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Fringe Vs. Lost Part One – The Massive Dharma Dynamic Hanso…

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When J.J. Abram’s and crew first announced Fringe it was immediately compared to two iconic genre predecessors: X-Files and LOST. The X-files comparison was a given. FBI + Science Fiction = X-Files. It’s the Sci-Fi equivalent of E=MC2. The LOST comparison wasn’t such a reach either, it was J.J. Abrams after all. Now that we are six episodes into Fringe we have a workable vantage point on the show to say whether or not Fringe is truly derivative of the sensibilities of LOST, or if it is running on its own custom crafted mythos engine. I’ll be doing a series of posts investigating the various elements that pundits and fans have suggested were pulled from LOST. Please don’t forget to chime in with your own opinions.

Is Massive Dynamic a Hanso/Dharma Knock Off?