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Here’s That Kate Video Everybody Is Talking About

By docarzt,

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Jopinionated got the entire panel on video and we’re going to be publishing her UNEDITED version of the panel tomorrow, but I know everybody is anxious to get a look at the Kate video  (the Hurley Mr. Clucks commercial and the Oceanic Ad are on an earlier post) so I isolated that out to post now.  The panel will be converting over night.

  • Kate >

    Yeah, I like it!

  • lostfanboy16


  • Eric

    Awesome job guys!

    And as for the videos… fun stuff!

  • That would have been neat if it had been what actually happened. If there are multiple timelines, the sixth season will be even more pointless and contrived than the last two seasons.

  • d00by

    I do not like the idea of alternate timeline. That basically erases what the viewers invested in the last five seasons.

    Though highly unlikely, if that happens I will be really pi$$ed! 🙁

    • we had the same discussion with Star Trek since the moment Bob Orci talked about quantum mechanics.
      Everybody got afraid that their Trek DVDs would disappear from beneath their TVs.
      Turned out it worked fine with the new Kirk, Spock and Bones.
      And in this case we still have the same actors playing the same people, just in another timeline.

      And I guess the two lines will collapse into a single one around 6/8…

    • DocArzt

      Nothing will erase what has happened, but what if everything that happened was merely one turn in a big game, with thousands of turns before it? I think the stakes are real.

      • apackofmonkeys

        I think it’s summed up best by:

        It only ends once. Everything else is just progress.

  • The new timeline is surprisingly close to the old one… with Kate acting the same way, for the same motivations.
    Which kind of rules out that she remembers anything from the other life, and Jacobs touch did not preserve memory.
    The same with ‘lucky’ Hurley, who went to Australia for what? Finding the guy who came up with his lucky numbers in the outback?

  • dust

    let’s say that it doesn’t erase everything till now but takes a sidetrack and what we get in season 6 is everything from 1977 (time of the fade to white) till now (including alvar hanso and stuff) and we’ll find out that the can’t get away from their destiny, that is that they’ll wind up on the island after all…
    maybe everything we saw until now is already a sidetrack…


    Hey, Doc, thanks to you and your team for bringing the last ever lost comic con to my pc monitor, and in high definition no less. I noticed eonline is also using the same videos as you did for the panel but they do mention that ABC asked them to remove the Sawyer montage, The Michael Emerson fake montage, and the other segments that were absent from the 4 panel videos you posted. Will you be able to post those for us viewers or do you know if ABC has any plans at all to add them to their website?

    • DocArzt

      Actually, EW mis-credited us for the video. My post gives credit to the folks who published this one, and the youtube they embedded goes to the original publisher. I think they assumed since we were there and filming that was our video. Not the case. I’m happy to say, though, that our version of the panel will be published today and does fill in what was missing from the big screen!


        Cheers, I’m eager to see Michael Emerson’s audition for the Hurley part.

  • Cutter XXIII

    “Remember…you CAN make a difference.”

    • DocArzt

      Whoa! Look at the brain on you! That is definitely on purpose. 😉

  • Kevin

    I think it will be similar to Jake’s experience in the Dark Tower. The folks will feel as if something is wrong; that they should be elsewhere.

  • james

    Great! Now we just need the lost theme song video and the fan creations that they showed in the very beginning.

  • I like the video and it’s an intriguing thought that maybe the Losties were successful in changing the past – especially since this is implying that they didn’t just change the fate of flight 815; the changes go back even farther.

    When Damon and Carlton said they’re done with flashbacks and flashforwards and it’s time for “something new”, I think this is what they meant. Alternative timelines will be the new modus operandi for season 6. I have lots of concerns about how this could play out, but I also trust the writers to come up with better ideas than what I’m envisioning.

  • LongCon at ComicCon

  • Seabiscuit

    Would make for an interesting parallel to Sawyer murdering the wrong man in Australia, when he thought he was killing the real “Sawyer”, were it to become canon.

  • dp2

    I loathe the idea of another season of off-island antics ultimately bringing them back yet again. How many different ways do we have to see that?

    Here’s hoping these are more like the video from last year: hints at the plot but not canon.

  • james

    my intuition tells me theyll clear all of this business up in 2 episodes. That’s why they wanted the extended premier.

  • Heidi

    I wish someone in line after the videos were shown had asked if it was canon or just an example of what might happen like Faraday and Chang video from last year.
    Thanks for posting this.

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