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JJ Talks LOST – From Comic-Con

By docarzt,

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Thanks to Bruce for this one.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to know the road not taken?

  • RichPundit

    HMmmm, observing JJ’s clear discomfort with his comments about how LOST ended such as turning his head, fidgeting and looking away, reminded me of the TV series “Lie to Me”.

    This continuing LOST ending saga is very sad and bitter for everyone …

    • elginmiller

      Winston Churchill said “a fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

      Lots of people think Lost ended well, despite the attempts of a vocal minority to spin it otherwise. Why are you still here, pissing on my favorite show, on a fan site for that show, months after it ended? Are you open to counter-arguments? Do you actually want to discuss your problems with the way Lost ended, or are you just shouting your negative opinion as loud as you can wherever and whenever possible?

      • dd

        You ask if people are open to counter-arguments, in the same breath that you insult those who didn’t like the finale. You’re a hypocrite, and its people like you that are killing fandom.

        • imfromthefuture

          dd wtf is wrong with you man.. one day ur rabidly arguing against people like rich pundit .. the next day you are defending him.. do you even know what your arguin about?

          • Rams

            There’s been a dd imposter posting here… duh

          • dd

            Yeah, that wasn’t me.

      • imfromthefuture

        very well said elgin

      • domcruise

        “Why are you still here, pissing on my favorite show, on a fan site for that show, months after it ended?”

        I’m a huge lost fan, have been since the beginning. I’ve been visiting and commenting on this site since just before season 3 at least. I didn’t like the finale, I thought it was a little bit of a cop out.

        Am I not allowed to come to a website for a show that i’ve been obsessed with for 6 years and voice my opinion?

        • elginmiller

          You’re allowed to do whatever you want. I just asked a question. I still like reading about Lost, and DocArzt was always the first place I’d check, so I still come here out of habit. It’s boring to read the same negative comments over and over with little to back them up besides opinion. If people feel the need to express their disappointment and, in some cases, deep feeling of betrayal, it would be interesting to see the conversation taken a little further. Maybe some direct quotes from Damon and Carlton that you feel were lies? Maybe some specific examples of dangling threads you feel deserved an answer? I’d be curious to see people’s thoughts about who might have gotten shot in the other boat, who was in Jacob’s cabin when and why, etc.

          Can anyone suggest a link to a more intelligent discussion of the show? I’ll go there and skip these comment sections from now on.

          • bplenc

            darkufo remains the best Lost site on the internet in all capacities: news, updates, clips, fan media, polls, theories, etc! RUN !

      • Mack

        The fact that it ended like Titanic is pretty disappointing. Several people besides myself came to the same conclusion. Those who loved ending are going to love it no matter what,even if you present a well reasoned argument, they won’t listen. They are fans-as in a shortened form of fanatic. Some people approach everything as if it is religion and must believe everything without question.

        • bplenc

          yeah right ok mack bc those who loved it cannot see anyone elses opinion right? i loved the finale, you cannot convince me otherwise – but I understand where people who didnt like it are coming from – i dont agree with them – but I understand – but I think those people were just looking for something different than what i was looking for in the end – and thats ok – but please dont label everyone who loved it blind by fanaticism. its actually possible to just have loved it.

          • Mack

            Yeah, they can’t see anything negative about the show because they choose not to. Much like an abused wife will stay with an abuser and even make justifications for his actions.

            “but I think those people were just looking for something different than what i was looking for in the end – and thats ok – but please dont label everyone who loved it blind by fanaticism. its actually possible to just have”

            In the statement above,you just labeled everyone who dislike the ending as not having a valid reason for disliking it other than they wanted/expected something else.

            You have completely reject the idea that critics had valid points. So please, don’t label everyone who disliked the ending. Don’t bother arguing that this wasn’t your intention because you state it quite clearly.

          • bplenc

            ummmm let me write this in an idiot-proof way. i know there were inconsistencies with the show – i know there were problems – but not one of them made me like the end any less – i loved the end – and i loved the show – warts and all. i am not ignoring the mistakes, i am accepting them. it was not perfect, but you know what? who cares?
            i never said you didn’t have a valid reason, you do, its just that your reasons don’t apply to me or my enjoyment of it.

          • bplenc

            so basically, bygones.

          • Mack

            Please don’t be insulting in only demonstrates that you are incapable of having a discussion. You want to be treated fairly and, as you originally asked, not label then don’t insult people like a child.

            “i never said you didn’t have a valid reason, you do, its just that your reasons don’t apply to me or my enjoyment of it.”

            If you are so satisfied with the ending and it doesn’t matter what others think, don’t bother replying. You wouldn’t have to defend the show if you felt satisfied.

            “loved the end – and i loved the show – warts and all. i am not ignoring the mistakes, i am accepting them. it was not perfect, but you know what? who cares?”

            You are validating my opinion that those who are fanatics for the show are willing to overlook glaring problems with the show or as you say, accept them, because they like the show. When you do that you throw objectivity out the window.

          • bplenc

            mack what you are suggesting is that bc there were problems that the show or the ending sucked. it didnt. no show is perfect. it is a machine with many moving parts. 400 people worked on LOST. there were bound to be mistakes. i admit that they are there. so bc there are mistakes i have to not like it? how does that make sense?

          • bplenc

            btw my original comment was not in defense of the show but of the people that liked it. people who didnt complain that those who do only do out of blind faith. im telling you it is possible to like it without being “blind”

    • Mack

      Apparently it was his (JJ’s) ending and boy did it smell like it.

      • bplenc

        like roses !

        • Mack

          growing through a pile of dung!

    • Chip

      Ummm . . . since J. J. says that the series had a year left, this interview was conducted between seasons 5 and 6 (apparently when Star Trek came out, so summer ’09). So I don’t think J. J. can possibly be expressing “clear discomfort with his comments about how LOST ended”!

  • bplenc

    Completely agree with JJ here – he is a very talented guy and so are the PTB of LOST – they handled “The End” impeccably. As a LOST fan since the beginning, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the way it all played out, and also proud to have been a fan and had stuck it out for the entire run. The round of applause and cheering at the end of this shows that I am not the only one who believe this. Watching live finale reactions from around the world on youtube, seeing tears in peoples eyes, makes me warm inside.

    I can’t let go just yet. Maybe when Season 6 is released. Maybe never. But I will forever be a fan of LOST from “Pilot” to “The End” and it will be hard to ever top this show in television. Thank you JJ and PTB for making the greatest television series of all time that the world has ever seen.


    • RichPundit

      Nicely expressed LOST sentiments bplenc … am truly happy 4u and those who share ur warm sentiments!

      • bplenc

        thanks Rich – although I don’t understand your point of view, I also respect it.

    • i really wish i could look at “the end” with such a vague optimism.

      • bplenc

        Vague? Would you like me to be more specific about what I loved about it? In fact, don’t answer that. I’m sick of having to justify why I loved it. I just did. It really sucks you don’t but I can’t control that – and don’t want to.

        • dd

          Are you serious?? Those who most have had to defend themselves have been those who DIDN’T like the finale. You folks who do like it have ridiculed, insulted and belittled us since the moment aired, like a bunch of rabid jerks.

          • imfromthefuture

            excuse me dd?? please see the post you so love to refer called fishbisquit.. which was the anthem of hatred for you non finale likers lol.. you and i am grouping you into that fish group cause its clear you love her .. insulted anyone would even consider liking lost or being satisfied with its conclusion.. get a clue..

          • bplenc

            either this is once again someone pretending to be dd, which honestly guys, is just lame, or yeah dd, please explain your stance on the end so that we know where your coming from bc it seems like you play both sides sometimes.

          • imfromthefuture

            yeah i apologize i think it is someone pretending to be him.. someone named richaholepundit

          • dd

            Wait, what? What do you mean by impersonating? I’m not pretending to be someone else, I’m not richpundut, I’ve never attacked richpundit, I’ve never weighed in on the whole fishbiscuit thing since the entire online fight seemed pretty stupid to me on both sides, and I’ve not changed my stance on anything. What are you talking about? Please explain.

          • dd

            Yo, fake dd, stop pretending to be me.

            I officially think FB is a hack and her recap of the finale was mentally retarded. She showed the depth of her ability to analyze– it’s very superficial and stupid.
            I loved the finale.

            Richpundit needs to quit whatever he thinks he is doing.

      • Big help, big help. And suprelative news of course.

      • g8Fi6g rizukiwghyib

  • Larry

    I loved the ending. I just wish I’d gotten the part that came before the emotional ending, an intelligent, meaningful, story that explained all the mysteries that the creators intentionally had written as mystery. To me the show was mysterious and there never was a payoff to most of the mystery.
    If you watch a movie and for the entire time crazy things happen and you keep asking yourself ‘Why did that happen?’ and the movie ends without answering those questions, you’d feel like part of the movie was missing.

    • Sweenster

      I totally agree Larry. I did really like the ending but i was torn 50 / 50 over the whole thing.

      The character story and emotional stuff was handled perfectly and ended the story brilliantly. But there was so much mystery, mystery that Lindelof and Cuse both created along the way that was left unanswered. And i get that alot of the stuff didnt need to be answered but some of it was so blatant and so in our face that not including any climax to it was just frustrating.

      I will always love the show for what it was and think it is the best series on tv by a long shot, but i cant get over the fact that the made a choice to just not include key plot points. Why introduce characters or storylines and only half develop them? Whats the point? In a show like The Wire, set in a very realistic environment, when a main character gets killed or leaves suddenly, you think “Ok i get that. This could happen.” But with something like Lost where a person like Charles Widmore gets bumped off without any real closure ya kinda feel cheated. The same goes for Locke. He died for such a futile reason in the end. Everyone was expecting him to be ressurected and it just never came.

      Even the death of the Smoke Monster / Man in Black in the Finale was really underdone. He went from being a huge dark evil character to nothing in a few minutes. I think the biggest issue i have is not with the finale at all. Its with the episode giving Jacobs back story etc. It was crap. Straight up crap. Not one thing was explained really. It just adds to the mystery. Why add more mystery with 3 or 4 episodes to go???

      Ok sorry rant over. Loved the drama in the end, hated the mystery. Season 1-4 great on mystery. 5-6 meh.

      • RichPundit

        imho, smart and insightful personal reflections to which I mostly agree … am still strongly feeling outraged and overtly betrayed.

        • imfromthefuture

          maybe you need to stop coming on this site and arguing with people trying to have a normal discussion then.. AHOLE

          • imfromthefuture

            opps typo.. i meant to say ALOHA.. please oh please dont ask doc to ban me..

          • dd

            Holy cow, you’re immature, imfromthefuture. Grow up.

    • Agree totally. The finale was very emotionally satisfying, yet I don’t feel the mysteries of the show were wrapped up as well as they could have been (if at all).

  • Dolce

    Ugh. Move on.

  • RichPundit

    Hey DocArzt,

    would you please delete the following post from ur site and ban the poster. Tx – rich

    “imfromthefuture says:
    July 29, 2010 at 4:51 pmyeah i apologize i think it is someone pretending to be him.. someone named richaholepundit”

    • imfromthefuture

      LOL LOL LOL You are such an AHOLE. However, I do think anyone can really ban me for saying Ahole especially considering you have no idea what A or HOLE stand for. I might mean awesomely holistic for all you know.. that is the beauty of abbreviations.. D-BAG. And by that of course i mean delicious bagel lover.. what a BITCH.. opps.. you caught me.. yes your a bitch..

      • dd

        Grow up. What are you, 10 years old? My 8-year-old son wouldn’t make the kind of scene you’re making.

        • imfromthefuture

          actually im seven which explains why im not as mature as your eight yr old son

  • Handsome Smitty

    These aren’t the droids we’re looking for. Move along.

    • RichPundit

      Clever … lol!

      • imfromthefuture

        u two would like eachother.. get a room!

  • milo

    “sad and bitter for everyone …”

    I can respect someone not liking how it ended. But making proclamations about how it was for “everyone” is the pinnacle of douchitude.

  • Jacob!

    The End was amazing.

  • Frank

    There really is no point in arguing… some people liked it, some didn’t case closed. Your both right because you both have your own opinion.

    In my opinion the difference is in why you were watching the show. Some people were watching it for character development and relationships, while other were watching it as a science fiction fan.

    I may be wrong on this, but I see those who are watching for a character/relationship story found many very well acted relationships growing and eventually coming to a happy ending. Sorry, I personally am not on this end of the scale so I’m not completely sure how to express it, but there were definitely well acted relationships and I think over all the acting was amazing.

    However, for those who watched it for a primarily science fiction show I think the story is different. I happen to be one of these and I found myself every week looking for screen captures and analyzing everything to come up with answers to the “mystery” of the show. I didn’t really care for the drawn out conversations, but instead sat at the tip of my seat screaming to the tv for the the actors to exchange notes on what they knew about the island so they could solve some of the mysteries together. The really cool plot twists and new questions developing while some of the questions were being answered was what kept me watching.

    Then came season 6 and I think that those that loved the relational plot felt even more fulfilled as some of the favorite actors like Charlie were back in this mysterious other plot line. Yet I also think that those watching for science fiction were beginning to feel intrigued by the idea of a second plot line and what it really was, but at the same time missing some of the island mystery. Then when it came to the finale, the complete separation started… was the finale relational? Yes. Did it answer any fundamental and or smaller questions of the island? No. And if you ask me this explains why there is a separation between those who like it and those that didn’t.

    I think that although the writers did a great job in developing characters, their writing in science fiction sucks. And that is why some really liked it and others hated it.

    My 2 cents.

    • RichPundit

      I totally agree Frank …