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Lindelof Speaks!

By clueless1der,

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Okay so that title got your attention?

Lindelof ‘s speaks about the finale….
Here are some highlights from the  spoilery article from Lost Redux:

  • uses the Force as a metaphor for the Island (Seriously, how can you not love this guy?)

“There are certain questions about the show that I’m very befuddled by like, ‘What is the Island?’ or ‘What do the numbers mean?’ We’re going to be explaining a little more about the numbers, maybe significantly more about the numbers, but what do you mean by ‘What do the numbers mean?’ What is a potential answer to that question? I feel like you have to be very careful about entering into midi-chlorian territory…I grew up on Star Wars, I’ve seen the Star Wars movies hundreds of times, I can recite them chapter and verse, and never once did anyone ever say to me or did it occur to me to say, ‘What is the Force, exactly? Can you explain that for me, better than Alec Guinness does?’ I understand, ‘When are we going to find out about Libby?’ That’s a very finite question. ‘Who is Jacob?’ OK, yes, we’ve been talking to this guy named Jacob, so those questions then should have answers, but ‘What is the Island?’ That starts to get into ‘What is the Force?’ It is a place. I can’t explain to you why it moves through space-time, it just does. You have to accept the fact that it does.”

  • The show’s ending

Damon says, “There isn’t a perfect way to end the show, but the end inevitably approaches and so the show has to start answering more and more questions. To me the greatest thing about Lost, just in terms of writing it, was that [over the years] the show could ask a question, and everyone [watching] could say ‘Here’s what I think the answer to that is.’ And next year we’re basically going to spend the entire season telling you you’re wrong. ‘Here’s the actual answer to that question.’ And you’re going to say, ‘S–t, my answer was actually much better.’ “

  • The fact that Lindelof thinks that  M*A*S*H has the best episode series conclusion ever!
  • The idea that the show has always been character-driven instead of mystery-driven

“All of the character resolutions will be very defined. There is going to be no cut to black. The show for me and Carlton [Cuse] and J.J. [Abrams] and all the people writing it—it’s not about the Island. The Island is where it takes place. It’s about this group of people who crashed on the Island on Sept. 22, 2004, and how they influenced the history of the Island in some ways and had a very significant and pivotal role to play there. You’re going to see that role play out, and their fates will all be resolved by the end of the series—that’s the story that we’re telling. In terms of every little bit of minutiae about the Island itself…there will be questions [left unanswered] after the show [ends].”

  • Valenzetti and the ARGs….

This information, in more convoluted form, was leaked out via the online games rather than explained on the show itself, says Damon, because, “That would be the worst thing ever. We have to make the show for the hardcore fans who care about the numbers, but we also have to make it for my mom, who just wants Sawyer to take his shirt off.”