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Extinction Alert – Gone Before The Finale?

By docarzt,

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Due to some unforeseen events, the hosting has not been paid and the provider is not offering an extension.  Without some help, the site will be off-line in 72 hours (LOST Day, how ironic).  So I’m opening up the donations page once again.  How much will help?  Let’s put it this way:  if everybody who visited in the course of a day donated ten cents, we’d have enough to pay the server bill through Comic Con.  Is worth at least ten cents to you?

Obviously, in reality not everyone is going to pledge – so donations of more than ten cents would be helpful, but the point of the exercise is to illustrate that there is no such thing as ‘too little.’  Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

If your donation got refunded the first time around it is because the donations were going to the wrong account and we couldn’t access them – so we refunded them.  You can re-submit with the link below or directly to the email I sent with the refund.  Sorry folks, my fault.  NOTE: If you didn’t get your donation back, don’t worry – it went to the right place.


Thank you everybody! The donations were enough to pay the hosting and get us back into the right cycle. The site will be here through season six, without question and without compromising the plans for the site. So definitely look forward to lots of fun additions after the finale next week: we have a strategy game we are working on, we have the trivia leagues starting, and AstroJones will be announcing a re-watch plan in the near future. The end of Season 5 is just the beginning!

  • sin

    just donated. 🙂

    • triangulatedsignal

      me too hope it helps ya doc

      • Woodc

        Donated $0.50. Come on Guys!!!

        • triangulatedsignal

          yay woodc
          yes come on guys!!! anything please! we all use the site!!!!!!

  • JustInWaltsHead

    Please…these sites, to borrow your reasoning, are a dime a dozen. Stop whining and grow a pair. Maybe move out of mom’s basement…meet a girl in real life not just online.

    • Hexonxonx

      Attn: Keith Olbermann.
      Re: Winner of your daily award.

    • Loucester

      JustInWaltsHead, you’re an idiot.

    • docarzt

      What would a cynic who insults people in a comment thread know about having a pair?

      • ElPrez


      • Adam


        • Landry B.

          WOOT DOC!! If people care, they will donate…hell, this site has given me well over the $5 I donated worth of enjoyment in the past couple of years!!

  • RodimusBen


    And yet, you are interested enough to visit the site and troll a board… pot calling the kettle black much?

    I just donated for 60 people DocArzt. I love your site.

  • Raul Lorcez

    I do hope you raise the necessary funding, Doc, as without this site, we’ll be stuck with the pointless crap that has become BuddyTV and TheTailSection.

    That said…

    I think you’re doing people a major disservice in publicizing the amounts. If someone donates $1.00, and you list that alongside someone else who donated $10.00, then you’re belittling the person who just gave you $1.00 even though he/she certainly had no obligation to do so and was, thus, just as generous as the person who donated $10.00. You really should remove the dollar amounts and just list the people you’d like to thank. It’s not fair to the donaters to do otherwise.

    • docarzt

      You’re right! I do mean it as celebration… BUT, when you’re right – you’re right!

      • Raul Lorcez

        Okay, thanks, Doc–I’m glad you saw my post not as a criticism, but rather as a helpful suggestion.

        When I was a kid, my dad was a member of the Catholic Church in Beacon, NY. Instead of passing around the donation basket each week, the priest used to hand out personalized envelopes, which each attendee returned with or without a donation. The priest would then publish a weekly newsletter listing the dollar amounts of ever person who donated.

        Beacon has very wealthy people and very poor people, and the poor often donated large percentages of their incomes, whereas the wealthy often donated higher amounts because they had more money to spend…but the percentage was FAR less.

        The end result was that those who donated, say, $10 but could only afford $5, upon seeing their name listed beneath someone who donated $20 but could afford much more, would then feel obligated to donate $20 the following week–even if it meant he/she then couldn’t afford to buy their kids food. The priest was basically bullying the poor into giving more than they could afford by publicly shaming them, and my father was so offended that he left the congregation.

        Now, in your case, I am POSITIVE that was not your intent–and I mean that honestly. But I remember how the church experience left a bad taste in our mouths, and I didn’t want to see that happen here, as this is the best LOST site out there, with no competition whatsoever, and it would be a shame if people decided not to help you keep it alive because they felt self-conscious about giving less than someone else did.

  • Staci

    Just donated. Thanks for the site. Keep up the good work.

  • Donated!

  • meems

    Just donated! I love this site. Where would I be without you, Doc?

  • wophers

    Just donated. Hope you reach your total. Love this site. Was happy to donate – esp as you were so helpful in saving Fishbiscuitland forum when it went all funny

  • Cecil

    Bought the book last week… hope everyone else contributes this is bar none my favorite Lost fan site and one I visit routinely and it would be very saddening to see it go.

  • Hexonxonx

    Out of curiosity, is the need for funds a temporary financial blip (e.g. your ad service has failed to pay you) or a more long term situation? Basically, is viable going forward?

    • docarzt is viable! Thankfully. It is a matter of timing.

  • Brian

    How much does it cost to keep this site running? I’m just curious…

    • docarzt

      More than you might think! Because the site is so visual and code intensive it requires some serious horse power to run. I went through 4 servers before settling on this one, we average around 2800gb of bandwidth a month with the images and videos alone. So the server cost is $260.

      • docarzt

        Of course, there are intangibles… and lots of them, that you just can’t put a price on.

        • stu

          You should ask Seanie B for some cash for all the ideas he has taken from this site.

          • Landry B.

            Oooo…liking this idea!

  • Wintermute

    I’m in. Let’s keep it going.

  • Hipster Doofus

    Just donated. Hope it helps.

  • Elan

    Just donated! You are one of the best fan sites out there. And while I like doc Jensen’s columns on EW, and sometimes surf on DarkUFO, I like DocArzt the best. May you live and prosper!

    • neoloki

      Dark has a lot of info, but too focused on spoilers. like the recaps there. Too many very negative people comment over there. eyemsick is great for small single blogger, very intelligent blogger. Jo and Robin, they both have good blogs. HEMA theory and luhks both top notch.

  • Just registered after hearing the news. As a casual browser of the site I hope you get enough donations to keep your excellent site on-line Doc, hope my donation helps. Would you mind if I make a thread over at Dark’s forum Doc to raise awareness?

  • dust


    i’ve donated in the past , also been wondering a lot if i should buy your book, the buy-a-signed-copy almost made me buy one but my account was below zero at the time. does that offer still count? if it does, i’ll buy it right now! let me know, please, wouldn’t want to see turn into a ‘page not found’.

    • docarzt

      We are out of books! I sent the last of them this past weekend. Stay tuned.

      • If you get some more signed books Doc, I will be more than glad to support you and buy one. I gotta be honest, when I first saw the tagline for the article, my heart skipped a beat. I love this site, and it would be a damn shame if it was unable to continue on. Just donated as well, hope it helps Doc! Thanks for a great site.

  • I have never contributed to this site, but I visit it at least once a day — it’s a great hub for we Lost fans to ‘meet’ and react / respond [even if it’s only in private] to the excellent theorising that goes on here.

    It’s only right we should donate something towards this.

    So, I have 😉

    Good luck, Doc — your work, and the work of the contributors, is much appreciated.

    But if you’re knocking out 2800 Gb of bandwidth a month, you already knew that!

  • neoloki

    Just donated. I love this site. I hope it helps. If you get down to the last day and you haven’t met your goal let us know because we want this site up and running. I visit this page everyday and as one of the larger Lost sites it is my favorite not only because of the info, but the people who post are intelligent and reasonable Lost fans that have much to contribute to the community.

  • 1miletogo

    just donated 🙂

  • Ram

    Donated! This site is my favorite Lost Site, and always the first place I turn to for Lost news. Very deserving of my help and support, and I’m glad to lend it!

  • lulamae

    Just donated. Love this site!

  • Lost Mom of Four

    I no longer use credit cards…could I mail donation to a physical address???
    I really WOULD like to donate also…

    • ashlie

      You can link up a bank account through PayPal and pay that way if you don’t have a credit card, it’s a great option!

  • Jay

    Just donated from Lithuania. Hope it’ll help. Great site!

  • cap10tripps

    Been on here and thetailsection before for 3 or 4 years now. You have added a great deal to my experience of what I consider to be the greatest show of all time. I never do this sort of thing but I’ve donated as a thank you for your hard work. Cheers to docarzt and cheers to all of you who contribute to (or at least listen to) our daily conversations…

  • Dolce

    People, please dig as deep as you can! My wife would greatly appreciate me not having to yammer in her ear constanly about Lost. Without this site I will have no other option than to do just that.

    Oh, and do it for Doc too.

    Doc, I donated as much as I could spare at the moment, hope it helps!


  • BenCuk

    This has finally made me make the effort to register, and then donate!

  • Artimus

    Threw down $10. Wish I could’ve done more. Good luck.

  • richie

    dont know what id do without this site doc, and the rest of you, keep it going if you can!!

  • Cutter XXIII

    Well if it goes through, I tossed $5 in the hat.

  • professorstotch

    Looks like the Paypal site is down, but when it’s back up. Just give me the word and I’ll throw something in too!

    Glad to see so many people pitching in. Gives a whole new meaning to DocArzt AND FRIENDS 🙂

  • RodimusBen


    It might be a good idea to keep this as the top post, with some red lettering or something, over the next couple days. Also, the more you can update us with a total, the better! If I knew giving another $10 would make the difference between keeping the site up or not, I would do it.

  • seenitlovedit

    Just donated. Please everyone do what you can DocArtz is a great place let’s show our appreciation.

  • Lauren

    Done. I hope it helps.

  • mg

    Aw crap, I donated but the account isn’t in my name, so my mom’s name will come up for my donation. Either way, dunno where i’d go after watching each LOST episode if you weren’t around. Keep it coming!!!

  • clueless1der

    Seeing all this love just makes me happy to be associated with this site! Even tho I’m like the Workman in the scheme of things lol.

    Those of you who donated THANK YOU!!! I love love love this site.

  • Slothrop

    Well, I threw in my donation, and just wanted to join in the little lovefest here. I love the site, and I love the community. It’s one of the very few sites where the user comments are about as engaging and thought-provoking as the articles themselves. Keep it up!

  • Aaron

    write an iphone app, charge 99 cents!

    • tobias funke

      that’s a great idea man.

      • Koobie

        We are actually working on that 😉

  • $11.11 on its way!


  • JOJO

    You are the best. Just donated. Keep up the great site!

  • illegibleg

    Donated. This is the best, most geekgasmic Lost page. Love.

  • drfitz44


  • Stefano

    11$ on the Submarine

  • CelticFan96

    Donated… Keep us posted, Doc.

  • daniel (not Faraday)

    Otay…I just sent ten dollars as I would hate to see Doc Arzt explode…

    Keep up the great work!

  • JoeNobs

    I just donated! Good luck, Doc!

  • I’m always willing to pay for quality content and that is what this site gives me. Thanks for the hard work and hopefully you’ll be able to keep it up.

  • T Vainisi

    I donated a buck. I can’t deal with the idea of not being able to read fishbiscuits recaps!

  • Jayman

    Donated my $1.08 😛

    • golfluvr13

      Are you a fan of “The Jerk”?

      • Jayman

        Not too sure what you’re insinuating there, golfluvr13..

        • im with jayman. The jerk is funny, ill give ya that, but if you are sayin jayman is a jerk, well, then, you’re the real jerk golfy. seriously though, at least people are donating! hell, i only donated two bux, am i a jerk? get over yourself golfy and join the positive side of the cause!

          • golfluvr13

            No! I’m referring to when Steve Martin is writing out the checks saying I owe you one dollar and 8 cents. I thought that was what Jayman was referring to, and that’s why I asked. It wasn’t meant to be a negative! Lighten up!

  • jnangano

    Donated $10.00

  • Landry B.

    Hope the little helped! Don’t know what I’d do without my daily LOST fix via DocArts!!

  • ashlie

    I’ve proudly sent my donation, Doc! I visit the site at least a few times a day and religiously listen to the podcast, so it’s my time to pay my due! Wish it could have been more, but I’ve got a wedding to pay for! Keep up the good work!


  • Landry B.

    WHERE ARE YOU TOWARDS GOAL DOC? Please keep us updated…feeling antsy thinking my favorite site could be gone soon…

    • mesketch

      I second that, please let us know if you’re getting close. I hope our donations can help out.

  • ShakenBunny

    Dude & me send some euro’s your way Doc, hope it helps ;o)

  • Uncle Beaver

    Just put in $10.00. I don’t know if it’s enough, but if you need more, I’ll try to get it to you if you let us know.

    This is the first thing I’ve EVER donated to (besides a few bucks here and there for animal welfare).

    Now… I’ve been taking advantage of NPR for so long…

  • Lori

    i tried to donate $3.00. the site returned my donation and said it had no account to send it to. has that been fixed?

  • Bezmina

    Could only afford $15 as am getting married this year but hope it helps!

  • oldrunner262

    I sent in $10.00 yesterday. Will you have enough money to keep going? Luv the site.

  • spayne

    I was also compelled to register and donate.

  • Landry B.

    WHAT’S THE UPDATE DOC? Really wondering if you are near your goal?

  • erock

    I donated $8.15, now get going and record some more podcasts.

  • ebonX

    Just donated … Hope that helps!

  • Drunk Hurley

    LONG time reader, first time poster. Donated $5.00. Hope it helps.

  • Kevin Denouden

    I won’t donate to a site that costs $260/month. IMO, find a better host my friend or tone down the site. There’s really no need to pay that much.

    • seenitlovedit

      It’s okay that you don’t want to donate. Please keep in mind that many of us love the site the way it is. Also, it is important to remember, that this site obivously takes money and an enormous amount of time to maintain. Your suggetions aren’t really going to help keep the site running, so maybe next time you could avoid making a comment if you don’t want to help.

      • chris

        Now I love going to and all, but I couldn’t help but think of how many other MUCH MORE WORTHIER causes that money could be going to to help out, (Cancer, AIDS, schools,homeless, Africa, MS et. al.) rather than our favorite Lost blog. And to ask for money during a period where so many of us are hurting is even worse. I mean sure the Doc has a great web site, but no one is going to truly suffer if it goes down. In my opinion, he should have to suffer the consequences of poor economic management, tone down his site,(He pays $260 a month..WOW) or maybe even borrow the money rather than ask people for money, but he had to ask for the money cause he knew how important it is to have the site up and running during the final two episodes. Of course he could have borrowed the money from a buddy, but then he’d have to pay that person back. Also, I find hard to believe you haven’t reached your goal yet. I love Lost, and I really admired the old Doc Arzt, the Doc Arzt that was just happy to be writing and theorizing about Lost. He was giddy as a school boy back in the first couple of seasons. I couldn’t wait to read his next entry, his next theory, his next great interview, but now the Doc I came to love seems to have lost his morals and now is only in this for the financial gain. I hope I have completely misread this situation, but at this point I think I’ll donate my money to a worthier cause like Cancer research or MS.

        • docarzt

          Wow, that’s pretty deep Chris. On the other hand, as someone who pays for the magazines and services I’m addicted to, I never think of how that money could be better spent on other things. TVGuide, for instance… I can get the listings online, why bother to pick it up when I could be sending that money for aids research. Now, the site is free year round, and I’m happy to have it that way – and there is certainly a good theme to your philosophical take on things; but I think in general, yes you have misread it. Hopefully you continue to enjoy the site.

  • lockeheart

    Havent dontated yet, put my paycheck should clear by tommorow at which point i would be more then happy to make a donation. Any word though on how much more money you need doc? I dont wanna put 10 bucks in if you already have enough. Then again i probably donate anyway. I love this site!

  • Victoria

    Just donated, love this site and id be “LOST” without it!!!

  • DocArzt

    Okay folks! We are all set! Thanks for your generosity! We’ll be good for the foreseeable future. Look for the improvements to keep rolling too. We’ll be launching trivia leagues after the

    • DocArzt

      …finale. (lol)

    • “We’ll be good for the foreseeable future”

      On all timelines? 😀

    • Jayman

      Glad to hear it Doc!

  • Scott

    Seriously? Can’t even give an update? Sounds like he has plenty of money. Stop giving.

  • Drunk Hurley

    I donated Doc. But, this whole thing has been a little shady. How long is the foreseeable future? If we are going to keep donating every few months, you may want to tell people that you can’t afford the site. I’m not trying to call you out. But if people give you money, they deserve to know what is going on.

  • ted

    Shady as all hell.

  • docarzt

    Sorry if that seemed vague guys. The donations were enough to get us out of this cycle, the site should self sustain forever. “The foreseeable future” comment was in the context of “I can’t see any way that we’re going to run into trouble, now.”