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Has The LOST Season 6 Premiere Date Been Set?

By docarzt,

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It would appear that ABC has settled on a premiere date for LOST season 6.

One of ABC’s press sites is giving the date of January 20th for the premiere of LOST.  A week earlier than previous rumors, but who is going to complain about that.  Since no-one has officially verified that date, it is – as always – subject to change.  I’m going to shoot some emails around to try to get verification.

There is still no word on whether LOST will be pre-empted by the Olympics.  Since the nets have rarely pre-empted for the Olympics in the past, it seems unlikely – and the earlier circulated rumor turned out to be false (way to go, Harvard.)  Still, NBC is planning a huge push for the games, whether that spooks the nets or not we’ll have to wait and see.  If LOST airs on Wednesday, it would be battling Men’s Ice Hockey.

(Thanks to LyLy Ford for the heads up.)

  • pokr

    Cool – thanks Doc. Is there a link to the press site?

  • docarzt

    can’t access it without a password

  • Tom

    I actually CANNOT wait for the 20th of January!
    If you want to check out my Lost Blog, please visit: Lost Season 6

  • ashlie

    Oh my poor husband…if S6 premieres on January 20th, he’ll be having a very lonely birthday!

  • Cool, sooner than I expected!

    When did they start filming? Just curious.

    I’m an actor and want on that show! Just one line man…

  • OMG! It really seems like FINALLY it’s coming… yep kind of bittersweet. We’ve been looking forward to it for a while now. At least the DVD will bridge the gap.

  • Cool post! I totally enjoyed reading it. I will for sure come back to this site.