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DocArzt & Friends LOST Podcast Episode 5 – “Whatever Happened, Aint Happenin!”

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DocArzt and Koobie pick apart “Whatever Happened, Happened” leaving only scrawny bones behind; Shannon Purcell stops in to conduct the musical edition of the podcast – and discuss his awesome LOST tribute band “The Others”; and Ryan Ozawa of The Transmission swings by to tell us how to not suck at podcasting – and discuss living the dream on spoiler-filled Oahu island.  We cap things off with a tune from The Others.

SPOILERPHOBES: Minor spoilers between 29:00 and 43:00 marks!

For more information on The Others visit their website by clicking here.
Ryan and Jen’s Transmission podcast can be found on itunes, and at this linky right here.

Stay tuned for the weekend edition of the DocArzt & Friends’ LOST Podcast.



  • mike

    Lackluster? This is my kind of Lost episode.

    Also, Ben once said he was born on the island. Could whatever happens to Ben be what he was referring to?

  • mike

    I know he was born off island, but I’m referring to the idea that he feels he was truly born on the island when whatever happens to him at the temple happens to him.

    • docarzt

      I think you are on to something. Particularly if the experience at the temple was as transformational as richard made it out to be.

      • Koobie

        I think that if he actually believes that he was “born” again on the island, he was still only telling a half truth in that situation.

        He said he was “born” (in a metaphysical sense) on the island, but he wanted his audience to take it as he was born (in the physical sense). I am not sure that he would believe that he was physically born on the island, since he still refers to Roger as his father.

        • docarzt

          He does admit to John Locke it was a lie.

        • elijahmoon

          I dont know what school anybody else is from but where Im from the spiritual is more real than the physical. The physical world was born out the spiritual not vice versa. So the higher truth is the spiritual truth although both are truths. So I can reference either at anytime. I could make a distinction as a courtesy tho.

          If you dont acknowledge the spiritual realm I can play in your box as well and say that all physical elements are a result of metaphysical ones.

          So our friend ben Is accurate in either assessment it would seem if there is indeed a “rebirth” process in store at the temple. Why the writers would have him admit that he was lying is beyond me unless they dont acknowledge these principles either, or maybe they just forgot they do [it happens]. They’ve made thier share of blunders. LOVE the show tho.

          • Rebirth truly is one of the most regularly featured plot points in the world of LOST (since the very beginning of season one). I think it also is a key to the show’s mythology and spiritual core message.

            Once again, I vote for renaming the show into “BORN” instead of Lost, as I did a couple of months ago. Maybe “Born Again” fits even better. 😀

            If you are a true LOST fan and want to learn about the spiritual keystones of the show, you truthfully HAVE to read “The Second Coming of Christ”, written by Paramahansa Yogananda.

  • KTL

    Where is the mp3 link?

    • It would be great if you shared the file again, Doc!
      Tomorrow, I will be going to travel for a few days and I would love to listen to the podcast on the way.

    • Agreed. I’d really like a direct MP3 download link, rather than being steered to iTunes. As such, I’ll give this podcast a miss.

    • April

      I’d like an MP3 link or where is RSS feed…trying to download onto ZUNE and it’s not listed there, so I have to manually do it.

  • Koobie
  • richie

    great podcast again boys 🙂

  • flaknitter01

    I could barely hear Shannon Purcell, but Doc & Koobie were coming in just fine. Anyone else have this challenge? Is Shannon the same guy who sent in a question to Darlton about his drummer being embarrassed to tell people he was in a Lost tribute band on their 3/25 podcast?

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