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DocArzt & Koobie’s LOST Podcast – (Almost) The End

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We know how LOST will end.  Okay, we don’t – but we have some ideas and we invite you to listen to us ramble about them.  Presenting the penultimate DocArzt & Koobie’s LOST Podcast.  Enjoy!

  • ErasedSlate

    I think there was substance to the rules. Michael was unable to kill himself when he left the island. Remember Tom Friendly’s line “The Island won’t let you die.” They were not able to die until the island was done with them or Jacob’s purpose fulfilled.

    In the case of Widmore, his purpose was fulfilled, he brought Desmond to the island. Once the purpose was realized, the protection had ended.

    • Oh, we wouldn’t disagree with you there at all. We were discussing only the rules of combat between ben and widmore, etc. The rules of man. The rules of the island are pretty apparent.

  • spinflip

    The numbers: They are simply numerology, i.e. the belief that some numbers possess mystical qualities (good or bad), appear at different places and supposedly govern people’s fates. This was clear from the start and there is nothing more to it.

    Claire and the helicopter: I believe the writers knew that some of the losties would end up rescued, but season 4 wasn’t written in detail at that time and they simply thought of something else for Claire’s storyline.

    Pregnancy problems and sickness: Probably caused by the electromagnetic energy aka the light from the cave which can heal you, but will kill you or drive you crazy if you absorb too much of it (by being washed in the pool or entering the source itself, for example). Apparently too small babies cannot handle it at all.

    What I’d also like to know is whom Juliet shot when they were in the canoe in season 5. I thought it wasn’t revealed because it would be in season 6, but apparently this is not the case.

  • heythereyourself

    Ok, I’m sure no one read my rant the other day, but i’m glad. I am thinking changing my tag to footinmouth. I think that I can now see the “light” at the end of the tunnel.

    Sideways Reality.
    I have a theory on how the Sideways reality will combine with the Island reality. We now know that Desmond is a Fail/Safe for the Island. The last time we saw a fail/safe was in the hatch. If you remember Desmond turned the fail/safe key when John Locke decided he wanted to see what happened when he stopped pressing the button. The result Desmond stop a major catastrophe by turning the key causing the hatch to implode on itself. Maybe you can see where I’m going here, but if you can’t, don’t worry I will explain. I don’t exactly what will happen but I think it can go a couple of different ways.

    Desmond has we’ve seen through the years has a unique gift to float through time conciously. I think this was all set-up to explain what happens next. I think with out knowing it Desmond has the power to control time using the “light.” It has always before been out of his control when it happened, but I think that will all change.

    Locke/MIB now knows what unique power Desmond posses. From here a couple of things could happen. Locke found out from Widmore (“I always have a plan”), whom could have been lying, not about what Desmond is, but how to use him. So in this instance Locke will kill Desmond to posses his power (body) only this will not work the way Locke wants it to. In this scenerio Locke kills Desmond takes possesion of his body and uses Hume to implode the island at the same time leaving the island and going back in time to the moment the plane is suppose to crash on the island in the original timeline. Only this time it doesn’t and our friend the Smoke Monster/MIB/Locke is now Desmond Hume. I know this might sound crazy, but Desmond said something very peculiar in “What they died for.” When Desmond, Sayid, and Kate where locked up in the police truck, he told them “I can get you out, but if I do you gotta do something for me.” Sound fanilar it is exactly what MIB asked of Richard Alpert when he was chained-up in the Black Rock. However none of this is clear until Charlie show Desmond how to “let go”, then Desmond goes on a mission to show all the people from 815, the ones that need to know at least, how to let go. In letting go, as we’ve seen with Hurley, helps them remember what happened on the island. Well in the end of this theory Desmond is gathering all these people at the concert to show them what their last mission is or what they need to do. Which could be either to kill Desmond who is now smoke monster or something to that effect, but I think this is how the timelines will merge. So what we saw in LA X was the begining of the end and the result of what happens at the end of the Island timeline, if that makes any sense.

    The Happily ever after part of this theory is that there is no more work to be done. They kill the smoke monster. Desmond implodes the island and at the same time moves them back to flight 815 pre-crash and onto the Sideway Reality.

  • heythereyourself

    The Light/Special Powers- My theory on special powers and the light kinda ties in the importance of childern too. Without being told flat out, I am assuming that the unique powers that some of the Losties posses is because of the light on the Island. Jacob’s mother said that every man has a little of the same light in the cave, inside of all them. My theory is that while every man starts out with that light inside them, it eventually through decisions that they make in their life that light fades to darkness i.e. Sayid Jarrah. However being born on the island increase the amount of light that is inside you i.e. Miles.

  • I disagree with the idea that much of the complains about season six come down to be careful what you wish for. I for one, am not disappointed with the answers being given but how they are being given. Ultimately, the main problem that I see with Lost in season six is the same problem I had with previous season, pacing. The writers wouldn’t have had to rely on so much exposition if they had allowed answers to trickles out slowly throughout the last few season instead of releasing a deluge of answers in the last season in a half.

    • spinflip

      That’s the thing – if you build up a mystery over 6 seasons, where the audience has time to speculate and develop some very crazy theories, every short and simple explanation will be disappointing (like with the whispers). What you have to do is either give a complicated explanation or give enough information for a simple answer to be deducible.