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Comic-Con Wrap Up From

By docarzt,

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Here is the wrap up video from ABC.Com.  Some cool stuff! (Hello again Stuart!)

  • mesa

    Nice. “What are you gonna do when LOST is all over?” “…Cry…” haha all of our thoughts exactly

  • Brian

    I just saw another S6 “official” promo here:

    At the end it shows a different plane crash. But here’s the thing: I think that’s the same plane crash from the movie Knowing. I know that sounds strange, and I can’t really see the tie in either. But I SWEAR its the same plane crash, just from a different angle.

    The plane is at a weird attitude, the left wing is dipped. It clips the power lines and drags the wing across the road where there is a ton of cars stopped. Then it crashes in the field and explodes.

    I’m telling you, its the same event.

    • neoloki

      That is not an official promo. Some one just had the ingenious idea to add the abc signature to the end. The plane crash is from the movie “Knowing”. Sorry.

      • Brian


  • Cody

    maybe i’m a little behind but this was the first i’d heard or read about Dom having something written on his hand.

  • great post. I have always enjoyed autos. keep it up

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