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Comic Con Panel Coming UP! Get Ready!

By docarzt,

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photoThe LOST comic con panel is about 30 minutes away and all sorts of information is starting to pour in.  We have JOpinionated in the hall with a variety of audio and video recording devices and will be bringing you her coverage shortly.  Lots of reports have filtered in from various folks, here is what we know so far:

Josh Holloway, Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia, and Nestor Carbonell are present and will participate, as well as (naturally) Darlton.  There is a mysterious sixth seat!  Who could be in it?

Kris White from the official podcast was present and buzzed the line, interviewing fans.  Guess that is for the official podcast, huh?

Later on we will have video and audio from the panel, plus a VERY special surprise. So check back often for updates and alerts.  It’s just minutes away folks!  Stay tuned!

  • Im the biggest LOST fan because im 6’6”

    Im so excited! Cant wait for yall to upload the videos or even just some text of what went down. Looking forward to your updates and thanks a ton Doc, JOpinionated, and whomever else is involved.