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Did the Fine Brothers Shat on LOST? They respond!

By docarzt,

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@Damonlindelof thinks so:

Harsh!  I watched their final tribute to LOST, and I’ll admit it comes off as a bit… shat-a-fying (?)

While it does seem the Fine brothers are cutting on LOST, it really seems they are more doing a straightforward, and unapologetic, parody of LOST fandom while remaining consistent with their own brand of humor.

I had to ask the Fine brothers directly… do you guys really hate LOST? Here is their reply:

Basically, you hit it on the head. These are satirical parodies done out of love for the show, and have looked to our series to address both sides of the LOST community who are split between either liking or not liking how it’s wrapping up. But either way this is all a comedic take on a show we have been obsessed with since it began. We really love LOST.

We have nothing but respect and admiration for the creators of LOST, and though it is disappointing to see a negative reaction from them (never in a million time travel filled years or any alternate reality would we have wanted that to happen), we’re just glad that folks like you, and the hundreds of thousands of fans of our parodies appreciate our comedic take on the show. Lastly, again, it’s a parody, which for us means it’s going to point out things in an over the top way, which is the nature of all the comedy we make online.

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  • ShirtlessLocke

    I’ve been wondering what their opinion on the show was. From the video yesterday, assumed they weren’t hardcore fans. But I guess they still might be, just ones frustrated with aspects of the show. Damon must’ve been annoyed watching that, ha.

    Either way, at least Hurley didn’t die in this one..

  • Rams

    That video was so boring and unoriginal…. Nothing to get offended at, though, IMO.

    • i42

      Agree…I don’t understand what’s remotely funny or interesting about what they did. It’s boring and stupid – it’s a pity Damon did them the credit of acknowledging their useless video. Their other stuff is equally rubbish.

      Did they sh*at on Lost? I don’t know – didn’t seem like they have the ability to comprehend it let alone make a parody.

  • Mack

    I actually found certain portions of this to be funny. They have a few valid points. They are actually making fun of how critical fans can be. Several times they mention that fans should just enjoy the show for its entertainment value.

  • I have to say that was funny. Mean spirited? A little. But really, I just see this as another way of fans expressing there love. Its like in Watchmen. There is this guy named the comedian. He sees the world for what it is- a horrific place where people do awful, unexplainabley cruel things to each other. Does he care? No. He chooses to be a part of it, to become a “parody” of it. Now, that dosent mean it excuses him for doing the terrible things he does. But that dosent make his philosophy wrong. That is how I see this situation. Damon had every right to react the way he did. But i don’t think he is seeing it from there shoes. Maybe, during his period of radio silence, he will have time to reflect upon what happened. Long live Watchmen, and long live Lost!

  • harry

    Also, they have an hour interval where they answer comments posted. In several of them they stated how they were happy the show was ending and preferred season 1 to the joke the later seasons are.

  • jen

    Hey guys, I just found this really funny web series “LOST at da Jersey Shore.” Oceanic Flight 815 crashes at the Jersey Shore and the guido’s are ‘The Others.” Ha check it out

  • docarzt

    the swipes on the fandom: we asked for `em. The swipes at the show? Let’s be honest, if you were going to parody how absolutely ludicrous the plot of LOST is. Doesn’t change the fact that we embrace the madness.

  • GettingArztedWithIlana

    Holy sh– Damon’s turned into an hysterical chick? I mean that’s a parody dude…

  • dd

    I couldn’t sit through the video. It’s really annoying and I think there are much more direct and harsh ways to deal with idiot fans.

  • dp2

    Did I really just hear them call Juliet unattractive? I’m not watching the rest.

    • dp2

      Incidentally, I haven’t liked these guys since they claimed to have invented acting out shows with action figures (that is, saying Lost Untangled stole their idea). that’s what action figures are intended for, kids.

  • Cody

    Wow! That wasn’t funny at all. What a bunch of whiny geeks who crave answers to questions that simply aren’t as relevant as they make it them out to be. The show does make sense but when you’re looking for answers to questions like how does a donkey wheel make an island move or how does electro magnetic energy come our of a cave then you’re only hitting your head against a wall. In the end it’s always going to be about the characters. The show’s not perfect but these imperfections are not worth shitting on the whole show for. I enjoyed the series greatly for sticking to the characters and I don’t believe any of their story’s we’re irrelevant to the entire show (except nikki and paulo of course but I can forgive them for that).

  • OtherJacob

    I’m thinking Damon Lindelof knew the ending was going to be controversial and accidentally took some built up stress on these guys in the final hours leading up to what he knew would be a heated exchange following the show.

  • claytron5000

    After watching the finale and remembering everything I’ve read about Damon Lindelof, Lost (and in particular the character of Jack) seems to be intensely personal story. I can’t remember where I read it but I thought that an interview with Darlton early on mentioned some stuff about the loss of his own father having a big impact on his input into the story. I could be wrong about that, but it has always seemed that Damon is the member of DamCar that has the harder time with criticism of the show. This would make sense if the Jack/Christian relationship is in some way a window into Lindelof’s own upbringing.

  • LostSnoopy

    This was in direct response to their showing of this youtube clip at the UCB night in LA. I was there and I can tell you that after 2 hours of truly funny LOST themed parodies and stand up, this video deflated the energy in the room. In a nutshell, they bombed. Hard. Six minutes is a long time when you don’t have humor to back it up.

    Might seem different watching at home, but have it kill the comedic vibe in the room and your opinion might be different.

  • Tolkein

    Awful just awful. People can hide behind claiming it was “parody” all they want… does not change the fact that it was incredibly mean-spirited. If this was taking shot at the unreasonable fans then it failed in an epic way. The video is so shrill and just painful to watch.

  • Jennifer

    Dude, they can “shat” on “Lost” if they want. The finale delivered a big pile of shit to many a fan’s door.

    And Lindelof probably knows it too, or he wouldn’t be so damn defensive. Revoking somebody’s fan status? Please. How old is he, 12?

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