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Locke Lives. Long Live Locke.

By docarzt,

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105beb5One of the most exciting things to come from the LOST Comic Con panel this year was the total lack of Locke.  Oh, there was plenty of Locke there:  Locke with his back turned to us in the Season 6 promo art, and ‘Terry O’Quinn as ???’ in the opening sequence parody. Subtle hints, but what do they mean?  There wasn’t as much as a peep on the subject from Darlton and crew.  Nothing.  And damn you audience members.  How can you ask about the pallet drops, and whether man number two is Esau but not whether John Locke will be back… as John Locke?  My theory is those questions were screened out, because Locke’s fate and disposition are one of the biggest surprises they have planned for us.  There was one humongous clue, in my opinion, that indicates that John is alive and well in season 6.

The in memorium video for deceased characters notably skipped Locke.  Why?  Why show Gary Troup, but not Locke?  Simple.  Locke is not dead.  This may seem obvious for those of you who have already accepted the notion that the “Jughead Solution” was successful, and therefore all deaths were undone – but, color me bullheaded, I haven’t accepted that as an iron clad solution, regardless of what John Walsh says.

Regardless of whether it is obvious or not, I find it intriguing that Locke was not mentioned once in the panel.