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Jeff Jensen Recaps LOST 5.07 At EW – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

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lost-locke_lJohn Locke went tilting at windmills last night, and paid the price. The maybe-delusional/maybe-not/probably-both knight errant of Lost screwed on his Don Quixote and went on his greatest quest yet: convincing the world-weary, spiritually-defeated Oceanic 6 that they were special; that they were meant for greater adventures and grander purposes; that they belonged back on the Island. Alas, just as ”the knight of the sad countenance” of Cervantes’ mock-heroic epic was met wherever he went with derision and much physical punishment, Locke, too, was greeted with heaps of scorn and physical battery. Still, it was Locke who laughed last. In the wake of a journey that tested his faith and left him for dead, the Holy Fool found himself born again on the sandy shores of his heavenly home — or at least, just across the water from it, over on Hydra Island, the Maui-esque Purgatory which orbits the Paradise-or-Inferno(?) riddle of the (Big) Island. Continuing the season’s time loop theme (figurative and literal), Locke celebrated by doing what he did the first time around — biting into a juicy mango and telling a complete stranger his big secret, which this time around was this: I used to be dead. Now I am alive. Fancy that.

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  • jimmy zer0

    I propose that henceforth, Locke should be referred to as “Locke the White” among the Lost community. Thank you.

  • lamppost

    I’m an English Lit major, and in one of my classes we read Don Quixote this semester. Honestly, I couldn’t concentrate because I kept thinking about John Locke through out it. Dead, on analysis.