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My LOST 5.01 and 5.02 Review – Part Duex

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Because once was not enough, I’ve reviewed the LOST premiere episodes AGAIN! This time, though, the reviewing was done for my friends at Craveonline. Here’s a glimpse and a link.

113903_049_preIn a couple of weeks LOST will make its highly anticipated return to the airwaves, the question is, does LOST still have what it takes to call its return an event? Refusing to succumb to accessibility, LOST’s writers have famously twisted the simple concept of survivors marooned on an island into a densely plotted piece of science-fiction fantasy that effortlessly balances heady excursions into existentialism, spirituality, and reason with an unmistakable authenticity that is – at times – intimidating even for the die hard viewers. The result is an audience that has been distilled into an intellectual acid bath. Love it or hate it, understanding Lost automatically gets you labeled as some sort of egg-head. LOST has transcended the pop-culture eco-system and become a sort of geek-chic milestone for its generation. As many will point out, LOST’s ‘programming for smart people’ is merely a part of the modern marketing landscape – nonetheless, LOST has become the thesis where others have tried, unsuccessfully, to ride the gimmick.

Read the rest of the review by clicking this link.

NOTE: This review is, as always, spoiler light.