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Join The LOST Season 6 Premiere Live Chat Event Tonight (EST and PST editions)

By docarzt,

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Tonight, along with, we will be hosting a live chat event during the LOST season 6 premiere event on ABC. We’ll be giving away a copy of Nikki Stafford’s Season 5 guide, as well as a T-Shirt or two from Cafe press.

The event will be hosted by TV Editor Hilary Rothing from 8:00pm right up to 11:00pm EST.

At 9:00pm PST a new session with kick off with Jon “DocArzt” Lachonis and special guests (ie Whatever ‘regulars’ decide to show up). Don’t worry, we’ll wipe the comments clean around 8:30pm PST to make sure those of us on the west coast aren’t spoiled. I’d love to do an EST session, if anyone on the east coast has a Slingbox – left me know!

Koobie will be on board for BOTH sessions.

Note: The chats ARE moderated, meaning your comment must be approved by a producer before the rest of the world sees it. So spoilerphobes, you are safe! This is a spoiler-proof chat.

To join in, just return to this post at the scheduled times. Namaste!

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  • Rams

    If this is a spoiler-proof chat, what are we going to discuss once the show starts? 😉

    • docarzt

      you can say anything you want, but we’ll block spoilers… ie information on things that haven’t happened yet. You can’t spoil the past. 😉

      • Rams

        LOL. Now I get it, thanks…:-) I wouldn’t want to spoil the past..or the future…

      • libbyredux

        Hey Doc – do you all have any livestreams going tonite?

  • gloaming

    I’m begging for a livestream here…

    Anyone got a reliable link here?

  • ghanima

    This is no fun- only like five people get to chat, and no one else’s comments show up. I need to share my shock and awe!

  • monkeyface

    is there a reason i can’t participate? are my comments unwanted? i chatted last season, did i do something wrong? i’m not posting spoilers, just trying to say hi.

  • mark locke

    yeah what the hell. im a registered member yet i cant participate fully in this chat. i have to be a guest that waits 20 mins for their comment. by that time the discussion has moved on. waste of time.

  • dolce

    I think that if any of you guys whose comments were blocked live in the Eastern or Central time zones, that may be the reason.

  • Mark

    if im just a noob then let me know what im doin wrong. i wouldnt mind being able to do one of these things, they’re cool.

    • Mark

      ah never mind. didnt see the above post. but it did post my comments, just a loooong time after i wrote it.

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