to get there, because I believe he lived in New York. Anyways… In that time frame, Michael & Walt steer their crappy little boat to rescue( which they never explain), or if you find it more plausible, let’ say in a day’s time they manage to hit another island. Okay, then how with no money or passports do they get home? They couldn’t have taken a flight or any legitimate means of travel without the red flag of flight 815 survivors going up. So you would assume that unless there was some help from the Others( which would be totally contrary to the story), then they would have probably had to have stowed away on a freighter or something just to get back to the states undetected. Which in itself is ironic, because the best way to have explained the whole thing would have been for them to have been picked up by Widmore’s freighter, Michael just simply tells them he’s a flight 815 survivor and about the island, they keep him onboard to help them find the island and take Walt (via helicopter) off the freighter and to the nearest island ( since the actor was now a teenager and couldn’t be on camera). Maybe even the boat Michael had taken off the island had instructions from ben about the freighter and what he would have to do and say when they picked him up, and I’m sure the writers could have found some way Ben could’ve connived him into doing it. I am an amateur writer, and that is a way better explanation and would have also been easier to film, but this is what we got; In 3 weeks Michael & Walt manage their implausible journey back to the states undetected. Michael drops Walt off w/ his mom, and manages to get a job, an apartment, and car, w/o accessing his own bank account(once again, red flag) and tries to kill himself a few times, and is visited by Mr. Friendly, who also if you do the math out, should have been killed at this point by Sawyer. There is no way, Mr. Friendly could have left the island met up w/ Michael and gotten back in time to be killed by Sawyer. Ugh… Man I’m getting exhausted just thinking of every angle in which this plotline was god awful. Once again if you wanted to see what I’m talking about watch from the end of seasons 3 & 4, do out the math of the days, and everything that happens and you’ll see what I mean.

        There are many other huge plotholes and problems w/ the continuity; some which are the faults of the writers (like the setup of Pierre Chang to be the Montand who is missing an arm Rousseau talks about in season 1, and he shows up w/ a prostetic arm in season 2, but never actually loses an arm and the 2 are never connected?!?!); and some which weren’t the fault of the writers sorta(like all most of the religious overtones and the church that never gets built, because at the height of his fame the actor who plays Eko, decides to leave the show to make and star in an autobiographical movie about his own life which then becomes a straight to dvd movie released only in select countries, mostly 3rd world. Way to go with the career choice there buddy).
        Now I know it sounds like I’m bashing the show and the writers, and maybe I’m bashing the writers a bit, but for a show that relies so heavy on continuity and purposely has the audience looking for little things that tie the story together, thee things that I’ve mentioned are just major plotholes that could’ve been easily avoided if more care was taken. having said that, I still love the show, and I will even go as far as saying I think it is the best sci- fi show and primetime drama of all time w/ an amazing cast, but you take the good w/ the bad, and this is just me pointing out the bad.

        • Admiral Ackbar

          Montand and Pierre Chang are not the same person. Montand is seen losing his arm is season 5 (during the time flashes) and while we don’t know how Chang lost his hand, it could be the result of his hand getting crushed in “The Incident”.

          That’s a good point about Jack’s beard and Michael leaving the island though. While Ethan is definitely too young (apparently), I think that is excusable since having Ethan be born at that time is more interesting.

        • GeigerCounter

          “Now keep in mind that it prob would have taken a week for the freighter to even get to the vicinity of the island from California where I am guessing they must have left from”
          Errrr, rewatch Meet Kevin Johnson. They show the freighter leave port from Fiji, NOT California.

          Yeah, that business with Montand in your post made me disregard the whole thing.

          “the setup of Pierre Chang to be the Montand”
          Where on Earth did you come up with that?! What set up?! Chang and Montand are two completely different people and it was never even suggested otherwise. Rousseau said everyone in her team was dead, so how could you think Chang was supposed to be Montand?

          “like all most of the religious overtones and the church that never gets built”
          Here I lose track of what you’re talking about altogether. You star out naming continuity errors, and then suddenly you drop this bomb. Religious overtones are a plothole? What? It’s a plothole that Eko didn’t finish building the church? You don’t even like the show, do you?

          • kaptan36

            Yes, in fact, I love the show, but I’m not above questioning it.

            Okay, so even if the freighter did leave from Fiji, the timeline is STILL absolutely absurd.

            And the whole Montand/Chang thing; There was absolutely a setup for him to become Montand and that plot just got dropped. Here’s why. Last episode of season 1 Rosseau(who was supposedly part of a science expedition) passes an area and mentions “This is where Montand lost his arm”, then maybe 5 or 6 episodes later in “Orientation”, the man in the dharma(also a science expedition of sorts) video has a prostetic limb. His name may not have been Montand, but throughout season 2 he shows up in videos under different names, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that the writers original intent was to make Chang & Montand one and the same and probably to make Rosseau part of Dharma, which once again, would have just made way more sense. Yeah Rousseau said her whole team was dead (and btw; Dharma is all dead) but she is also totally nuts! You guys can bash me for bringing this stuff up all you want, but at least take the time to think about what I’m saying here.

            And for the religious stuff; Season 2 was littered with it and the writers wanted to go with a religious/faith angle to the show through the character of Eko, but the actor chose career suicide over being on one of the most succesful tv shows of our time, which caused the writers to drop these plots(not plotholes), or rework them all together.

            I do love the show too, and yes nobody is perfect and people do make mistakes, but the reactions to this have been along the lines of :”HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THE MIGHTY GENIUS OVERLORDS WHO WRITE LOST!” And I question them because I too am a writer(albeit amateur at the moment) and alot of these mistakes could have been easily avoided, and int he case of the Montand/Chang thing I feel the writers purposely got away from it, because back then messageboards were littered with theories that they were the same guy and the writers wanted to surprise the audience just for the sake of throwing them a curveball and because I believe that this plotline just got buried under so many others.

            ….. but hey, good luck trying to come up with a GOOD defense of the writers for the whole Michael timeline, Mr. Friendly thing or Ethan’s timeline. No one has yet to comeup with a GOOD and REASONABLE defense of either.

  • No Trickshot plugs? Damn you Lachonis!!!

  • ABC is lucky to have you Jon!

  • kaptan36,

    We have seen multiple alternative timelines throughout the run of Lost. As they converged and merged we heard the whispers. The multiple timelines would explain any seeming incongruities and continuity errors. In Lost there are no errors, the producers are better than that.

    Each of the principle actors has had to wear colored eye contacts at some points. Locke’s eyes have been shown as blue, green, black, and brown. Each eye color represented another alternative reality. Each time pictures on background walls changed, each time objects moved around or were transposed, each time beards changes, each time seating changed on 815 it represented another alternative timeline.

    Locke may have been killed the first time in the crash and his body then was claimed from Season 1 Episode 1. If not, then each time Locke seemingly changed from confident hunter gatherer to self doubting wuss we were seeing alternative timelines in the process of merging.

    Baby Aaron may have died in utero prior to being born. This would coincide to what happened to the alternative Claire in the hospital when Dr. Goodspeed lost the signal on the baby. It seemed to flatline then too at eight months. The date on the sonogram represents her due date, not the calendar date. That fits nicely with the island events from season 1. If so, then Claire’s baby Aaron was claimed before he was born and we have no idea whether he is on the light or the dark side, Jacob’s side or the MIB’s side.

    I still feel the Medusa spiders Dr Arzt talked about that “killed” Nikki and Paulo will come back into play at some point. They couldn’t have been just a subplot ruse to get rid of non viable characters. If so then prepare to see John Locke rising out of the grave and the real Locke would then be battling the MIB in the for of Locke. You’ll notice that although dead a while and after being expose to tropical heat on the beach rigor mortis has not set in and he hasn’t started to visably turn. Did they perform an embalming? Who knows. If not then Locke would be able to return.

    CAs to the candidates, tehy may be vying for the right to play the MIB in the next round of island chess should Jacob loose and it looks like he will.