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Doc Jensen’s LOST Season 5 Primer

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matthew-fox-lost_lEW’s Jeff Jensen has published a sprawling, multi-part guide to season 5 complete with theories, allusions, and heaping spoonfuls of the kind of LOST gushing that only Doc Jensen can provide. I think it is safe to say the LOST season has officially begun…

You may or may not know that I have seen the first two episodes of Lost‘s fifth season. I don’t do early reviews, but I will say this: For hardcore fans — and if you’re of the mad mind to be reading this column, my hunch is that you qualify — the two-part premiere event will reward your toe-tapping anticipation with bunches of capture-your-imagination, theory-inspiring (and theory-narrowing) developments. The cat is out of the bag: This season is about time travel — explicitly, unapologetically, sometimes dauntingly, altogether pretty ingeniously. To further prep for the quantum leaping and fragmented fun to come, I thought I would devote my first Doc Jensen column of the season to recommending the following past episodes for review.

Read Doc’s article right here.