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LOST 5.03 – Jughead – Official Promo Pics Full Set – Deleted Scene?

By docarzt,

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Here are the official promo pics from ABC.  All images are (C) 2009, ABC.

Notice that in a few pictures Theresa seems awake, and is looking towards Desmond!  I wonder what she said to him originally?  Creepy.

[nggallery id=19]

  • spinflip

    >I wonder what she said to him originally?

    You have to go back! *coughs* *gurgles* *dies*

  • Hipster Doofus

    More pics of Ellie!

    • Hipster Doofus

      Holy cow. I just looked her up on Imdb. She’s younger than I am. She’s 18. I’m 20. Usually I’m damn good at telling whether someone is older or younger than I am.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    when did that girl sit up in bed? i watched the ep a few times and don’t recall her moving at all??