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EXCLUSIVE – Dominic Monaghan Interview and More

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picture-2You know we have Jopinionated on the convention floor, but did you know that she went into the inner sanctum of the Flash Forward press room yesterday? Well she did, and she returned with exclusive video interviews with Dominic Monaghan, David S. Goyer, Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, and Courtney B. Vance. Yes, Dom discussed LOST. Yes, he is awesome. No, his character’s name is not Theo.  Click on for more.

Dom’s discussion of LOST seemed extremely evasive.  One might say he was a bit uncomfortable, as in he knew things that he didn’t want to say.  Those NDA’s can be very costly to break.  Dom definitely gives good interview here, but one of the most fascinating aspects was listening to Goyer describe the FlashForward story and how much it deviates from the novel.  It truly seems that Goyer has taken the essence of the book and turned it into an ever expanding fantasy/drama ala LOST.  I’d say for the first time I’m getting the sense that FlashForward may indeed be a replacement for LOST in the years to come.  I like Goyer, he’s one of us and doesn’t strike me as being one of these big time writers that is going to ‘dabble’ in TV – he’s all about making FlashForward a rich story and a huge success.

So here is the Dominic Monaghan video interview, please check out the other cast interviews on TVOvermind, and please honor Jo’s hard work by taking a second to Digg her interviews so the world can partake of her awesomeness.