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Life After LOST – The Future of

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What do you do when the show you’ve been covering for FIVE years comes to an end?  Start all over again, of course – with

What LOSTPendium is NOT:  Lostpedia.  Or anything like it.  In fact, I imagine we’ll be sourcing a lot!  Pendiums are in fact the polar opposite of `pedias, so silence any notion that I’m making a move towards the reference market.

What LOSTPendium IS: A lot of people have been concerned that the LOST community will fall apart after tonight.  There has never been a doubt in my mind that the LOST fan community will last a long time.  When talking about this with other folks, I usually reference the ‘Wrapped in Plastic’ fanzine for Twin Peaks.  Which is STILL running.

The fact is LOST is still not resolved after tonight, but we’ve been given enough information this season to make it worthwhile to go back to the beginning and look at the series all over again.  In context.

Then, there is the mysteries that remain unsolved.  Is the information to solve them embedded in the show?  It’s my belief that many of them can be solved with information provided by the show, and just a wee bit of conjecture, and I hope you’ll join me in figuring them out.  On that note, if you are interested in contributing PLEASE feel free to drop me a line. will most absolutely NOT be a LOST news site.  To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve become a little disenchanted with the whole LOST paperchase this year.  The excessive lengths that people have gone to in the quest to be the first to copy and paste the hardwork of professional journalists everywhere has made it feel cheap to engage in.  I’ve kept my feelings to myself on that while a lot of people have complained about this site not keeping up with the news, but the fact is I just don’t have the drive to be second anymore – and I think fans should put the effort into reading the work of the terrific entertainment journalists out there at the source.   So that explains that for those who think that we have ‘given up’ on LOST this season. will be 100% analysis, worship, and conversation centered on the fabric of the show itself.  With the tapering of the news flow, and the quelling of the hunger for spoilers, we fans can finally get back to doing what made this community so engaging and vital in all of our lives:  sharing our passion for the story, mythos, and characters of LOST.   I hope you will join me! will remain running, so don’t delete your rss subscriptions, bookmarks, facebook, twitter, or myspace connections yet.  But in the meantime,  be sure to follow @LOSTPendium on twitter for updates as we prepare it for day one, and visit and add it to your bookmarks.   Stay tuned for more fun stuff.