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itunes-logoThat was fast.  The DocArzt & Friends LOST Podcast is now available on iTunes.  It is not yet in the search index, but you can subscribe by clicking here.  If you like the podcast and intend on keeping up with it, please subscribe and take a few minutes to rate the ‘cast.

We’re working on a more full featured edition to premiere in coming weeks.

  • imfromthepast


  • Wray

    I’m right in the middle of listening to your podcast, and right away there’s something I don’t understand – LaFleur misspelled? What should it be? Also, Creole here in the U.S. usually refers to descendants of what used to be French Louisiana (now the state of Louisiana). Although the term Creole can refer to many different peoples in various parts of the world, you can bet that Sawyer was referring to here in the States.

    • docarzt

      Sawyer was definitely referring to the states, but given that Creole is spoken on “Reunion Island,” can we just ignore that LOST’s crafty writers would have not been aware of that?

  • Sonny

    great podcast I can’t wait for more, I’m with you Doc about the baby is Daniel and It felt like to me that Charlotte looked out for Daniel like a big sister would take care of a brother and why Daniel didn’t get a nose bleed because he was born a few year after Charlotte was born.

  • Eric

    Is there an RSS feed for the podcast? That way I can subscribe to it through the Zune Marketplace. Thanks!

    • docarzt

      one rss feed coming up

  • Jacobs Lather

    Hey guys. Pretty good debut podcast, but my only real complaint is your utter certainty about things that can’t be known for certain yet. Or things that simply aren’t completely correct. You might try to preface more things with “I believe” or “It seems to me that,” rather than stating everything as if everyone knows and agrees with you. My biggest disagreement: the statue as Anubis. That was my first thought, too, and definitely seems to be what a lot of people are saying, but I’ve also seen the name Tawaret mentioned, and when you look at the facts that seems to be far and away the most likely candidate. Tawaret was the Egyptian goddess of birth and rebirth. She had a head like a hippopotamus, which the Egyptians feared, and is often depicted carrying an ankh in each hand. If you look up pictures of Tawaret you can see very striking similarities between her and the statue, particularly the ears and the platform on her head, not to mention the items in her hand. Furthermore, in an episode that dealt with a birth on the Island, besides the fact that a big part of Lost’s mythology has to do with birth and rebirth, it seems all-too fitting that Tawaret would make an appearance. Anubis would still be appropriate to the show, no doubt, but the evidence says it’s not.

    Also, I thought Sun blamed Ben and JACK for Jin’s “death”, not Widmore. But I could have misinterpreted that one.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I’ll keep listening!

    • ebonX

      I second Jacob’s comments … You guys just need to be careful about what you state as fact vs. theorizing.

      You made a statement in your podcast that Sun is the “woman” who takes the 3rd boat off Hydra Island with Lapidus, but that is simply theorizing at this point.

      In any case, keep up the good work … I can never get enough well-thoughtout & inciteful LOST podcasts.

  • tanside

    I believe this is correct so us non-ipod people can enjoy the great new podcast.