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Third version of the Lost Last supper

By lyly ford,

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what a big surprise from Doc Jensen who shared it with us on his new columm at EW

kinda interesting no ? seem like sayid is juda and want to give his last drink to locke/jesus or Flocke

you can see the three togethere here [nggallery id=71]

  • Annebeth

    It looks like Frank will be more important (with the whole ‘candidate’ thing’) than we thought.

    Because Hurley, Miles AND Ben look at him…

  • GeigerCounter

    Richard and Jin just want to get the ladies drunk 🙂

    • Seabiscuit

      Jin must be drunk off his ass already, he’s missing that cup by a mile.

  • whateverhappenedhappened

    Is Sayid trying to get with Kate? Sawyer looks pissed.

    • maybe this is the new triangle lol jk

  • Why does Miles move in every picture? And why does Claire’s position switch?

    And why am I reading so far into this?!?! 🙂

    • because you miss LOST like us and we’re crazy lol

  • WhO@

    Perhaps there are three time lines now, or 3 alternate universes. I still believe the one that we have been watching since The series began is the 2nd go around.

    • GeigerCounter

      I hope not. Like it’s not enough they re-use Galactica’s promotion. What you propose is basically the whole idea behind BSG.

      • seriously?

        Like yeah, BSG used it before anyone else used The Last Supper, right? Lost was before BSG to by the way, The theory that this is the second go around could have been written well before BSG was “re-imagined.”

        • dolce

          Actually, BSG was re-imagined in 2003 when the mini-series was released. But who cares?

          • Glue your eyelids

            Guys, Idk about tv show promos specifically, but I’m pretty confident that Last Supper parodies have been done way before both the Galactica and the Lost one. No point in arguing about which came first… because neither did 😉

        • GeigerCounter

          I know the Last Supper was used many times before. But when Lost uses it under the exact same circumstances (planned last season of a sci-fi/drama show, mysterious character promised to be revealed/explained) as BSG did a year ago, then it’s obviously not just a coincidence.

          BSG was reimagined in 2003, partially using a script written even before that, so Lost actually came after Galactica. Plus the theme of “all this has happened before and all of it will happen again” was introduced in season one and it came into play long before time travel was introduced on Lost. (Whether or not Lost’s TPTB planned it since day one is irrelevant since it’s impossible to prove.)

  • Glue your eyelids

    Interestingly, no one seems to be looking at Locke anymore, save Jack (and maybe Ilana?).

  • Sansen


    i don´t understand why all of you are so angry about this. I think it doesn´t mind if there has been a last supper promo pic before. The Today and Now is important. Its obvious that darlton put some hints in it. Perhaps the relation with BSG is one of those.
    Who cares?
    Its a great Pic, it makes me think of clues, hidden in it. So whats wrong with it?
    And to put it in a nutshell, lost always had relations to the bible. What series fits better into that theme of last supper, than lost does. John Locke as Jesus ( he died and was reborn, like jesus), Sayid is Judas because he tried to kill Ben, who thought to be working for Jacob. It all has its roots in the Holy Book. I´m an atheist and i´m not really into it, but its a really cool idea.

    I hope you got what i mean.I tried my best to write my thoughts in english…. i´m german you know ? ^^