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Hey! That’s Not LOST – Doc and Astro Travel to the “Fringe”

By docarzt,

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fringe-returnPardon the interruption in your LOST geekery.  This post is fair warning that DocArzt and AstroJones are collaborating on a new site dedicated to FOX’s uber cool “Fringe” titled: Walter’s Lab.  After you are finished meditating over how to flame me for mentioning a show other than LOST, cruise over and give the site a look.   Not a fan of Fringe?  You should be!  It’s a great show that has lived up to its potential, even if it has struggled with its identity a little.  Walter’s Lab.  Check it.

  • Apopheniac79

    I am sooo on this 😀

  • sad to read this…

  • boonesghost

    Fringe who?

  • DocArzt

    Fringe… love it… or leave it….

    • LostInCanada

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! I was wondering what was going on with you and Fringe lately. The Seeing Patterns site was awesome up until that break in November, then it never got updated since then.

  • Awesome. Fringe rocks!!!!

  • Cray Bearded Jack

    Fringe is a great show so far, and you picked the best character.

  • The Hurley Bird

    Meh… I saw the first five episodes. Kinda cool, but then it falls into a routine, and i have to be honest, i’ll NEVER have the patience to mysteries that i have with Lost. But thanks for sharing the site, i’ll sneak a peek

  • professorstotch


    JK, nice new site, Doc. I’m going to avoid it like the plague as I’ve only seen the first couple episodes of Fringe and I need to catch up. And believe it or not, I like to stay unspoiled on some shows out there. 😛

  • Benry

    Hmm.. I keep hearing mixed reactions about fringe, but usually more positive ones. Will check the series out.

    Nice website though doc. Like the green colour scheme

    • admin

      Astro’s Skin, My Bones. 😉

  • august

    i watched fringe episodes 1-5 and was for the most part unimpressed. couldn’t stand the lead. i really did like the premise of the show, though, and kept watching. the later episodes have definitely gotten better, and i am especially fond of the david jones arc so far. I found that Anna Torv, unexpectedly, grew on me … and Joshua Jackson became a little less annoying. the episode right before this last hiatus was damn near perfect television.

  • Lauren

    Great site! I’m excited.

  • JaySin420

    I was very close to giving up on Fringe early on because it had some potential but it was all over the place. (Very much like Life on Mars)

    I don’t know if they hired new writers for the last few episodes but whatever they did really worked. The last episode before hiatus was just incredible and I can’t wait for tonight.

    Also, the guy who plays Walter reminds me of Michael Emerson b/c he just totally dominates every scene he’s in.

    • LostInCanada

      Walters real name is John Nobel and hes an awesome actor! I think he makes the show! Tonights episode is going to be awesome! Cant wait to see William Bell!

  • Matthew Perry

    I watch Fringe, but I’m not sure why. The plot just isn’t very interesting, and Olivia and Peter are easily two of the lamest characters on television.

    If it wasn’t for JJ Abrams involvement, the occasional cool moment, and the fabulously talented John Noble aka Walter Bishop, I’d be long gone by now.

  • Woo hoo I joined a sight a while back but wasnt really into it and havent written their in months I would be all over this one though lol yay!

  • Dolce

    OMG! I just saw the Observer sitting in the audience of Ameican Idol! Nice little cross promo on FOX’s part.

    Yes… I watch American Idol, and yes, I am ashamed. It’s a guilty pleasure. Mock me if you will, I can take it.

  • I’m hoping that Fringe takes on more ongoing mysteries so that it can replace Lost for me when Season 6 is over. I need a show to obsess over and theorize about!

    For a (short) while I thought Heroes would be that show for me, but I was disappointed by the end of Season 1 (I was bored and caught a few epis this season and the last 2 were actually decent, maybe it is improving).

    Anyway, Fringe is awesome; I’ll definitely check out the new site. 🙂

  • YoungBen

    SWEET!!! I was wondering how long it would take for somebody to put up a Fringe website. And Walter’s Lab…LOVE IT. I was hooked on Fringe ever since I think ep. 3 or 5 when J.J. Abrams just had to throw in a LOSTish easter egg. While at a dead man’s house, they come across an airline ticket for…yup Oceanic Airlines.

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