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DOCARZT.Com Going Spoiler-Free – And More

By docarzt,

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People keep pinging me wondering when the site is going to pick back up again.  The answer is: now.  Well not literally now because here in the USA it is Thanksgiving, but beginning tomorrow I will resume daily posting in anticipation of LOST season six’s debut.   With this posting will come some major changes to the site, a few may not be very popular with some of you.  Here they go:

  • The Pop-Under is Dead.  No more pop-unders, ever.
  • The Podcast resumes next week and will continue weekly.  Koobie and I are currently crafting a tour through seasons 1-5, and frantically booking special guests.
  • My Twitter is now 100% LOST related only.  Follow me at @docarzt and at @tvovermind for general TV Goodness.  The @DocArzt twitter will be the hub for any giveaways we do, so follow it or miss out.
  • The new Season 6 design of the site will be unveiled within the next couple of weeks.  I’ve spent the better part of the last month working on the TVOvermind redesign, so DA took a backseat.  The new design is less elaborate, and more geared towards the old blog-roll style I started with here and at TheTailsection.

Now here is the big one folks:  Effective monday, is spoiler free.  This is mostly a personal choice as I am attempting to go as spoiler free as I can.  This would be a good time to remind you what my philosophy is as to what a spoiler is:  a spoiler is information that reveals the substance of plot as yet-unseen.  So, Jackie Chan will guest-star in episode 11 – not a spoiler.  Preview for next week’s episode as released at the end of the current episode – not a spoiler, since it is not going to be a substantive reveal.

Now as far as clips go.  I know you guys like to come to expect to see preview clips here first, and that will continue.  I do consider the preview clips to be very close to spoilers, but in general I feel ABC shows enough restraint that these will pass.  If you disagree, simply don’t watch them.  Also, if I see an episode early I will be posting reviews here – and they will be as spoiler-free as they always have been.

As a result, the comments system is going to close as well.  Discussion will be held in the DocArzt forums at – by going spoiler free, people will target the comments section and put spoilers where they don’t belong just to be jerks. proper is going to be completely spoiler secure, except for anything I post as detailed above.  By closing comments here, anyone who wants to avoid spoilers completely will be able to proceed without caution.

As for why I’m doing this:  the truth is, I dabble in spoilers selectively to help bolster the site’s traffic – and that is complete conflict with my feelings about the show and the integrity of the story.  For the final season of LOST, I’m putting my love for the show in the drivers seat, and all of this web-master-ish type stuff at the side of the road.  It’s as simple as that. I’ve loved the LOST ride, and there are times that operating a site like this ruins my experience as a fan – so for the remainder of LOST’s existence, I’m going to approach the coverage we provide here as a fan who loves the show, and has complete respect for the story telling process.  Whether it makes the site better or worse is hard to say.

Namaste, and Happy Holidays!

– Doc

  • bravo doc ! be spoiler free it’s a good experience i’m TRYING to experimente since a month 🙂

  • marc

    Amen Doc.. way to go.. very happy you are doing.. this .. now as a true fan i can come to this site without any fear anymore.. as anybody who rather read reveals about a show rather then watch it unfold on the show itself is well.. bad words..

  • Eural

    Great call – anyone who wants spoilers can visit a site where they are encouraged. I can’t imagine “Lost” without the delicious thrill of the unexpected twist or turn and spoilers completely remove that joy of sudden discovery.

  • Handsome Smitty

    No comments? The spolier-free hurts, to a point, but there are other alternatives. I do disagree the clips you show are not spoilers because when viewing the whole episode, and the revealed clip-part plays, there’s a loss of suspense, or something, not sure how to describe it.

    But the no comments? That’s a move I believe is meant to drive traffic to tvovermind in anticipation of Lost’s demise. Isn’t it, come on, be honest.

    Oh well, I’ll hang out here to the end. Nice site JUST AS IT IS.


    • docarzt

      Heh, cynical as always Smitty. 😉 At this point, TVOvermind could drive more traffic to than vice-versa. So no. It’s not motivated in building TVOvermind traffic. Beside that, forum traffic is of no value to a publisher – premium advertisers won’t pay for impressions in user generated areas. I don’t think it is devious to hope that the community picks up there though. The fact is, it is much easier to manage a forum than a comments system and the communities that develop are much stronger. I’ve made more friends in forums than I have in comments threads.

      To be spoiler free… you have to shut down the comments. The comments are an open blog for anyone who wants to stop by, and the drive-by spoilers are out there and we all know it. How long will it be before some wise guy publishes a spoiler in this comment block just to show they can?

      I agree with you on the clips. The distinction is, they are sponsored by ABC. If ABC approves of the spoiler, it ceases to be a spoiler and is now officially a ‘teaser.’ By definition, a spoiler actually blows a major plot point. The good thing with clips is they don’t do anything until you hit play, so no concern about accidental spoiling.

      • Handsome Smitty

        Not hit ‘play’!?! Impossible.

        Cynical? Moi? I mean, more than a few [dozen] people have lobbed the term at me. I don’t know why.

        Well, maybe a little!


        • docarzt

          Lol. Well, I use the term with affection. 😉 If you’re not a little cynical these days… you’re a suck. 😀

  • Agreed. Bravo, Doc.

  • Daily postings again, awesome! I understand what you’re saying Doc, and I agree completely. Unfortunately, you have around 6 times more spoiled-up RSS followers than spoiler-free, but hopefully most of those people don’t check by here just for spoilers.

    Also, the TVOvermind revamp looks great. If the new theme here is similar, it will be very nice.

  • Matthew

    Just one more site for my girlfriend to hate me over. Thanks!

  • chris

    what is a good spoiler site, since this one isn’t playing anymore

    • docarzt

      If you really want to stay on top of things, get twitter and follow ausiello from ew, kristin from E!, and Ryan Ozawa @hawaii

      If you are lazy and want to see it all in one place, DarkUFO does a great job of collating spoilers from around the web

      • chris

        thank you!

  • While I applaud your commitment to show your love for our favorite show, I mourn the loss of the comments section. I enjoy reading what others are saying. I get why you’re doing it, though, Doc — spoilers are evil!

    • docarzt

      Hmmm…. well, I could always use javascript to hide the comments. So visitors would have to click a button to reveal the comments – with a big bold warning up front that the comment section is not moderated.

      • Hi Jon!

        I’m still almost as hard a fan of your blog as I am devoted to the phenomenal artwork that JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and their blessed fellow staff have created that is known to us as the world’s most complex and mind-expanding tv series of our present time.

        As much as I appreciate the quality of the content and blog posts that you have provided us with over the years, I have always loved to read the comments on your site. They sometimes reach a level that is way beyond the standard of those run-off-the-mill Lost-sites spread all over the web.

        So, PLEASE keep the comment section going. If you protect it with a big red button and a warning sign as stated above, there won’t be a need of constant moderation. Whoever is intelligent enough to find his way to this site will also have the mental capacity NOT to click on such a thing.

        Thanks for your kind deliberation & Namaste


        • Hey Doc,
          Please add me to the list of those who want to keep the comments section. A warning button that must be clicked to access them sounds like the perfect solution. I too want to be as MAJOR spoiler free as possible for the final season, but I’d hate to lose the main page comments section that we have all enjoyed and contributed to for years. Can’t wait to see the new format! Keep up the good work!

      • Dolce

        Personally, my favorite part of this site has always been the comments. I too enjoy reading what others are saying and the back and forth among the readers/commenters. It has always felt like being part of a conversation. If there is a way that you can make the spoiler-phobes happy, yet keep the conversation alive, IMO, that would be best. Never been a huge fan of forums, especially since for some reason the Doc Arzt forums always forget my user name or password.

        Please please please don’t kill the comments.

        • I have drifted in and out of the forum discussions over the years, but have always stayed with and participated in the comments. The forums are a good place to go off on tangents and discuss theories, but the comments, for the most part, remain focused on a discussion of the specific topic of the post to which they are attached.

  • Albert Fernandez

    Awesome to here, spoiler free is the way to go, I have always been spoiler free, and I agree with you about removing the comments any a$$hole can come by and just post a spoiler so hats off to you on that one. And I also have to agree with you when you said anything that ABC releases ahead of time is not considered a spoiler, it’s now a teaser, I love how you look at the glass half full, that’s the same way I look at it 🙂 The fear of reading a spoiler on this site is now nonexistent, thank you. And to Smitty, demise?? really?? I see the end of Lost not as a demise but as a rebirth, a rebirth of Lost. The end is just the beginning my friend, Lost is just one of those shows I can watch over and over again, beginning to end, and the more I watch it the more I fall in love with it. So don’t look at it as a demise but as the start of something new, something greater, a rebirth. To me there will be no ending to Lost, no demise, when I get to the end I simply just watch it from the beginning again, and now that The last season will air, I will now be able to do that for the whole series. Eternal Life dude, to me Lost is eternal. Anyways thanks again Doc, well i’m off to watch the Season 2 finale 🙂

  • Thank-you Doc!
    I’ve been worried about coming here and having my Final Season ruined because of not being able to resist the temptation of a spoiler.
    Now, I don’t have to worry about that!

    Thanks again!

    Oh and good choices on keeping what you’re keeping. The starring announcements and previews are “spoilers” done in good taste.

  • SaintFocker

    Thanks Doc! I’m hoping to stay as far away as possible from spoilers for this final season. This season is all we get and I want to be shocked and surprised as possible with whatever happens.

  • Hexonxonx

    I’m really happy about this news. I’m more spoiler-picky than most people, but I still want to see bits of teasers and casting news (I heard that Jackie Chan will guest star in episode 11, by the way).

  • rob

    well, guess itll be me. i will def miss the spoilers. like you said about the clips, if you dont want to watch them, dont look. why cant that work for the spoilers too? fans are upset that they might click on the spoilers and then have a whole episode or season ruined? not a chance. i dont think in all the years ive looked here, have i ever had a single episode ruined. LOST is so great, that, even with a small tidbit of information (spoiler) revealed, there has always been so much depth in the show that it mightve not even mattered. man, i feel like ive said all this here before. one of the main reasons ive loved is due to the availability of the spoilers. over the last few years, you took them off the main page, moved them around, whatever. are you doing this because you, yourself, want to be spoiler-free? im sure youre way in the loop that you hear about all kinds of stuff. come on now, last season, the one weve all be waiting for, and now youre losing the spoilers? booooo.

  • zack

    I’ve been specifically avoiding this site for a while because it allowed spoilers, so now I’m happy I’ll be able to follow it for Season Six! Nice!

  • monkeyface

    I’m completely with you on the spoilers, Doc. We’ve gotta make the magic of S6 last as long as we can. However, I am disappointed @ your decision to close the comments. I really love the insight of your readers and the sound of my own voice…haha.

    Anywho, it’s your decision, but the comments will be missed. Forums are not the same, as the discussion rarely stays on the same thread as your post.

  • That could work. Forums don’t have the same effect as the comments section.

  • Jay

    I just wanted to say how much of a travesty it is that Jeff Jensen featured you as a ‘super fan’. You are a fag who spends more time patting yourself on the back then doing anything for the LOST community. Nobody cares about your opinion. Without the very infrequent spoilers you publish, this site will be dead in weeks. good riddance.

    • Cecil

      Why does Doc’s apparent back patting necessarily make him a homosexual?

      And if you didn’t care about his opinion, why would you be at his site?

      I’m still coming, with or without spoilers.

    • Shinto

      Actually, Jay, a LOT of people care about Doc’s opinion. Your opinions, on the other hand, are entirely irrelevant since you’re the kind of dimwitted, homophobic troglodyte who calls people a fag, and that makes you a waste of space.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Two words: Mo + Ron.

      Get a life.

    • jimmy zer00

      After you posted that comment, did you feel a thrilling rush of uselessness? Or was the sound of your mother vacuuming your room too distracting to really get into it?

      • Handsome Smitty

        Zowie! 😉

    • clueless1der

      … and yet you 1) took the time to click ‘read more’ aaaand took the time to comment. You’re an excellent poster child for another reason comments can be misused.

    • Dolce

      What is it Doc always says…Don’t feed the trolls.

      • clueless1der

        *shamed* 😛

        • Dolce


  • Doc,
    I am really in favor of this, great!

  • Dolce

    Please do not ditch the comments. That is the best part of the site!!

  • W. Axel Foley

    I think this is a great idea. I like this site best for its and your original views. If people love comments they should write for the site. You are always open and cordial about that. The only times I have ever been spoiled is in the comments.

  • Shinto

    To be honest, Doc, without the comments, I’ll probably stop coming to this site. What has always been a big draw for me here has been the comments, not so much the posts. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously enjoy the posts–but what makes this site so important to Lost fans is that it is a great forum for fandom to communicate with each other. That’s the key to this site’s success as a Lost resource. If you take that away…well, to be honest, it will cease to interest me as much. And that’s a shame, particularly when you’ve finally removed the annoying pop-under ads, which were already on the verge of making me leave. So please reconsider your non-comment decision, as I consider it a big misstep.

    • Shinto

      The thing is, Doc, your site’s comments sections are the primary outlet Lost fans have for debating and discussing ideas. Ever since TheTailSection completely withered up and died, your site has become very vital to fandom. Without the comments, however…well, I have a feeling the site’s relevance to the fan community will rapidly decrease. The comments are what gives this site life, and to take that life away means death.

    • Handsome Smitty

      I agree about the comments, but if he does follow through on his THREAT to abolish them I for one will still check the site daily. Okay, several times some days.

      It is a way to interact, see how others view Lost and share our own views. Yeah, sometimes one of us [me] get attacked for being so opinionated (uh, gee, ain’t that what opinions are about!?!) AND intelligent (all my fricking life – but if I’m so smart why am I starting another career at Wal-Mart at the age of 55!?!).

      So Shinto is dead-on about this issue!!!

  • jacksbeard

    Twelve thumbs up, Doc. Apparently i have six hands with two thumbs each…

  • The Magician

    Yeah the comments section is probably the only reason I come here now.

    The only “spoilers” I like are ones that reveal episode titles etc… but I get all those from darkufo’s site anyway. I think they’ve got the first 10 on there by this point.

  • I think another option could be to only allow registered commentors. That way you wouldn’t get the anonymous jerks who come along just trying to spoil everyone’s fun.

    Keep up the good work, Doc. Nice to see you get some props from Doc Jensen.

  • poop mcgee

    I can clearly see you guys are stepping up the lost coverage now……..

    • Shinto

      Don’t be a dick.

      • poop mcgee

        I will continue to be a dick.

  • Jane

    Though I am also a bit disappointed that the comment section will be taken down, I support your changes to the site as a fan that has followed your sites pretty much as long as I have followed the show. Great work doc. =]

  • docarzt

    Okay. Okay. You guys have made me realize there is a less aggressive way to deal with the comments issue. I will hide them behind a button, AND urge folks to discuss the articles in the forum.

    • Handsome Smitty

      You ‘da man!

    • Dolce


      • neoloki

        Thank you!!!

  • Adam

    Thats cool man I respect that. My problem is I always have to read at a spoiler. Just out of insatiable curiosity. If I get it in my head I can’t get it out till I read the spoiler. However, with this being the last season, Im glad that I barely know anything about season 6. There have been many times where I’ve been watching it with friends and when something happens that I know about, Everyone else has a more enjoyable reaction. I miss that element of shock and surprise! Thats how its supposed to be. Before the internet people didnt know anything that was going to happen on a show or a movie. But long story short I’m glad you arent posting spoilers, even though if one popped up on here, I would probably read it! It will make this season that much more emotional and special!

  • jimmy zer00

    I love you, Doc. Lost would not be the same had you not created these sites. Thank you.

  • Great news everybody! During my vacation I discovered the cure for cancer! It was a long and arduous task, and I am fatigued, but I promise to post the details in this comment thread first thing Monday morning. Ciao!

    • Shinto


      • I was implying that I cured cancer and would comment the cure here on Monday, after the comments were to be closed down. This was supposed to be a joke, but Doc ruined it by deciding to keep the comments. 🙁

  • angjen0816

    Glad you are gonna keep the comments after all 🙂 Are we gonna have weekly chats still?

    • Yep, but we have had people come in and start bombing the chat with spoilers. Its a chat at your own risk kind of thing.

  • Hello everyone, I’m new here. I have been watching and re watching LOST from the start. This is my first time in a room like this so I’ll gladly take any advice. My name is Jay, Not the Jay above in the posts that was quite rude to our host. Looking forward to the 6th season as I’m sure the rest of you are. Cheers!!

  • RocketScienceMom

    Awesome! I have hesitated in reading any Lost sites in the past because I am a spoiler free kinda gal through and through. I would come to your site because you’d put the spoilers off the main page, so I wouldn’t accidently read things I didn’t want to read. I want the experience of season 6 to be as fresh as I can, and as uncorrupted by spoilers as possible. I even stopped listening to the forward cabin portion of The Transmission podcast to keep from hearing about filming.

    So, thank you so much for doing this for all of us fellow fans. I follow you on Twitter at both accounts and I will be joining you here as much as I can. 🙂

  • clueless1der

    I like the forums… obviously… lol.

    Here I sometimes find myself having the same conversation with people who post here in the comments as well as the people who post at the forums. I’m usually vested in the conversations enough that I don’t mind repeating myself.

    Doc, changing the site to spoiler free is a great move. Even if doing so is going to make me have to start visiting DarkUFO to know WHAT the spoilers are so I can (try to) keep them off the main forum pages and in the spoiler sections where they belong. 😀 Hiding them behind a button is made of win- it makes everyone happy. 🙂

  • meems

    Thanks for keeping the comments! I love reading everyone’s ideas.

  • sandie

    Great idea Doc! I fully support the changes, as I try to stay as spoiler free as possible, and for that reason have avoided comments on your site in the past. Now I will come here with no fear. I am also glad that you, who have devoted so much time to this show and other fans, will get to enjoy the final season as it is meant to be watched – on the edge of your seat without any idea of what is going to happen next.

    PS: Please continue to spoiler font casting info, epi titles, and discussion re: previews. I know they are not true “spoilers”, but I still choose to avoid that stuff.