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DocArzt & Friends Lost Podcast Episode 4 – “He’s Our You”

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Faster than Sayid can snap a chicken’s neck, Koobie and I have dissected LOST 5.10 “He’s Our You” in stunning 3D audio.  In this edition of the DocArzt & Friends Lost Podcast, we examine the role of LSD in LOST’s time skipping narrative, question Sayid’s fascination with killing small defenseless critters, and tackle one of the biggest questions of the season: can the Losties create an alternate time line?  Perhaps, once without a Ben Linus?

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  • RandomZombie

    Great podcast.

    One thing, which I mentioned somewhere else on the site, about the Swan logo:

    My assumption was that the swan logo was a standard Dharma logo, initially not attached to any station. Once it was necessary to build the Swan station, they decided to use the pre-existing logo, and the associated name.

    That would explain why so many Dharma products have the swan logo on them, even those in other stations.

    • docarzt

      Wow. Darlton should hire you to fix all of their boo-boos. 😀 Just kidding. I think Pierre just has a thing for swans. Good thing it wasn’t a chicken, or we all know what would have happened to it…

    • horselover

      Yeah, Radzinsky seemed shocked that he could know about it, but maybe he was just shocked that he knew that specific station was the one to be called the swan.

  • Let me begin by thanking the both of you for this wonderful posdcast. such a great addition to the blog

    Here are some thoughts and some questions

    1.Do you think we’ll see Sayid’s brother again? Why bring him in the pic. there was such a contrast between the both. I can see another visit from the other Jarrah.

    2. thanks for the 411 on the book , now the possibility if it probably being a separate reality is out of my head.

    3. Do you think these people (Bens listed targets) really posed a threat on Sayid’s friends. Which would have sucked because Sayid killed all of these people for his friends only to have Sawyer stab him in the back , one of the very friends he tried to protect.

    4. If the writers want us to welcome Kate back into our hearts they will have to make her endearing again to us. She will have to do something amazing and selfless.

    5. I was hoping Jacob or smokie would have come out of the teepee.
    Like you said, the super low-tech could be a hint that Oldman might be jacob. I just didnt expect jacob to wear glasses lol

    6- Sayids date- I guess those boots were meant for kicking ass and thats just what she did. She was hoping one of these days those boots were gonna walk all over Sayid.

    7-Radzinsky annoys me my initial pity for the poor faceless man who killed himself in the hatch is gone.

    8- I still dont trust Amy.

    9- Since when did Sawyer get all submissive and raise his hand to lynch Sayid

    10- I think shooting Ben will finally be the thing that will send Sayid over the edge.

    Thanks for the podcast guys
    I was very happy that this episode was more character based then just getting from point a to point b

  • Guru Lostka

    The writers are not going to change the rules of time travel that they’ve been shoving down our throats for a half of season. Ben being shot by Sayad will not kill Ben because Ben is alive in the Future.

    Due to parallels that have been used throughout the season, here is a theory a given to me by the lovely Abby Hussman:

    Jack will operate on Ben, saving his life, just as he did in the past….or future, depending on which point of view you are speaking from.

    There it is, you heard it from this messenger first!

  • UK Parting Words aka Warzo

    Would his brother not have been killed in the village gasination by the his sergant in the republican guard. Remember Kelvin Inman showed him a video of his village being atacked when he was captured by the US Army?

    What I dont understand is if there was a alternate timeline then would the purge not have happened. Remember Ben was an integral part to the purge. It surely would screw alot of things up that we have seen over the past 4 seasons.

  • barrus

    Do you think that Sayid would have shot little Ben if he hadn’t been fed the LSD? After all LSD is a mind altering drug.I think Sayid was done with grown Ben’s head games back in L.A. Just a thought

  • Lost Mom of Four

    Great Podcast!