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Come Chat LOST With Me…. NOW!

By docarzt,

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Well, actually at 3:00pm.  I’m going to be live at a chat with the Washington Post’s TVBlogging Crew! Stop over and check it out:

Click here for the Chat

  • Shinto

    Hey, Doc, do you plan to post more of your plagiarized articles from TheTailsection to this site? I’m interested in hearing more about that situation–will you be taking action against BuddyTV for their theft of your work? You should.

    • docarzt

      I may revisit some of the content, but for the most part… i’d rather leave that mess in the past.

      • Shinto

        I’m sorry to hear it! You have a right to claim credit for those articles, and what better way to do so than to simply add them to this site’s archive, with you author credit restored…

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