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Damon Lindelof Offers Solution for the Oil Spill!

By docarzt,

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No, it does not involve freighters OR smoke.  Check it out.

A greedy, evil corporation has unwittingly created a natural disaster the likes of which the world has never seen. Protocols were ignored. Warnings were unheeded. And none of the damn eggheads in Washington can seem to come up with a way to stop millions of barrels of crude from pumping into the goddamned Gulf, threatening our Americanism!

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  • rivum

    that was awesome

  • The Mantis

    Ummm… You can’t “create” a natural disaster…

    • J. Garcia

      It’s true, dude. If it’s man-made, then by definition, it’s not a natural disaster. 🙂

  • Beena

    Lots of pissed off people here in Florida about this whole oil thing…(sigh). I don’t really care who is at fault, but just wish it would be “nipped in the bud”!

    • Handsome Smitty

      Uh, the “bud” has bloomed. No magic Island here to time warp it back.

      Where’s P.T. Barnum when you need him?

  • Handsome Smitty

    The reason he’s so pissed is that his “man-made natural disaster” is revealing just how incompetent his man Obama is at being “President.” We now see that all those votes he failed to commit to in Illinois and in the Senate were reflections of his character.

    I still appreciate Lost – but being a writer doesn’t make one a profound judge of anything.

    • Hexonxonx

      To be clear, what would a “more competent” president have done?

    • whateverhappenedhappened

      What’s it got to do with PresO? As a Brit, I would put the blame on BRITISH Petrolium…

  • SharktacO

    So, when did you start disabling comments to theses so called journalists articles, Doc? Whats the matter, fish can dish it out in her lame articles, but some one (you, fish…?? is afraid of what someone may type in response to her opinion. Does only her opinion count? Any “writer” who cant handle feedback, whether positive or negative, should never pick up a pen or stroke a key.

    • Rams

      I agree. Though the comments on FB’s articles do get downright nasty, disabling comments so she doesn’t have to read negative feedback while spewing out negativity herself is ridiculous. Don’t post your article here if you can’t handle it!

      • BNJM

        @Rams- Don’t read FB’s posts if they distress you so much, dearie.

    • Randall Flagg

      The article was totally on the ball.

  • Mack

    I can’t stomach another convoluted idea from that guy again.

  • Lou Cypher

    Here’s the thing, guys–despite her having immaturely attacked DarkUFO (which Doc should really remove), and despite her having been wrong about Sawyer’s story ending when he jumped out of the chopper (it’s based on her hatred of the Juliet/Sawyer relationship and is, thus, way too biased to allow her to see that Sawyer remained awesome in seasons four and five), she’ RIGHT about pretty much everything else. About 99% of what she says in that article is right on the money. Every word of it. Season six was lame. The finale was lame. The complete lack of a satisfying wrap-up to the show’s mysteries was lame. The assholishness of many fans in abusing those who want answers was lame. The fact that we’ve clearly been lied to from day one was lame. The fact that the characters had no resolution other than being dead was extremely lame. The fact that the finale was all about Jack was lame. The fact that most of what they introduced in season six didn’t amount to anything was lame. The fact that everything they introduced BEFORE season six was ignored was lame. The fact that they made the show purgatory-like after vehemently saying it wouldn’t be about purgatory for five years was lame. The fact that the afterlife was nonsensical and illogical was lame. And the fact that all of the above is so lame was lame. But most of all, those of you who can’t wait to trash fishbiscuit each week, who claim to hate her work and yet read every word of it and spend hours finding ways to insult her, is the lamest thing of all. You people are lame. And you deserve the lame finale you got.

    • trencher


  • Leon

    This is regarding the “Last Word on Lost” article. How come you post an article so ridiculous and close comments? It’s like you’re trying to impose Fishbiscuit’s opinions on the site’s visitors. I can bear with a mature criticism of the show but that article is plain stupid.

    • Randall Flagg

      The article was spot-on.

      • Silas

        Eh, the article was as emotional as the finale.

  • Charter

    How Fishbiscuit described the final of lost was how I felt after reading that article…

    Stupid & bullshit!

    • Randall Flagg

      The article was right on the money.

  • Randall Flagg

    The feature was dead-on.

    • Beena

      No matter how many times you say it…it’s still just your opinion.

      • Randall Flagg

        I never presented it as anything but.

        • Rams

          Do you really have to repeat it so many times, then? As though repetition would help convince people? Or are you just exhibiting trollish behavior?

          No one says that FB (or others) cannot have their own opinion of the ending, or that they had no right to dislike it. But her post is filled with such rantings and illogical reasonings. Honestly, her articles never really lacked quality until now. But this one is plain ridiculous. Several times, she has either ignored what really happened, or let her expectations cloud her judgement of the ending. And her barbs against people who don’t share her view, while at the same time disabling comments to her article is the ultimate joke.

          • BNJM

            Pot, meet kettle. You hate FB, we get it. No need to repeat yourself over and over. Change your diaper and move on.

  • haley

    am i missing something, or does this have absolutely nothing to do with lost?

    • Beena

      I hope we get a post about something new here real soon. Some nice juicy LOST related tidbits. I would love to hear what the cast is doing now that the series ended. Or some new theory about what the island is. Something positive. Really.

      • bplenc

        keep dreaming Beena. you are not welcome here. Doc has made this abundantly clear with his stupid posts and the whole FB debacle. he just want s your page hits and will do whatever it takes.

        get out while you can Losties sand go to where you are appreciated!

  • Kate’s Perfect Butt

    Is it just me, or did a bunch of follow-up replies from several different posters vanish from this thread?

    • bplenc

      yes they did – Doc is censoring the comments section by crambling comments and replies, completely removing some, and the ultimate: BANNING certain IP addresses from ever having access to this site.

      sad. wasn’t it Doc who burned thetailsection to the ground?

  • The gulf oil spill is without doubt one of the most awful diasters of the millennium. While the destruction of the twin towers was constrained within that small area of ground zero, this oil spill stretches out across the ocean, impacting innocent animals, many miles of the southern coast and also industry of the southern USA. I with all my heart hope that this atrocity is resolved as best as is possible.

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