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Comic Con 2009 – Mini Update

By docarzt,

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JOpinionated is on the scene and already some LOST related goodies have come to light.  First of all, there is a FlashForward booth setup that seems to have recycled some of the Dharma Wants You hardware, and staff!  Check it out right here at TVOvermind.

Jo also visited the display of LOST props that will be going on auction.  She tweeted one pic from the display, Ben’s Dean Moriarty passport!  She will be posting numerous pics from the auction collection here later tonight so keep checking back.  Don’t forget to follow @docarzt @jopinionated, and keep checking TVOvermind and for updates.


  • Jack’s Sidekick

    That passport’s great. It’s another Literature connection from the novel “On The Road,” by Jack Kerouac. One of the characters from the book, Dean Moriarty, was a DISTANT TRAVELER.