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Is Evangeline a Skater, Jater, Jacket, or Suliet fan? Here’s Your Answer

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Jopinionated interviewed Evangeline on the red carpet and asked her what ship she is sailing these days.  The answer may surprise you!

  • angjen0816

    I completely agree 😀

  • n/a

    I agree, and I love her for admitting that. I’ve always loved Evie she seems so fun, open and honest…so I’m not surprised at all…

  • I guess, once LA X has aired, we can happily announce the quadrangle issue officially resolved. No more shipping-crap ftw! Wishful thinking again?

  • dtruth

    I love Evie because she tells people what she thinks they want to hear. In the last month she has skated, jated and now, “sulieted”. Please, hang no concrete opinions on what Evie tells you/us shippers. She finds the whole thing hilarious and does not take it seriously.

  • I was just chatting with my friend about this the other day over lunch . Don’t know how in the world we landed on the subject actually , they brought it up. I do recall having a amazing steak salad with sunflower seeds on it. I digress…

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  • Enough is better than a sackful. – German Proverb