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DOCARZT.Com Going Spoiler-Free – And More

By docarzt,

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People keep pinging me wondering when the site is going to pick back up again.  The answer is: now.  Well not literally now because here in the USA it is Thanksgiving, but beginning tomorrow I will resume daily posting in anticipation of LOST season six’s debut.   With this posting will come some major changes to the site, a few may not be very popular with some of you.  Here they go:

  • The Pop-Under is Dead.  No more pop-unders, ever.
  • The Podcast resumes next week and will continue weekly.  Koobie and I are currently crafting a tour through seasons 1-5, and frantically booking special guests.
  • My Twitter is now 100% LOST related only.  Follow me at @docarzt and at @tvovermind for general TV Goodness.  The @DocArzt twitter will be the hub for any giveaways we do, so follow it or miss out.
  • The new Season 6 design of the site will be unveiled within the next couple of weeks.  I’ve spent the better part of the last month working on the TVOvermind redesign, so DA took a backseat.  The new design is less elaborate, and more geared towards the old blog-roll style I started with here and at TheTailsection.

Now here is the big one folks:  Effective monday, is spoiler free.  This is mostly a personal choice as I am attempting to go as spoiler free as I can.  This would be a good time to remind you what my philosophy is as to what a spoiler is:  a spoiler is information that reveals the substance of plot as yet-unseen.  So, Jackie Chan will guest-star in episode 11 – not a spoiler.  Preview for next week’s episode as released at the end of the current episode – not a spoiler, since it is not going to be a substantive reveal.

Now as far as clips go.  I know you guys like to come to expect to see preview clips here first, and that will continue.  I do consider the preview clips to be very close to spoilers, but in general I feel ABC shows enough restraint that these will pass.  If you disagree, simply don’t watch them.  Also, if I see an episode early I will be posting reviews here – and they will be as spoiler-free as they always have been.

As a result, the comments system is going to close as well.  Discussion will be held in the DocArzt forums at – by going spoiler free, people will target the comments section and put spoilers where they don’t belong just to be jerks. proper is going to be completely spoiler secure, except for anything I post as detailed above.  By closing comments here, anyone who wants to avoid spoilers completely will be able to proceed without caution.

As for why I’m doing this:  the truth is, I dabble in spoilers selectively to help bolster the site’s traffic – and that is complete conflict with my feelings about the show and the integrity of the story.  For the final season of LOST, I’m putting my love for the show in the drivers seat, and all of this web-master-ish type stuff at the side of the road.  It’s as simple as that. I’ve loved the LOST ride, and there are times that operating a site like this ruins my experience as a fan – so for the remainder of LOST’s existence, I’m going to approach the coverage we provide here as a fan who loves the show, and has complete respect for the story telling process.  Whether it makes the site better or worse is hard to say.

Namaste, and Happy Holidays!

– Doc