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George Lucas Sends `Grats to Darlton

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George Lucas sent this letter to Damon and Carlton congratulating them on LOST.

Congratulations on pulling off an amazing show. Don’t tell anyone … but when ‘Star Wars’ first came out, I didn’t know where it was going either. The trick is to pretend you’ve planned the whole thing out in advance. Throw in some father issues and references to other stories — let’s call them homages — and you’ve got a series.

In six seasons, you’ve managed to span both time and space, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I never saw what was around the corner. Now that it’s all coming to an end, it’s impressive to see how much was planned out in advance and how neatly you’ve wrapped up everything. You’ve created something really special. I’m sad that the series is ending, but I look forward to seeing what you two are going to do next.
Source: THR

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  • salv0

    Talk about presumptuous.

  • Mark

    is this real?

  • Desi’s Brother

    “How neatly you’ve wrapped up everything.”

    hahahaha. that’s a good one. wow. um yeah.


  • George has probably seen it.

  • Steven

    They read this letter at the LOST Live event.

  • Weakleydrake

    george lucas is full of shit

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    It seems like EVERYONE is falling into the insanity that is LOST. I myself was in Hawaii while the final episode was being filmed. Security was tight around the beach camp and the Ajira plane but I still managed to steal 2 stones from a fake grave, possibly Boone’s, as well as a piece of rope from Eko’s church. I also got pics, one of my foot on Locke’s grave. Even as insane as this might be, at least I got to take a piece of the show with me. So if we’re all insane in this way, then surely old man Lucas can share some of the madness.

  • Matt

    Wow… A lot of people commenting on here don’t deserve to be called “LOST fans.” Why the hell are you even on a LOST forum if you’re just going to bash the show to bits like you are? There is so much animosity toward this show from the fan community just over 1 damn episode. And I’m sorry, but that episode is actually much more brilliant than many people are giving it credit for. You just have to stop asking how the magic of the island works, and just accept that there is magic… same as how with Star Wars, you just accept that in this world there is something called “The Force,” and it doesn’t need explanation. I believe that no matter what happens in these final 2 episodes of LOST, it will still always be the most brilliant television show ever created, and I will be showing it to my kids and my grandkids, and hope that they can all love it just as much as I did.

    • neoloki

      Matt, I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but Lost fans are generally pretentious assholes. I include myself in that group of assholiness. It just in the nature of the beast.

      • Jack’s Sidekick

        The brilliant thing about the show is that these conversations represent the show itself. I have much trouble trying to explain it to people who don’t want to bother with it. At these times I feel like John Locke. Then when I show them LOST, they realize that maybe they were wrong. I have introduced the show to many people, over 10 and they have all turned around, now obsessed themselves. I have always had faith in this show, since day one. Even as strange as it’s gotten, I told everyone that this is the show to watch because it will pay off in the end. So everyone make like Jack Shephard and find faith; everything is going to be okay.

        • SharktacO

          Nice post jack, possibly the most intelligent statement ever made on this forum.

          • Jack’s Sidekick

            Thanks Shark. I’ve been meaning to say this for a while now and it seems that the time had finally come.

    • Matt, it’s because people can still be fans and have different, passionate opinions.

  • poop mcgee

    Poop Mcgee Doesn’t like this.

    • Jack’s Sidekick

      Well alrighty then.

    • Benjamin

      Doc Arzt & Friends LOST Blog doesnt care.

      • Poop mcgee

        Maybe not, but now you know.

  • SharktacO

    A lot of LOST fans hate George Lucas, A lot of LOST fans also hate LOST now. Its only natural for that group to come in here and type something totally stupid.

  • Lost Abu

    All of this negativity sucks

  • Rosie

    If someone other than George Lucas had written that letter, would some of you still be making these same insulting remarks?

  • George Lucas is a man who was seduced away from his sense of craft by the silicon snake oil of technology. In his heyday, his films were the benchmark for every genre he touched. Except that Duck movie. For us old timers, uncle George’s words still have tremendous meaning.

    • SharktacO

      Thats funny actually, cause I know I read an article awhile back on the net about how LOST will debut never before seen special effects technology for the finale. Man, I can here them all crying now.

      • unclejacob

        Really Doc? That Duck Movie?

        Howard the Duck is a classic.

        ::two cents::

        I have decided to thwart my expectations. This show is what it is, and with 3 1/2 hrs of ep left, I just wanna enjoy it. For the last couple yrs I began watching a show that completely changed the way i viewed TV (hell, even story writing)..and I love TV…it raised me….but much like Seinfeld..once you become so in love something, that commitment scares you, and you nit-pick, find holes, and dis-assemble the beauty you fell in love with. You dedicated yourself too….all because that idea of heart-ache and failure..can be just too much….The idea that Lost can end in a way that doesn’t fit my assumed notions is, to be honest, frighting..but its not my story..and I will no longer breakdown this show untill I can’t even remember why I started watching in the first place..why I fell in love..

        with that, I urge you all to put down your Magnifying glasses. Step back, embrace, and enjoy the last hours of a show that has brought so many people together, on so many levels. Hell, I feel I enjoy the company of people who watch LOST, more than those who don’t…because I feel they “get it”…”Get what?”, well hopefully we’ll find that out, and if not..that’s fine, because it wouldn’t be LOST other wise!!!

        thanks for Listening…what the hell are we all gonna do after this?

  • Rosie

    [George Lucas is a man who was seduced away from his sense of craft by the silicon snake oil of technology. In his heyday, his films were the benchmark for every genre he touched. Except that Duck movie. For us old timers, uncle George’s words still have tremendous meaning.]

    Well honey, I guess we’ll have to disagree. I’m also a veteran of the old STAR WARS films. I saw the first movie back in ’77 at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Unlike you, I don’t believe in the crap that Lucas had been “seduced away from his sense of craft” by the Prequel Trilogy. Not only do I love the Prequel Trilogy just as much as the Original Trilogy, I believe that it gave a good lesson on how human beings are really like. A lesson that many seem unwilling to acknowledge.

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