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John Locke – The Rap

By docarzt,

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I usually don’t get into this kind of stuff, but this is so well done I couldn’t resist.  Watch and enjoy. Thanks to @AaronColyn.

  • Your vocals were too loud

    Hmm, probably wont be able to say this without being attacked or some wise ass saying “lets see you do better” or “can you do better”…but, I did not like that at all.
    Which is surprising cause Im a huge fan of LOST and an even bigger fan of Hip-Hop culture, especially the rap aspect of it. Anyway, the beat was horrible and they sounded very corny, not to mention how weak the rhymes were. Subject matter was cool though.

    and yes, I could do better, a whole lot better. Do I feel the need to, no. Lost is just fine without a bunch of corny fan made videos.

    Dont get it twisted, Doc. Thanks for sharing this with us…It just wasnt for me.

    • This kind of stuff is what LOST is all about

      “an even bigger fan of Hip-Hop culture, especially the rap aspect of it” that explains it… Maybe you weren’t aware that the song is supposed to be humourous? That’s why it works. I’m sure this video was not directed at people that take rap as seriously as you do…

      I will agree with you though. I don’t feel the need for you to make a video like this either.

      The connection that Lost has with its fans is what makes the show so rad. The more fan videos, the better.

      • No its not.

        Not when they are that poorly produced… and you would really see a difference in quality if I were to write out just 16 bars worth of lyrics about Lost. and fuck you for assuming that I didnt realize that was intended to be humorous…thats why it failed to me, their attempt at humor is what made it so corny. Its all good though, friend. I celebrate your opinion just like I hope you would champion mine.

        Corny, poorly produced lazy Sunday copies is what LOST is all about to you?

        • This kind of stuff is what LOST is all about

          It is in this case.

          obviously you were asking for somebody to disagree with you by posting that comment right there in the first spot. its just a fun video. I can’t make you agree with me so please just take your beef elsewhere homeslice.

          • Youre even cornier than the video

            so please just take your beef elsewhere homeslice.

            Bet you chuckled a little when you typed that.

            I wanted NO ONE to disagree with me, the world is full of people who disagree with one another. I wont no argument. I just gave my opinion and its not my fault you couldnt handle it.

    • Great Fan Vid

      You’re right, you will not be able to get away with saying that without me virtually slapping you. I don’t think the makers were trying to make the rap aspect of it the main attraction rather, the content and creativity and their love for LOST. I like the rhymes, I thought they were more creative than the generic rhymes one might use such as “I love LOST…at whatever COST”…or something like that. I challenge you to do a better job than them, I challenge you to your word. I do not believe for a second that you just choose not to try and do better because you “don’t feel the need to”

      • Apply suction to my virtual testicles

        I challenge you to your word. I do not believe for a second that you just choose not to try and do better because you “don’t feel the need to”
        Who are you again? I dont owe you or anybody anything, I gave my opinion and if thats too much for you to handle…then oh fracking well. you shouldnt turn this thread into a challenge….that takes away from the point of this thread which is to showcase something Lost related. We are allowed to post are thoughts on it though, right? Or are you telling me that because my opinion differs from yours Im not allowed to express it? I dont get it. My original post was not about how I could do a better job….I just knew if I said what some corns would deem negative, someone would definitely say “can you do better” and I could, but why bother.

        • m

          you’re mean

          • Captain Happiness

            no, far from it. I am however, very honest.

  • John Prado

    Fantastic! Superb! A beautiful song! Congratulations for everyone involved with it!

    • Seriously?

      Sure, A for effort, but what was it that you liked about it?

  • Chris


  • Matt

    LOVED IT!! Awesome job guys! Make more!

  • Bryce Griffin


    • Dirt

      Must be some brown, dry, harsh, seed filled dope then.

  • martin sheen


    doc, i really think you should be highlighting stuff like this on your site!

  • The Magician

    A + for effort, but I was glad when it finished

  • new fan

    The Locke Rap introduced me to LOST. Hadn’t seen the show before, but after seeing this video I bought season one, finished that and am now working on season two. Love it!

    • Funback Joe

      That is greatest and weirdest genesis of lost superfandom ive ever heard! Welcome to the club!

      • new fan

        Greatest and weirdest, haha, honored. So here’s the dilemma. There’s no way I’ll be able to catch up in time for the start of season 6. Do I go ahead and watch season 6 or hold out for when it comes out on video and I’m all caught up?

        • Shelb

          No way. Watch Lost in order.

          • Etalyx


  • Andy

    This video is hilarious! The guy who supposedly can write better rap is an idiot. (Besides, rap sucks.)

    • Shame on you

      Really, on September 11th you would be so mean.

      • Ruddy

        What does Sept. 11 have to do with this? Let’s not meloddramatize. People die every single day–and tragedies far worse than 9/11 occur in other countries outside the United States. As such, there’s no correlation between Sept. 11 and this conversation.

  • Mack

    I really enjoyed this….in an alternate universe. Kidding, it was silly but fun.

  • Alex Stone

    Arguing over a fan-made rap/video about a fictional character. Cool.

    • Etalyx

      I was wondering if anyone else noticed that…lol

  • SeeYouOnMadManPhil

    total crap, doc.

  • Marc

    I havent even watched this but it sounds like the intro to men-in-tights and if thats what it is chill out and just enjoy it.. cause its obviously for fun and you are crazy.. alex is right

  • yeah yeah… ‘silly but fun’

    i would like to see some guitar-playin charlie pace soon……….. maybe he might finish his comeback album

  • me

    loved it! has a beastie boys sound to it and also I learned a few things about Locke which is always good.

  • maina

    Snap crackle pop. LOL
    I thought that was pretty cool.

  • Whatever, nerds.

    Why does the guy who initially said he didnt like it an idiot? seriously, I want to know.

    I bet if this wasnt about Lost, those of you who like this crap would be putting it down just like I am. I like Lost, alot…however, that doesnt mean I HAVE TO LIKE EVERYTHING Lost related. This video was garbage, HOT GARBAGE…and to those who found it funny, good, or whatever you want to to call it, you all have horrible taste. At least you watch Lost though, so you all have that going for you. Good luck when the show goes of the air.

    • Alex Stone

      lol wut

      • The video still sucks

        lol wut?
        Dont be afraid to tell em how you really feel. I wasnt.

        • MoF

          Honestly you have nothing better to do? Why is your hatred for this video so deep that you feel its necessary to keep coming back and reiterating your hate for it. No one cares. Get a life.

  • Anon

    haha that guy needs to stop embarassing himself. It’s a Lost fansite!

  • Namerequired

    theres always a minority of trolls to spoil the fun and pleasant mood in this place

  • MoF

    I’m pretty sure that all the haters on this thread are just the same guy using a bunch of different names. Thats sad, because though he apparently doesn’t want to argue or have anyone disagree with him he continues to return to a thread for a video that he does not like and talk smack about it. What do you expect buddy? We get it. You don’t like it. If I see something I don’t like I think to myself “I didn’t really like that” and I move on. Take your negativity elsewhere. Its entirely uncalled for and idiotic. The makers of this video obviously do not take themselves nearly as seriously as you do. Its a spoof. Its for fun. Obviously lots of people enjoyed it. If you didn’t thats fine, but no one wants to hear about it over and over and over again. Go away.

  • MoF

    ps If you could read properly you would have read at the top of the page “NOTE:Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. Be nice, or be quiet. This includes name calling, aggresssive criticism, or any kind of attack against the site or a contributor.” So please follow the rules and be nice or be quiet.

  • Smoke Monsta D

    Hi everyone, I’m one of the makers of this video and I’d just like to thank you all for the support and for enjoying the vid! As for the haters, sorry you didn’t like it. Honestly it was not meant as a stellar example of rap as an art form. I don’t even listen to rap nor have I ever attempted to rap before we made the vid. We just thought it would be funny for a couple of nerdy whiteboy Lost geeks to make a rap song. Its true, not all our rhymes are off the h-izzay and our beats are maybe not the freshest (pretty fresh I think, just not supa-fresh) but if we were going to attempt to impress all of the gangstas out there with our proficiency at spitting rhymes and mixing beats we would probably have chosen a different lyrical topic than our favorite TV show character and spent more than a couple of evenings writing and recording it. So all I’m sayin is lighten up G. No need to be hatin’. Lets keep the words positive and settle our beefs the civilized way. Krump battle.

    • Etalyx

      I was impressed. That’s all that matters to me.

      Good job and keep it up! Love to see more.