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LOST Spoilers! Promo Pics from LOST 5.09 – Namaste

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Here are some promo pics from the next episode of LOST, 5.09 titled “Namaste.”  Some very interesting reveals.

[nggallery id=42]

  • Will

    Is that Christian hanging a picture?

    • angjen0816

      i think so, in the cabin! jacobs cabin

      • Adil

        it looks for me like a dharma station. not the cabin…

      • Mirko

        No, that’s not the cabin. But some room in Otherton.
        Take a closer look at the first pic of Christian and you’ll see he is standing in front of the entrance of a Dharma-barrack. It also appears to be clear that he’s still the old ghost after all since the bad shape of the building makes it obvious that Dharma’s best days are passed for a while…

        • Mirko

          *have passed…

    • Mirko

      I think instead of hanging it he is taking it from the wall in order to show someone (propably Sun & Lapidus) the people on it. Guess who they are: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Juliet and all the Dharma folks arround, photographed in te 70’s.

      These promo pics couldn’t have made that more obvious.
      Pretty cool Sun & Jin reunion I would say. 🙂

      • Eric

        Yep, I think he’s holding Lapidus’ flashlight in his hand! And those are definitely a bunch of group photos hanging on the wall.

    • longlivekingnick

      No doubt… i skimmed over that picture and I am glad you said something. White tennis shoes are a dead giveaway.

      Def looks like a Dharma building

  • Bookhouse Boy

    Looks like Sun is about to whack Ben with the paddle (Yeaaaa!)

  • jeremy

    it totally looks like Sun is going to smack Ben over the head with that oar. that would be great!

    • Mirko

      That would explain why he is staying on the Hydra island wounded while Lapidus & Sun have left it with one of the boats. Will he go hunt them (personally)? Or will that be a 316 team conducted by Caesar (maybe yet in Ben’s control)?

    • LostinNewYork


  • Seabiscuit

    Ben’s about to get pwned.

  • Vayne81

    Was that a wedding ring on Juliets finger?

  • Adil

    Oh my God whats Hurleys name called? Chef? 😀

    • s.w.a.c.

      Hopefully he’ll start singing and handing out life lessons to the Dharma children.

    • LostinNewYork

      Jack doesn’t have a job on his uniform

  • hyperRevue

    It looks like I was wrong about Sun. She’s clearly in the 316er’s time (2008). I still don’t really get why.

  • papina

    Is Kate in the Motor Pool? And that is a ring on Juliet’s finger…could they have had a Dharma Wedding? I’ll send’em a Dharma Toaster!

    • acards

      What picture are looking at with the ring? I dont see it

  • crispy

    I wonder why Sayid doesn’t join Dharma along with Jack, Hurley and Kate.

    So these pics confirm the theory that it was Sun who took off on the outrigger with Lapidus. And I don’t see young Ben or his father in the photo of new recruits so I guess that kills the theory that they arrive next week on the sub.

    • LOST12steplpan

      I think it would be hard to come up with a story for why there was a random middle eastern guy found in the woods in handcuffs. Remember, Jin found the other three and then showed them to Sawyer (LeFleur) for him to figure up a story before anybody else knew they were there.

  • clueless1der

    OHHHHHHHH. That was awesome. Ben’s gonna get his little lovable butt kicked! And, I’m fascinated with their Dharma jobs. Jack- did it say workman? He wasn’t in uniform for a lot of that. And what, is Kate in the motor pool? Based on what? Hurley- Chef… well yeah. We all saw his pwnage of the Hot Pocket of Dooom.

    *can’t wait!*

    • papina

      Thought Kate was in the motor pool based on the Dharma Jumpsuit she’s wearing. Looks like Juliet’s.

  • longlivekingnick

    You know… I look at these pictures, and frankly… I don’t care for the character of Sun or the character of Kate. That is just my opinion. I feel like the character of Jin is very interesting, but whenever Sun is with him, I find myself less interested.

    Also, what is the deal with Kate? Shes with Jack, Shes with Sawyer, Shes with Jack, Shes with Sawyer, Shes with Jack… now… maybe Sawyer again? And she cries over it everytime. She is like that guy/girl you know that is always in a relationship because they are too afraid of being alone.

    I like Juiliette much better, her character is smart, funny, and a complete bad ass.

    I think Sawyer and her would be a good match for the show. And let crazy old Jack have Kate, thats what the fans want. They can be miserable and die in the caves today in their Adam and Eve uniforms (yea… thats my theory)!

    • longlivekingnick

      “They can be miserable and die in the caves together”*

      the other way sounds harsh

  • Alasdair

    Is anyone thinking where the hec locke is in these pics. i mean if ben is walkin around and doin stuff – wont locke have something to say to him? im hopin for a confrontation between them or at least something