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First LOST Season 6 Poster – Without the Puke Green

By docarzt,

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Give me just as second… MY FRICKEN EYES!  Okay, I feel better now.  ABC has apparently discovered a way to protect their images so if you resize them they become incredibly offensive to your senses.  But fear not, I have pasteurized the image and am pleased to present the ‘first’ LOST Season 6 poster.  My initial opinion:  Get back in the Photoshop Hatch, you have a long ways to go. Click the image for super extra large version.


  • Mike

    I noticed that Walt isn’t on it.

  • Dan

    I noticeed that Locke is in the centre with his back to the camera.

    • maina

      You are very perceptive!

  • Andrew

    They need more poses. This makes it look like Sawyer and Ben are Locke’s bodyguards. And NO, I am not suggesting that means anything.

    • graham

      I thought the same, they (Sawyer and Ben)even have the same defensive attitude.
      I don’t know what it means, but I like to have my 3 favorite characters together and in the center.

      • Andrew

        As I said, I don’t think it means anything. I was just waiting for someone to jump on it and say it was the clue they needed to explain how it all ends. Love the show, strong dislike of many of the fans.

        • gripp

          you’re a bitter little baiter, aint ya?

          • Andrew

            Incorrect. I’m not trying to start an argument with anyone, or even a rational discussion for that matter. I am merely frustrated with the rampant apophenia that seems to spring up around the show.

          • littletuttyfruity

            actually the producers said that of all the posters this one they actually loaded with meaning xD

  • docarzt

    I find it odd that Locke and Jack are not together, as the centerpiece of the group.

    • Andrew

      Jack is pretty close to the middle.

    • meems

      Doc, I think they’re grouped in pairs: Jack vs. Sawyer and Locke vs Ben.

  • SteverBeaver

    So are these all the actors who would’ve been considered “series regulars”? Hard to read too much into it (other than Lock’s turned back) because I’m sure Darlton is counting on subterfuge and obfuscation.

  • Benjamin

    Hahahahaha okay..they put VINCENT in it, but not Walt?! They belong together!..and in my opinion I feel like Juliet should be closer to the front..I think she’s earned it as a character.

  • Dorkusbob

    Looks like a few are waaaaay in the background, maybe Waaaaalt! is back even further…

    Libby and Charlotte are the smallest, followed by Eko and Vincent

    But also, no Richard, Jacob, or Evil Locke and why is everyone else about the same, except for Rose and Bernar.

    • Shinto

      Richard’s there.

  • I agree with Doc that this is some really pathetic Photoshop work. It looks like it could have been done in a high school desktop publishing class. As for the inclusion of the characters…I doubt it means much (after all, we’re not going to be seeing Libby in season 6, nor Shannon apparently). I just wish they’d found a way to get Smokey on there. He’s as much an integral character as anyone else, right?

    • apackofmonkeys

      It’s not as bad as last year’s image that had Daniel MISSING A FOOT.

      • Andrew

        yeah, remember how every jumped on that like it was a clue? and it really wasn’t? like a lot of people are doing with this picture?

        • Andrew

          “everybody” jumped that is.

  • One of the great benefits of my job is being able to get all ABC Promotional Material.

    Can’t wait to get my copy.

    As far as the meaning, I read in an interview with Damon that he and Carlton had a lot to do with the poster this year (at least the one with the glyphs) so I’m guessing all of this has a meaning.

    PS – I love Vincent at the end.

  • Cool, thanks for this!

  • The heads are unproportionally large. I don’t care about the other parts of the poster, they’re fine, but that’s terrible.

  • Matt

    Not only is Walt missing, but also Michael.

    • cody

      michael’s there

    • gripp

      blue shirt, on the left

  • monkeyface

    I’m so excited for S6! Yeah, the photoshop is bad, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

    No Walt…huh. Sawyer seems front and center, love that. Just b/c former cast members are on this poster doesn’t mean we’ll see them, does it? I’d really like to see Libby again, maybe a little backstory. Good to see Richard and yay…Vincent!

    I. Can’t. Wait.

  • SeeYouOnMadMen,Phil

    The real issue here is locke’s giving his back to the camera.
    DOES SHOWING ONE’S BACK MEAN ANYTHING in the history of art and/or in myths?

    and what about the Old Guys Widmore and Eloise, in the poster? is it for young people only?

    • Andrew

      Regarding Locke’s back:

      Maybe it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to the “Paul is Dead” rumor that started about the Beatles. On the back of the Sgt. Pepper’s album John, George, and Ringo all face the camera while Paul has his back turned. This was supposed to be one of the “clues” that pointed to his supposed death.

  • Bezmina

    Why has Vincent turned into the Andrex puppy? And no Waaaaalt hmmmm. I really want that boy to get his dog back this season.

  • 3D

    I might be hallucinating but it looks like their bodies are vaguely spelling out words. Does anyone with more energy for crazy theorizing want to take a gander at that?

    • apackofmonkeys

      …actually this makes sense, because Vincent is so small he looks like a period at the very end. I wouldn’t have wasted my time if not for the Vincent-period, but now I’m gonna stare for a while and try to come up with any words!

    • Well, using a smaller person as the letter of each word, I got ‘DBMMAC FSDE KJSLBSL SJC HJC RBRV’ using just first names. Alternatvely, ‘DBMMAC FSDE KJJLBSL SJC HJC RBRV’can be used for James instead of Sawyer.

    • mirth23

      If this is the case, note that some characters are overlapping. Maybe that’s how many letters are in each word?
      3, 3, 4, 3, 1, 5, 4, 3, then vincent as a period.

      How about last names, since Mesa’s first names idea doesn’t seem to say much:

      That doesn’t do a lot for us either. 🙂
      The truly dedicated could see if there’s a cypher in either Mesa’s or mine, using Locke as a clue since a single letter word would be “A” or “I”…

    • Andrew

      to this entire thread.

      • Andrew

        that should have said: “smacks forehead” – in brackets – “to this entire thread.”

    • I forgot how to do cyphers, but I think that’s the best bet if anything is here. We could just use the possible letters for an anagram and see what comes out.

      • Marc

        to me it quite obvioulsy spells out lost horizonatally

        L= Faraday to Charlotte
        O= Group of Frank Shannon Desmond Eko
        S=Kate to Jin
        T=Claire/Hurley form horizontal line.. juliet to rose form virtical line..

        its all there just look at it sideways

  • budcath

    Hurley seems more prominent and out front than all the other’s. Looking at postures and such I’m sure there is some hidden meaning in this for the curious with time on their hands.

  • neoloki

    I am surprised Doc nor any of the comments have mentioned the lack of hieroglyphs as compared to the “first” official season 6 poster. Does this have anything to do with Damon’s comment’s during his comic book signing last month? Any opinion Doc. The hieroglyphs actually made the poster interesting.

  • neoloki

    Doc any possibility of getting emailed responses linked to new comments, like Google Account, AIM or Open ID?

  • jacksbeard

    Ahn… so, anyone noticed that those “clouds” at the background doesn’t look like clouds, it looks like a breaking wave? Possible foreshadowing of a tsunami?

    • Andrew

      that IS a wave. they have been using waves in the background since season 1. makes sense, because they are ON AN ISLAND.

  • Nikita

    Am I crazy….. Where is Penny?

    • Seabiscuit

      Moved to LA, adopted an American accent and became a surgeon, now has a kid with some FBI guy.

    • And in an interesting turn, named that kid Charlie too!

  • The Magician

    That wave in the background is LOL

    they really need to employ a better photoshop team

  • joe_bones

    didn’t lucky lindelof state that walt would be in season 6??

  • Medzed

    Great cubical wall art to get passerby’s interested in the best show on TV.

  • I said this on sl-lost, but I’ll say it again anyway. I don’t like this poster at all. It looks fan made. You can tell that most of the characters are from other photos. The colour scheme also doesn’t work. I don’t like how Libby, Charlotte, Eko and Shannon are near the back. It would be better if they were all together like in the other poster. Also I just saw a comment that Libby and Shannon might not be back. I hope they do come back.

  • graham

    I don’t read spoilers so I like to speculate on a simple poster 🙁
    Maybe the reason to see Locke’s back in the poster is to indicate that Locke is back (and not the contrary)./wishful thinking/

  • tabula rasa

    The only things that stand out for me are Locke being turned away from us, Ben and Sayid near each other like the partners they were for a time and the ever present love triangle of Kate, Jack, & Sawyer. Vincent is interesting as well, because he seems to show up often during pivotal moments in the series. Other than that, it all seems pretty random as far as who is where on the poster.

  • dan

    unrelated to this thread… but the Lost fanpage on Facebook just announced the start date as Feb. 2, 2010.

  • Gary
  • Okan

    It seems that the man behind the curtain is Locke.

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