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Creepy New LOST Season 6 Promo

By docarzt,

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The good folks at Sl-Lost presented this last week, it’s a spanish promo for Lost season 6 that rivals in eeriness the David Lachappelle promo for season 2.  Creepy indeed.

The full text of the poem read by the announcer:

The wise man said
Life is a chessboard
of nights and days
where men are pawns of God
moved here and there
God allows them to kill
and kills
and piece by piece
he puts them back in the box
because there’s a destiny for every piece
for every player
and for God

UPDATE:  It appears that Cuatro has built a contest around the text in the promo.  Click here for details (if you know spanish).

  • GeigerCounter

    This was a total pleasure to watch. Lost is the only show that can inspire something like this. Can you imagine an artsy promo for 24 or Grey’s Anatomy?
    I wish there was an HD version.

  • Why isn’t that the U.S. promo? It’s a hell of a lot more inventive than the one ABC’s been airing. Man! Is it because ABC believes American’s are that incompetent that we can’t understand metaphors?

  • dp2

    Nice choice of music, “Everything in Its Right Place” by Radiohead:

    Everything, everything, everything, everything..
    In its right place
    In its right place
    In its right place
    In its right place

    Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon
    Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon
    Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon
    Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

    Everything, everything, everything..
    In its right place
    In its right place
    In its right place
    Right place

    There are two colours in my head
    There are two colours in my head
    What, what is that you try to say?
    What, what was that you tried to say?
    Tried to say.. tried to say..
    Tried to say.. tried to say.. tried to say…

    Everything, everything, everything..
    Everything in its right place

  • neoloki

    I love Radiohead and the monologue is apt, but I guess I am the only one who thinks this promo is trying way too hard and is down right cheesy.

    • RandomZombie

      No you’re not.

      The idea that the characters are nothing more than pieces in an ongoing game takes away from everything that they’ve done since the beginning of the series. What do the choices that these people, who we’ve come to know so well over the past five years, matter at all if they’re only being directed by greater forces.

      Are they being influenced? Yes, most definitely. But the chess analogy places every action in the hands of controlling forces, and undermines everything that we’ve been watching since the beginning.

      • dp2

        “God allows them to kill” implies a degree of free will. But even so, how would “controlling forces” be any different from “fate” or “destiny”?

      • Mack

        There is a fine line between being influenced and being manipulation, particularly when your actions are dependent on the information someone else has decided on giving you.

        And more importantly, the information someone has decided not to reveal because they feel it might make you react in ways they disapprove of. Not to mention the possibility that you are also being lied to which complicates matters even further.

        Free will is predicated on the ability to make informed choices. In a situation like the one the Losties are facing, where there is little understanding of what is truly happening, it is very difficult to argue that anybody is capable of really making a free choice.

        Whomever is influencing the Losties isn’t being straight forward and honest with them. The question is, why? The answer is because whomever is doing the influencing has a particular idea about how events should unfold. Sounds more like manipulation than a gentle nudge in the right direction. Having said that, there is no evidence that the person or thing doing the manipulating is being malicious or intends to do harm.

      • RandomZombie

        My biggest problem is with the chess analogy. Chess pieces have no free will – there is a controller making every decision.
        The characters on Lost have shown that they do have free will (at least it appears that way,) so the chess analogy does not apply.

        The promo showed the characters on a chess board, implying that the actions were all part of the “game,” and that the events all happened in the particular way that they did because that was the only way that it could be, and denies the idea of free will.

        But I’ve got a feeling that we’re reading way to much into this.
        What it really boils down to is that it’s a commercial that I don’t like.

        • dp2

          That’s fine. I do like it, but ultimately, it’s probably based on nothing from the season. In the end, any relation to the final season is probably coincidental.

  • Handsome Smitty

    Here’s a question: Say God revealed to you in a prayer that if you made a certain choice that it would ruin your life. Or call it a premonition, if you’re Godless. You make that choice and no shit your life becomes a living Hell. Is there at any point a way to turn that fortune around once you’re stuck in it?

    Yes, it’s a question based on my reality. But…

    Those Losties were on that plane for various choices they’d made. Does it take a nuclear blast to change things (well, if the boombadabad worked)? This goes beyond Fate because there was a clear choice or chain of actions that put you on that path.

    IF there is Fate and a God, He-She-It knows the choices you will make even though He-She-It might try to warn you at times. So then what is the point? Are we not then all players for an Intelligence that cannot die so must continue on its path of life creation…and suffering? Some people succeed and are happy or brave and triumphant, maybe 1,000 to 1 for those that suffer miserably. Does He-She-It suffer along with us or are we simply players in an un-grand play to while away His-Her-Its endless existence….?


    • Mack

      That’s the ultimate contradiction between the idea of following god’s will, whatever that means for you, and free will. Predestination is order while free will is essentially chaos that becomes ordered through action. Predestination creates a path which a person follows while free will creates that path through individual and collective action. In free will there is no future before the person acts. With fate on the other hand, even if it appears there are a multitude of possible choices, the outcome of those choices have been defined for you beforehand. And, once these choices are made the course that follows can’t be redefined.

      Honestly, I can’t see how free will and fate are compatible. On the show they are exploring this very topic. The solution I believe they have come up with is that free will is the act of choosing through the expression of will or consciousness. Christian didn’t assist John in turning the wheel because John had to choose to do it himself or better yet, he had to believe or want it.

    • I could tell you the answer, but you wouldn’t believe me.

      • Mack

        Probably not if the answer involved pseudoscience or religious gobbly gook.

        • HumeLocke

          Ummm…it’s gobbleDY gook.

      • I want to believe.

        • Mack

          Desire does not equal truth.

  • I like That..

  • JimmyFord

    I don’t think there’s an answer really, but the conundrum is certainly mind-bending. But, what I want to know is does the island (or some other entity via the island) actually possess properties to manipulate matter or are we supposed to take it on “faith” that various unexplained hokus-pokus occurs naturally? Or is it all simply a product of imagination?

  • clueless1der

    Okay is it pathetic that I was trying to find some kind of hint in who was being shown with which words under them?

    Argh. This hiatus time just kills me. 😀

    • Handsome Smitty

      The wait is almost over, a bit more than a month to go!

      • clueless1der

        I knowwwww but man oh man do I feel every hour of every freaking day!

        • Enjoy it! This is the last time we get to WAIT for it to come BACK!

          • GeigerCounter

            Right? This is the best hiatus ever.

    • Dolce

      I think we’re all jonesing Clue. We’ll get our fix soon.

      • clueless1der

        Not soon enough!!! I’m twitching every time I see CC’s twitter! :p

        • “…a bit more than a month…” I WISH! It’s exactly TWO months from today. Tomorrow it will be “a bit less than two months.” I cannot tell you how upset I’ve been since they announced it wouldn’t premier until Feb. 2. I had been counting on Jan. 20. Heaping on an additional 2 week wait was cruel and unusual and almost more than I could handle.

  • rob

    wow, radiohead and lost. 2 of my favorite things of all time. helps im fluent in spanish too. gangsta!

  • whateverhappenedhappened

    this clearly has nothing to to with the season itself its just a cool way of advertising. the commercials always draw on free will and fate as fact or fiction in LOST but in the show itself there is no definitive answer. it is supposed to get people excited and it is working.

  • Craig

    That looked great I would love for a British or American version. The Statue being placed was fantastic…Oh and Radiohead added to the greatness

  • This was neat, but NOWHERE near the sky one promo a few years back…that was an experience.

    Just a quick question…who here is kind of half expecting this final season to somehow change your life?