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Dr. Chang Muppet Pic From Untangled Season 6!

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First of all, California please welcome your newest resident: me.  I made the treacherous trek from Maine to Cali last week.  It was harrowing.  Don’t ask.  Now that the agonizing planning and implementation of that move is over, it’s time to start focusing on LOST again.  I’d like to thank the remarkable LyLy for keeping the site updated while I was hurtling across the country.

My good friend Jopinionated published this ‘Exclusive’ pic on her blog today.  It is the Dr. Chang muppet made for the season 6 Untangled featurettes.


The pic was sent to Jo exclusively, and she has graciously allowed me to reproduce it here.  I suggest you read her account right here. It is from season 6, but there are no spoilers – unless you count the revelation that Dr. Chang will appear.