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DocArzt & Friends Podcast 8/12 – Paul Scheer Discusses 8/15, Midfew, and Macaroni

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Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear has become a bright star in the LOST  firmament, so when the artist responsible, Paul Scheer, agreed to appear on our podcast Koobie and I were beyond excited.  Besides representing a leap forward in the state-of-the-art, DCPB has also introduced us all to a LOST fan who knows how to get a scoop.  Paul’s recent adventures in the trash bin outside of building 23 yielded the title of the LOST season 6 premiere, but what about that temple diagram.  We got some answers on that, as well as the low down on what to expect from Paul’s big event this weekend. Don’t forget to visit Paul’s site for the latest on this extravaganza.

You’ll be happy to know that we also get a little sidetracked after the interview and theorize on where LOST may be going in Season 6.

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  • Shawn

    This was 100% ,without a doubt, staged!!! Thoughts anyone?

    • Koobie

      Lies! We recorded that one just like any other podcast. Although, we did have a few bloopers that ended up on the cutting room floor. It’s good to be making podcasts again 😀

    • BennyD

      I totally agree, new ARG type thing

    • DocArzt

      Are you calling us shills? For shame. That would be the longest con in the history of long cons.

      • Shawn

        haha just tryin to start a conspiracy

        • DocArzt

          😉 😉 😉

          • Koobie

            DocArzt never landed on the Lost set, it was all done in a studio! 😮

          • Benmanben

            This is really getting on my nerves. You probably made up that whole Seanie B. thing to.
            I was on to that a long time ago.

    • TheHeroOfCanton has been mentioned in other posts so I checked it out.

      On the website is a picture of an angel fighting a man.

      This is painting of a religious battle between Jacob and a “mysterious being” some have thought it was a angel, but a “mysterious being” is the only description that was written. As the story goes Jacob was in prayer with God before a battle with Esau and his army of 400 men, when this being suddenly appeared and the two wrestled until daybreak. The being saw that he did not overpower Jacob he then slewed him in the thigh crippling Jacob with a limp. Jacob demanded a blessing from the battle and the “being” then renamed Jacob, Israel, and blessed him with god-like power.

      Story of Jacob can be found here…

      Perhaps this being is something from the island such as the smoke monster / shapeshifter and gave Jacob his god like powers.

    • It had the names Kitsis & Horowitz written all over it…

      • DocArzt

        Wow. I don’t know whether we should be flattered, or they should be insulted. 😀

  • I agree with the suggestion that the present-day scenes are the alternate time-line, or at least the result of Jughead’s detonation. That also might explain some of Dharma being in ruins, something many questioned this season. It’s been abandoned since the evacuation, which might also explain why The Darlton said the DI will not play a prominent role (although I suspect Ilayna’s crew are the DI children, who seem to respect the Island more than many of the Dharmistas we’re familiar with, Horus excepted). And the hatch that Locke reminisces about with Ben, is it there as a result of Desmond not pushing the button – or the Incident?

    “Unlike anything” we’ve seen before, The Darlton said about flashbacks and forwards and time travel: Is it just me, or has anyone else re-watching Lost noticed that there are many scenes, specially with Jack and Locke, that are a bit like Desmond’s experience in “The Constant?” What if the first 3 episodes are a stitching together of past scenes where Jacob’s involvement explains some of the choices made by our core Losties? This way we might see Charlie and other dead characters as promised. We’ve already seen some of that impact in “The Incident,” Sawyer repeating the lines “What’s done is done,” as spoken to him by his uncle. And maybe Kate’s reveal to Jack that she came back to bring Claire home to Aaron because of her guilt for stealing him (by claiming to be his mom) was a result of Jacob’s visit. One way to avoid that whole lost-time-invested-in-a-past-that-never-happened is to show “The Incident” has played a part in what we’ve witnessed thus far. Because I believe what happened, happened.

    But I’m not buying redemption for Ben. If there is some kind of rewind, perhaps Ben will not be the same sociopath, but a kindler gentler Ben that some viewers seem to believe he already is. Otherwise, Ben Bad Bad Ben. 😉

    And Locke, I’m afraid, is dead. Dead is dead. I agree more with RA that there’s really nothing special about him. His war with himself over hunter/farmer(scientist) is on him. And he’s made his sacrifice for the Island already. Even if he was being manipulated by unLocke all along, he believed in what he was doing for the sake of the Island. Although there is Jack telling RA he shouldn’t give up on Locke just yet….

    Certainly “The Incident” reveals a lot about many past episodes, their hidden meanings and character motivations, and I suspect as The Darlton hinted, they’ve revealed enough that we should be able to figure out where Lost is headed for S-6 and the show’s finale. Maybe if I watch it 10 more times I’ll have ‘er figured out.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    I kind of get the idea that this whole thing with Paul is part of the Lost experience spun up by the minds behind the show.Why else would team Darlton appear in that video? If it is, it’s true genius.Think about it: all he’s doing is supplying us with news. That way we’re seeing what they want us to see. As for this whole Ronie Midfew thing, it seems to me like it is hinting at something that is going to happen. Maybe these guys are going to be the real “Bad Guys” in the show that Ben and Widmore both fear. Maybe they’re on the other side during the upcoming war. This woman Paul mentioned,I forget her name but maybe she is going to be a character introduced in the new season. It makes some sense at least, what with him having a cup from Hurley’s chicken restaurant.
    Smitty- as for dead is dead, as I’ve said before, remember who said that. Ben Linus, the liar of liars. Tell me you can’t see in your mind, Locke waking up, checking his feet and standing in all smiles, just like the day of the crash.
    As for the alternate universe, I recall reading somewhere, maybe here, that originally in the season 4 premier, Hurley was going to see himself in the cabin but they backed off when they thought it would be too confusing, so they replaced it with Christian and whoever it was (Either Jacob or Mr. Loopy, possible already in Locke form? seriously, go back and check it out, it looks like Locke popping up in the window, i thought it was the first time I saw it). I kind of get the feeling that Hurley wasn’t really seeing ghosts (hinted by Miles in Some like it Hoth, he said it doesn’t work like that). I wonder if he was really being visited by alternate versions of these people. Hints Charlie all dressed nice when he visited because he was a successful rock star in that universe, Ana Lucia wore her police uniform because she was back on the force, etc. I was reading someones blog on TVovermind and they gave a link to an up close of a page in Faraday’s journal of a time map. there was the main time line, a few other branches and then an “Imaginary” line. Maybe this alternate universe is all imaginary and it is what the main characters want; it’s their ultimate desires and wishes, though im not sure what that could mean for Kate. Perhaps this is where Desmond was sent when he turned the key and blew the hatch. I think that when that happened, his mind became aware of both time lines, real and imaginary. Just a thought.

    • Jack’s Sidekick

      I forgot to add that if you notice, there are two versions of Christian, which has made me wonder for sometime now. Jack sees him with longish neat hair, wearing a suit. Locke, Sun and Frank have seen him wearing rags, much like an Other with messy-balding hair. Maybe he dies in both time lines but for different reasons. I still would like to see a Christian flashback. We never witnessed him die, only seen him before and after. Wouldn’t be interesting if he was visited, maybe even told that he had to die?

    • Handsome Smitty

      It is possible that the “something we’ve never seen” in the first 3 episodes is a dreamlike set of events. In the podcast they touch on ‘choices.’ Perhaps the O-6 will be given a taste of that alternate reality (IF the bomb actually changed things and was not a part of what happened, happened) and a choice to return to 2007 and battle the unLocke.

      A sort of tweaking the nose of the St. Elsewhere finale.

  • Ament

    If we go with multiple timelines then why stop at two when there can be an infinite amount like the show “sliders”. The term “course correcting” plays in my head when I think about multiple timelines. I like the idea that Hurley isn’t seeing dead people, just people that left the one timeline he knows. When Jacob met up with the losties He basically only came out to Hurley by asking him why he doesn’t want to go back to the island, he told Hurley he (Jacob) was “definately” not dead, he told Hurley he was blessed. I try to analyze certain conversations and this was a big one…

    JACOB: I wanna know why you won’t go back to the Island.
    HURLEY: ‘Cause I’m cursed.
    JACOB: Is that so?
    HURLEY: Uh-huh. That’s why the plane crashed, my friends died–Libby, Charlie. Now they visit me, and I can’t make it stop.
    JACOB: Well, what if you weren’t cursed? What if you were blessed?
    HURLEY: How do you mean “blessed?”
    JACOB: Well, you get to talk to people you’ve lost… seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me.

    When Hurley connects cursed to the plane crash and people’s deaths Jacob told him – nope think again your actually blessed buddy. He also told him he can speak to people he’s “”””LOST”””” not people that have died, but people who ARE “Lost”. Now multiple timelines and people “lost” in the loop are starting to make a little more sense to me.

    *side note*
    I strongly suggest people revisit that scene in the cab because you see the background as they are riding through the city but when Jacob asks the driver to pull over it’s clearly the beach with a palm tree waving in the background and I know I heard waves crashing…interesting wether it’s an easter egg or if it meant something.

    • There was one throwaway sentence in season 4 that made me think of parallel verses since then. Lapidus says about the freighter ‘satphones’ that they are paired, and always two can talk to each other.

      FRANK (to Sayid): Be quick. And don’t go trying to call Baghdad, those phones can only call each other.

      Maybe it’s nothing, but I expected the phones to be quantum-entangled, so that they could talk to each other from one universe to the next. Same with Daniels rocket. He talked on the phone with Regina on the freighter and asked her to fire the payload. Which arrived Thirty-one minutes later at Daniels location than Reginas telemetry said. Which means that the Regina in the Universe that the island occupied at the time just fired the rocket later. Daniel talked via his phone with his home-universe, which explains the time difference.

    • Okan

      Regarding your last paragraph, the only thing came to my mind is that they are somehow continuosly travelling. Just like our dreams. We sometimes see ourselves with old and new friends together. To be more clear, We sometimes mix times and places in our dreams.

      If so, I would say that what Hurley lived there was not real. A kind of mind production. Hurley did not live it. Hurley or somebody else thought it. That’s why he started that scene in a city and ended up with some clues related to the island.
      He travelled just like Desmond had done. And I think Desmond is the first person to realise what actually is going on. But he is drunk 🙂
      If what I am saying is true, then we will see their real situation at the end of the show. Even more, maybe there is not any Hurley, Locke, Jack…. none of these characters exist.

      • Which leads us back to Smitty and St. Elsewhere…

        I rather believe that these are real characters, and that everything really happened to them.
        Maybe they are caught in a loop, maybe they lived through the whole cycle thousands of times in endless, slightly different realities. We know now that it is a game between Esau and Jacob.

        We just don’t know all the rules yet.

      • Ament

        I think that the guitar symbolizes Hurley’s sanity and that he isn’t crazy or making things up in his head. It was found in the same cab as Jacob and he was able to carry it and everyone around him seen it. Most likely it’s Charlie’s guitar which would add to the symbolizm in his sanity because how did it get off the island and end up in a cab if it wasn’t a reality.

    • Evian

      Do you think there could be a connection to what you are saying in regards to when Hurley tells Jack in the institution that they never left the island. (I apologize for not knowing the exact season and episode. I think it was the episode where Hurley is playing chess with Mr. Eko and when Jack leaves he tell Hurley to take his meds.)

  • mesa

    Enjoyed the podcast guys

  • Mack

    Doc, you mentioned in the pod cast that there will be a struggle between time lines. I am a proponent myself of something similar, which I have mentioned before in a thread, and I believe we have already seen prime examples of this. Consider that for the entire show John Locke has been struggling with his desire to follow fate and his disbelief. I see this as a clear example of the greater struggle of the island itself and an indication of the struggle that characters will face in season six.
    Alternative realities have been intimated to exist from the very beginning, and I don’t understand why people are so up in arms over it. From the very beginning Locke has been declaring this is not what you were supposed to do. Clearly, he is either correct, or he isn’t. If Locke is correct, and I believe he is, and if Jack and others have deviated from what they were supposed to do, hasn’t this, in fact, created an alternate path?
    Alternate time lines do not invalidate the previous five years and here is why. There are two states in Lost, the physical or material and the conscious or mind. Lost has presented these two states clearly when they show characters traveling through time. We have seen both the body traveling and the mind. The body, the physical state of matter which I believe is less relevant than the mind, does not respond well to time travel and will eventually die under the strain.
    However, the mind exists somewhere else and there is no indication that when the body dies so does the mind. What I believe is that the mind of all living beings, on Lost at Least, exists as a singular unit but extends itself outward into the physical world Think of the mind as an octopus, extending its eight legs into eight pools of water. There is only one octopus, only one consciousness, but it has extended an aspect of itself into eight containers, the containers being a metaphor for the physical world.
    The mind is limited in its actions by the confines of the rules in which an aspect of itself is residing. Physical reality, serves as a vessel for consciousness, but you cannot operate outside the confines mediate by the current reality even more than you can violate the laws of physics, on a large scale at least. In this case, whatever happened, happened, is true.
    Some are more aware than others, such as Locke, Walt and Desmond. The overwhelming feeling of something being wrong is a byproduct of the minds general awareness that, well, something is wrong or more precisely something is different. An interesting example is Charlotte. When Charlotte’s physical body began to die, she became aware of an aspect of time that she was not aware of previously. The reason; the connection between her mind and body was deteriorating, and she was becoming less entangle in her current physical reality. Charlotte was tapping back into the singular consciousness. The singular consciousness knows all. This concept of consciousness returning to a singular state is very similar to the Buddhist concept of Nirvana. I am sure the Dharma initiative would agree. On a side note, did anybody notice that the only person whose nose never bled was John Locke? Sawyer’s nose bled and he had been there as long as Locke.
    Why does this not invalidate the first five years of lost? Simple, if any of the Losties retained any of the memories of their previous experience, those memories would still be meaningful and real to them. Their motivation would be colored by those experiences. And ultimately, is the experiences, and what we do with them that matters more. This is where you get the conflict. The Losties have to make a choice, a real choice because now they are presented with more than one option. There is more to this but I choose to refrain. It is long enough as it is.

    • DocArzt

      Great thoughts. There are plenty of ways for them to keep the stakes real, even if the events of the series to this date were one of thousands of ‘games’ played by Jacob and Man Number 2. I think some fans have their minds made up that it can’t be done, but it can. We are in that typical between seasons place where it is all about our theories and what seems likely to happen, once season 6 starts we’re all along for the ride.

  • Handsome Smitty

    Who is Locke to tell the others what they were supposed to do? We’ve seen him struggle against his more natural farmer-nature in his desire to be a hunter: Football vs. Science. Dope dealer vs. law-abiding citizen. Yes, his struggle could be rooted in the idea his consciousness is stuck in the wrong time-line (admittedly a neat idea). But I don’t think it will be that…complicated. I think it’s more about the choices the Losties (and we) make in building our character, hopefully for the good. Mix in buddhism and it becomes a whole ‘nother thing like you’re talking about and that’s just one religious theory, that we get multiple opportunities to return/become a part of a singular consciousness. The show might well be constructed around that idea, and it’s fun to watch and consider all the philosophical ideas that are Lost’s underpinning.

    I am one of those saying that a change of the reality, the time-line, will invalidate the past five seasons. Even if the O-6 remember the alternate reality they negated, there are too many other lives changed by the O-6’s actions, actions in which all those others had no say in whether their reality should be changed. This gets us back to the philosophical idea of a few making decisions for others in a way that inhibits their own unalienable right to determine their own life’s course.

    If Jack was supposed to do something, then that takes away his ability to make choices. Even Jacob is a proponent of choice: Hurley is told it’s his choice to make to return to the Island or not (although I think Jacob told him he’d do the “right” thing).

    But like Sawyer said, “I don’t speak destiny.” While I can wrap my head around all these theories of multiple realities and singular consciousness, and appreciate the thoughts behind them, the reasoning, it doesn’t mean they are correct or that I accept them. Of course, if the show ends with the average viewer being able to understand the logics behind all this, I suppose it will have succeeded on some level. Beats the hell out of a snow-globe, even if I did like that St. Elsewhere resolution.

    • We all live in Tommy Westphalls Universe, Smitty…

      • Handsome Smitty

        I just wish he’d given me a better part.

  • doesnt matters

    cmon guys, are u sirious abot the sneaking in the studio. it is 100% theatre. or mby u guys are part of this ARG ?

  • donuteyes

    am i supposed to be paying attention to all of these games? i’m ignoring my television until football comes back on, and when lost ends, i’m done with episodic television. it all sucks.