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Creepy Ben promo pics for season6

By lyly ford,

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Ben joined the others losties gallery so enjoy !
don’t you think he looks creepy ?

[nggallery id=72]

  • casperkoopman

    When i first saw the ben pictures i thought he was in a trap from ghostbusters 😛

  • Seabiscuit

    “Creepy” doesn't begin to scratch the surface.

  • majorfx

    Pretty effective lighting there. Really makes it creepy.

  • Casey11

    What would you call that expression on his face? Besides creepy, I mean.

  • LMAO! Cheesy as the Saw crap he did. IMOHO.

    But, I do think the settings are clues to their roles – perhaps even fates for these Losties.

  • Andrew

    actually, i was thinking he looked terrified.

    (i didn't really “like” my own comment, i pressed the wrong button)

  • Chelsy

    Lol!! Michael is hilarious. I love how he likes to have fun with it. This sort of reminds me of that magazine photo EW did with him, Foxy and Mitchell back in season three. He had about the same funny expression. I personally like his pictures. I don’t think they’re bad or cheesy…but then I’m a tad biased, I love Ben!!! Lol

  • Knock Knock. Who’s there! Candice! Candice who? Candice get any better!

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