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Damon Carlton & a Polar Bear – TRASHED!

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Without a doubt one of the highlights of the LOST panel was the unveiling of Paul Scheer’s “Damon, Carlton, And a Polar Bear” painting.  LOST has always been a series with its heart and mind firmly rooted in the fine arts, and Mr. Scheer’s artwork was without a doubt an extension of that.  So, imagine my shock when I visited Paul’s website, and found this post from Paul himself:


I don’t know what’s going on!! First I get all these aggro phone calls and emails from these official sounding people at “Ronie Midfew Arts” telling me that I can’t post or paint any more Lost related pictures because I’m breaching theirintellectual property“!!! and then tonight at my show at UCB one of their lawyers shows up and hands me a “Cease and Desist“.

Then when I get home I get confirmation on the BAD NEWS I heard yesterday. Check out this picture!

See the trash can in the corner. See what’s inside? Yeah! That’s my painting. They threw it away. I can’t believe this.

Yesterday a reader of the site, who claims he’s an intern at ABC, (he asked to be called “Mr. Klugh“), tells me he saw something at the LOST production offices that I wouldn’t like. He told me, “they trashed your painting”.

I had to dig a little further, and low and behold there is a website for this nefarious Paul Scheer hating organization, Ronie Midfew Arts.  The site has only the slogan “15 will be lost, the 16th will be found.”  Strange.  Worse yet, it seems the site may be owned by ABC themselves.  So it appears that just like Paul put forth in his post, this organization has penetrated to the very heart of LOST.


Could this all be part of a new ARG?  Sound off.