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Live Lost Chat – 6.09 “Ab Aeterno”

By Koobie,

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Come to our live chat for tonight’s episode, 6.09 “Ab Aeterno!”

  • l-i-v-i-n

    best episode in a long long long long long time. amazing acting, finally some stunning set pieces and a storytelling that reminded us how GREAT this show can be hell yeaaaaaaa

  • Benjamin

    That was a phenomenal episode. In my opinion one of the best in the series yet. I don’t even know where to begin.

  • Seabiscuit

    Holy shit that was awesome.

  • OtherJacob

    Best episode of the season! Is it just me or does Titus Welliver play the Smoke Monster even better than Terry O’Quinn??

  • BasiaK

    Holy crap-weasel, that was fabulous.

    I love the way they played with us, teasing us with the “you’re in hell” story.

    I knew there would be answers.

    Hurley is getting to be more and more important in my eyes. He seems to be the only one that does good regardless of his fears, without equivocation.

    Looks like Hurley is on his way to being the new “cork” to bottle up evil.

    • rtd2

      Hurley would make a good cork. like Homer Simpson in the power plant silo!

      • BasiaK


        I didn’t want to say it but, yeah, if someone’s gonna be a cork, make it the big-boned boy.