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News promo pics of the cast for Season6 *Ilana only*

By lyly ford,

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For now, ABC released only Ilana but soon they’ll post it, i’ll add here 🙂

[nggallery id=72]

source : Lyly Ford Blog

  • Twitchy

    there are 2 skeletons, one has a spear in the neck or something.
    Anyone, dudez?

    • dan

      perhaps that poor SOB made the wrong guess as to what lies in the shadow of the statute.

    • Seabiscuit

      She’s a cannibal.

    • Kevin James John

      I only see one skeleton?

      • Me too. Some help with the other one, please.


        • Twitchy

          i dunno: i see a skull on the right, then i see another skull on the left of the previous, and it seems that this one has something that goes from side to side.. but maybe it’s just a longer bone laying on the skeleton.
          this pics are way too small!

  • Sch-wwwwing!

    • Mack

      She is hot. I love dark haired women.

      • Puzziani

        What’s up with the frozen donkey wheel type hue in the rocks to the right of her?

  • dp2

    She looks like a cross between Ana-Lucia and Edie Brickell. Seriously, that second pic, looks just like Edie.

    Clearly the same shoot as the Lost Supper, BTW.

    • neoloki

      No offense but she looks nothing like Ana Lucia except for the skin tone.

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