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Damon Carlton & a Polar Bear – TRASHED!

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Without a doubt one of the highlights of the LOST panel was the unveiling of Paul Scheer’s “Damon, Carlton, And a Polar Bear” painting.  LOST has always been a series with its heart and mind firmly rooted in the fine arts, and Mr. Scheer’s artwork was without a doubt an extension of that.  So, imagine my shock when I visited Paul’s website, and found this post from Paul himself:


I don’t know what’s going on!! First I get all these aggro phone calls and emails from these official sounding people at “Ronie Midfew Arts” telling me that I can’t post or paint any more Lost related pictures because I’m breaching theirintellectual property“!!! and then tonight at my show at UCB one of their lawyers shows up and hands me a “Cease and Desist“.

Then when I get home I get confirmation on the BAD NEWS I heard yesterday. Check out this picture!

See the trash can in the corner. See what’s inside? Yeah! That’s my painting. They threw it away. I can’t believe this.

Yesterday a reader of the site, who claims he’s an intern at ABC, (he asked to be called “Mr. Klugh“), tells me he saw something at the LOST production offices that I wouldn’t like. He told me, “they trashed your painting”.

I had to dig a little further, and low and behold there is a website for this nefarious Paul Scheer hating organization, Ronie Midfew Arts.  The site has only the slogan “15 will be lost, the 16th will be found.”  Strange.  Worse yet, it seems the site may be owned by ABC themselves.  So it appears that just like Paul put forth in his post, this organization has penetrated to the very heart of LOST.


Could this all be part of a new ARG?  Sound off.

  • Dolce


  • Ronie Midfew Arts = Widmore Fine Arts

    • apackofmonkeys

      Yeah, I’ve definitely got my money on this being some sort of ARG or viral marketing. The anagram and the fact that it’s owned by ABC are too big of a coincidence.
      This almost makes me think that that lawsuit a few weeks ago by that one guy claiming he wrote lost in 1977 is part of a larger “legal problem” themed ARG.

      • JacobsLather

        Wow! I wasn’t aware of that other “lawsuit”. I’m going to have to look into that.

        Are there any other anagrams to be made besides Widmore Fine Arts? That almost seems to obvious…

        I’m DEFINITELY calling this one an ARG. Fun!

        • Someone over at posted


          as another possible anagram.

          • Alex

            What about:

            AS FOR REWIND TIME


            Maybe they’re hinting at an answer to has time been changed?

  • Everyone dies but Locke.


  • boonesghost

    I don’t even know what to think about this…

  • JacobsLather

    This may not mean anything, but it could be worth noting that “Will” is capitalized both times on the site. Could it refer to a last will and testament? Hmm…


    huh? what’s this about?

  • The Magician

    Yeah, this is another ARG… and an incredibly intriguing one at that.

    Ronie Midfew Arts = FORWARDS IN TIME

    • JacobsLather

      Ooh, nice one!

    • Sounds true, but you’ve forgot one E.

  • 15 Will be lost The16th Will be found

    What does that mean?*

    “The 16th” is trademarked. Why?

    Will with a capital W reads as it deals with some sorts of testaments?

    Is 08/15 ore 08/16 the start date of the new ARG?

    *I doubt it’s about characters on Lost. What do you think about a connection to the LOST flight-numbers? Like, 815 was lost, but 316 will be found…

    • JacobsLather

      The 16th is trademarked? I think you might be misreading the superscript “th”.

      Here’s what the message means: I’ve been saying from the end of Season 5 that we didn’t get to see what happened to Desmond. You know why? Because after the flash everyone will reset–EXCEPT HIM. He will be the only one to retain his memories. 15 will be lost…Desmond, the “exception”, will be found. Ooh, I think I might have just been vindicated. It’s a good feeling.

      • I think you might be misreading the superscript “th”.

        You are right. Thanks. Shame on me. 😀

        A little bit more Desmond in S6 would be fine with me.

      • JacobsLather

        I think I just found my signature for the forums: “Desmond Will Save Them All”

      • Will Desmond have to leave Penny to save them? Will the two be reunited, or is Will destined to be the new Jacob?

        Tragedy. It sucks, don’t it.

  • The Magician

    Ah yeah, I did forget an ‘E’… thanks.

    I think the person who will be ‘found’ is Claire..

  • Jacoby

    hey guys im not sure if this matters but what is the name on the door? under 25?

  • Hi! The plate says:

    Copy Room

  • jacksbeard

    The dude that contacted Paul asked to be named Mr. Klugh?! That has to be a ARG. Bea Klugh meets Mr. Eko in an ABC related staff worker? The Desmond theory does make kind of sense, the Claire one doesn’t. BTW, i also didn’t think that the paint was that big of a deal, but velvet’s hard to work with and it’s hard to make detailed pics such as that one. So 70’s-ish.

    • bondsinseconds

      oh, good call on the ms. klugh thing! i didn’t realize that was how it was spelled.

  • Yonko

    Does anyone recognize the logo on the cardboard left to the door? If it is Quantus it matches the cigarette brand that Sawyer smokes in Pilot Part 1. Could that mean anything?

  • ErasedSlate

    Is it me, or is that Electrical Room Door extremely tall, or why aredoor handles and switches so low?

    • Yonko

      Good catch. Maybe there’s Oompa-Loompas wandering around ABC’s headquarters… LOL

    • jacksbeard

      Yeah, i noticed that too. Pretty freaky, huh?
      I’m guessing that if the “Q” thing in the back is for the cigarette brand Sawyer used to smoke, then that copier has to be the one Charlie was trying to sell in one of his flashbacks. =D

  • jessea

    ARG for sure! fun!

  • Ooh dang i just wrote a long comment and when i hit post it came up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I do not want to sumit it again if i dont have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the latter doesnt surprise me lol.

  • Good Morning just figured i would let you know i had a problem with this blog coming up frozen also. Might be gremlins in the page.

  • I watch the news daily, sometimes all day if I can. It does affect my mood too, now that you mention it. I would probably be much happier ignoring the fact that our President has just about started world war three with his ignorance. I don’t know what’s better. Getting invaded and not knowing about it until me and my family is shot and killed in front of my eyes, or having the opportunity to head for the hills and hide because I knew they were coming.