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Emerson Interview

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If you’re anything like me, you’re getting (some would say pathetically, but we don’t care about those people) pretty darn excited about the premiere.  In this interview, Michael Emerson speaks about how  acting on LOST has changed his perspective as an actor, various scenes with Terry O’Quinn, and how awesome it is to be such a bad guy….

Some Highlights:

  • “I have lots of fond memories of breathless confrontations in small rooms….Those kinds of scenes are always so dark and scary. I love those. But the working moment that captures the whole of it best for me is when Ben and Sawyer (Josh Holloway’s character) are standing on the cliff, looking out over the seas and trading quotes from Steinbeck…and I had a rabbit in a backpack. It was so absurd and beautiful.”
  • [On Ben and Locke] “They’re constantly circling around each other’s center of gravity. They’re like black and white.”